Friday, December 14, 2012

A Day In The Life Of A Sidetracked Blogger, #2

Once upon a time, there was a Sidetracked Blogger.

Oh, never fear - she looked like a fairly normal person.  But underneath all that "normal" was a huge amount of distraction and a little bit of crazy. O.k., maybe a lot of crazy.  With a dollop of "What was I doing?" on the side.

It all started when I was minding my own business and cleaning the microwave.

My son asked me if I would help him find something, because nothing is truly lost until mom can't find it.  Right?  So off I went to help him look.  I get a little competitive when I go looking for something, sort of like a bloodhound on the hunt.  Or maybe a mother who just discovered she hid the chocolate from the kids but now can't remember where she hid it.  I have to find it.......I just have to.

Suddenly I found myself in the hall closet looking through some stuff and decided that I needed to sort things out and give some things away.  I began pulling things out and making piles.  I made quite a mess before I remembered that I was supposed to be doing something else.

We finally found what he was looking for and somehow I ended up in the living room putting away the Christmas decorations that we decided not to use this year, along with the knicknacks that I replaced with the decorations.  So I headed downstairs to put some of the boxes away.

Somehow I acquired a packet of instant oatmeal and so I headed back upstairs to the kitchen to put it away.

As I walked by, I saw a magazine lying around and went to put it away.  The next thing I knew I was sitting down reading it.  Isn't it amazing how a magazine can just leap into your hands and you are totally not responsible for your actions?

Eventually my brainpower kicked in (I DO have some, you know.....) and I walked into the kitchen to put away the oatmeal packet and noticed the microwave door was open and there was a sponge inside.  It was then that I remembered "I'm supposed to be cleaning this!!!!!"

So I started madly cleaning the microwave, with the t.v. blaring away in the background.  The next thing I knew I was watching a Christmas Hallmark movie and I forgot about the microwave.

Eventually a commercial came and I "woke up" out of my Christmas movie coma, and went to wipe up the kitchen sink.   That's when I noticed that there was only one of my rubber gloves lying on the edge of the sink.  So I started looking for the other rubber glove.

I looked in the sink, all around the counters, and I even looked on the floor.  That was when I realized the sad, sad truth. I was wearing the other rubber glove on my hand.  That's why there was only glove in the sink. Because I was wearing the other one.  Sigh.

The commercial was over and I found myself once again back in front of the Hallmark Christmas movie (addictive, aren't they?).  The cleaning long forgotten.

Which is why I find myself still cleaning the microwave at 11:30 at night........

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  1. lol - I have had days like that...Im' glad I'm not alone :)
    Happy weekend, my friend!



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