Friday, December 21, 2012

I Guess You Can Never Have Too Much Ice Cream

I'll bet you thought this all came out of my freezer.

You would be right.

I'll bet you thought I bought all of these.

You would be wrong.

My oldest son tends to get in the mood for ice cream whenever one or a couple of his friends are coming over.  So he'll go out and buy ice cream to share.

Afterward he will put it in the freezer, never to be eaten or looked at again.  Then more friends will come over and he'll buy more ice cream, only to put THAT in the freezer to be ignored.  It dies in there.  Seriously.

Last night about nine 19 to 20-somethings came over to watch a Christmas movie with my sons.  My oldest son walked in the door with plastic bags.

I looked at him and in my fiercest mom-voice said "There had better NOT be ice cream in there......"

There wasn't.

Instead there was pop, chips, eyes, and somebody brought several pizzas.

I want you to know that nobody brought eyes over.  No one ate eyes.  Eyes were not on the menu.

It's just that I accidentally typed it that way in the sentence above and thought it was so funny so I left it there.

Now you're going back and looking for the word "eyes,' aren't you?

Just so you know, it was pop, chips and ice.  ICE.

Anyway, somebody brought several pizzas with them and so my son went and got out my ironing board and laid it (still folded flat) across the air hockey table and set the pizza on the ironing board.

Because nothing says classy like pizza served on top of an ironing board.....

.......unless it's pizza served on top of an ironing board on top of an air hockey table.

Now THAT's class.  He must get it from his father's side......Notice that he removed the ironing board cover first before putting the pizzas on it.  Bless his heart.

Just so you know, there's all that ice cream still waiting to be appreciated in the freezer.  Sigh.


  1. I love you Nan!! This cracked me up!!

  2. My dear Nan, my morning would be so dull without your enlightening posts :) It's always a joy to visit you....thanks for the good laughs :)


  3. Great post Nan. By the way you will be pleased to know that my son made me a button for my blog - with the HTML code. Thank you for trying to help with it, but I just could not get my head around those things. Hugs. Lesley

  4. I'd LOVE that much icecream.

    You should seriously have an ice cream party, or else make a lot of milkshakes. Or an ice cream cake for a potluck.

    We always bring a tub of icecream and a box of cones to church dessert potlucks; it's the favorite dessert there. LOL

  5. I was thinking how cool it is that your son buys his own treats. What a good boy. You're thinking of keeping him, right?

    He also can make frozen pizza and serve it on an ironing board...there HAS to be a line of girls at your door, 'cuz seriously, he is more talented than some other people's husbands...

    ...not mine, though, i was smart enough to marry a good cook...


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