Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Strange Things Ya Gotta Do To Get A Blog Post Out Of It

When you're a blogger you will use just about anything for a blog post.  I mean, seriously, you are breaking out that camera to document anything, no matter how unexciting.

Such as this.

I accidentally dropped my bowl and spilled popcorn all over the floor and my first thought was "I might be able to get a blog post out of this!"  So I picked up the broken stoneware, grabbed my camera and snapped this picture.

Note the popcorn all over the floor.  If you stare at it long enough you can see the outline of a cow.

Not really.

I just wanted to see if anyone would do it.

So I took the picture then grabbed my broom and started sweeping up.  Then it dawned on me.

I forgot to take a picture of the bowl that broke when I dropped it.  It's really the bowl's fault that the popcorn spilled, anyway.  Not mine.  I wanted proof in case the popcorn sued.

So then I placed the broken bowl pieces on the floor and began spreading popcorn ALL over it again so that I could "recreate" the picture.

Yes.  Yes I did.  I really did.

I accidentally spilled popcorn all over the floor. Cleaned it up with a broom.  And then flung it all over the floor again so that I could take a silly picture and come up with a lame blog post about it.

I really am that desperate.  Wanna see the picture?  No?  Too bad.  I posted it anyway.

Here is the fake, staged picture. You're welcome.  Note the staged popcorn flung around in little clusters here and there.

That's because I've never really flung popcorn all around the floor on purpose before.  There's a learning curve.

So come on, be honest.  What strange thing have you done in order to get a blog post out of it?

I dug pancakes out of the garbage once in order to take a picture of them.  I just flung popcorn all over my floor right after cleaning it up.  What have YOU done?

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  1. Oh Nan, you always make me laugh :) And I was staring at the first picture to see if it looked like a cow....thanks :) I'm not sure if I have done anything that crazy for a picture, although I have only been blogging for 4 months so I'm sure with time I might get to that stage. But I do wonder if I could make a post about a lot of daily things going on. My husband said I take too many pictures :)
    Thanks for the laugh. Have a great day!


  2. That's too funny! Thanks for your sweet comment on my laundry room and yes, you can pin it. Thanks for asking. Have a great day and maybe make some more popcorn!

  3. We will never allow our husbands to get together to talk about living with a blogger, K? My husband is getting very used to reposing and redoing things for a blogpost.

    One day he was driving and I thrust my camera at him and made him take a pic of a plumbing truck with an empty roll of toilet paper on it. I had a blog that needed an ending! There it was. perfect moment. Like a good Blogger Husband, he took the pic.


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