Thursday, December 20, 2012

Stop Licking Baby Jesus

You know, when my kids were little I always found myself saying the strangest things to them.  Such as

  1. "Stop spitting on your brother,"
  2. "Stop picking your nose." 
  3. "Why did you flush that sock down the toilet?"  
  4. "Why did you call 911?"
  5. "Stop pouring milk on the dog." 
  6. "No, you can't pour your orange juice on the dog either."
  7. "Why did you draw on your little brother's face with a magic marker?"
  8. "Just because the puppy goes potty on the floor doesn't mean that you can too." 
  9. "No, you can't hang out the window.  It's two floors up and is too dangerous."
  10. "Why did you throw that can of vegetables at your brother?  What do you mean you wanted to see if you could hit him????"

Then you find out they flushed a sock AND a truck down the toilet and there are just no words.......

I also said I'd NEVER say "Because I said so."

Then I had kids, and one day I heard myself say "Because I said so, that's why!"

But now that my kids are older I thought my days of saying strange things were over.

Until yesterday when I heard myself saying to my dog "Stop licking baby Jesus."

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  1. Oh my, too funny my friend! :)

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Hahaha! You are funny, Nan!
    I remember one morning after various misbehaviours and shenanigans, hearing Mister say to the cats,
    "I'm not very happy with you people!"
    (Like they care.)

  3. Cute! I had a corgi once who chewed up the lamb in the manger scene under the tree when we left him for a few hours but he left the Baby Jesus alone.

    And oh, did your reasons yesterday for letting clutter accumulate strike home!

  4. I had to chase mine down the other day to get Joseph out of his mouth. I feel your pain.


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