Friday, December 28, 2012

Because Sometimes You Just Have To Clean Out That Pantry

When I get the urge to clean or organize you had better not stand in my way.  You've been warned.

I often get the urge to clean or organize at the strangest times.  You would think my family would be used to it by now.  I have always been willing to indulge in a little cleaning frenzy every now and then, and what better time than "right now" is my motto.

It was around noon on CHRISTMAS DAY and everyone knows that the best time to organize your kitchen pantry is less than an hour before anyone is coming over.  Especially if there's someone trying to make Christmas dinner at the same time.  That's just Organization 101.  Right?

My hubby always prepares Christmas dinner (love that man!).  So he was busy cooking away and getting things ready.  Family was coming over in less than an hour and I opened the pantry cupboard and something fell on my head.

That's all it took.  It was on like donkey kong.

I decided right then and there that I absolutely HAD to clean out the pantry.  Wouldn't you?

So I began pulling things out of the pantry and checking expiration dates and tossing bags of stale chips onto the floor so that I could see what was in there. 

Eventually I would put them into the garbage, but I was in a hurry.  Company was coming, right?

I didn't take a picture but the upper cupboard probably looked something like this:

So as I was tossing bags of stale broken potato chip crumbs and boxes of expired cereal crumbs onto the floor (why doesn't anyone every throw those things away when they're nearly empty?????), my sweet hubby was trying to maneuver around the obstacle course.

Not only that, our dogs are never far away when anyone is cooking in the kitchen.  So now he had two dogs to add to the fun.

I then threw the expired stuff away and tossed the boxes back on the floor so that I could stomp on them and flatten them.

That is the best part!!!!!!!!

At some point, as I was throwing bags and boxes left and right my hubby looked at me and said "You pick the strangest time to do things."

I could only agree.


  1. haha...I can just see it...were you able to get it all done before company came?

  2. Well, I think you were just starting the New Year Spring cleaning a little early : )


  3. That sounds like something I'd totally do! My pantry drives me crazy, no matter how much I organize it, it still looks cluttered!

  4. I can totally relate. If you get the inspiration to do it, then do it or it wont get done around my house.

    You have a lovely blog, I'll be back soon to have another look-see.

    Happy 2013

  5. Doesn't it give you the best feeling? Even if you're the only one who notices it? I have been accused of cleaning cupboards just to avoid "real" work--like ironing. But it makes me feel as if I'm in control of something in the house!

  6. LOL - I call that striking while the iron's hot. When I get a feeling to clean, I better act fast because it doesn't like to stay around long. You go, girl!!

  7. LOL! This sounds a lot like me! Love the organizing project!



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