Friday, November 30, 2012

The Day I Butt-Dialed 911

Not too long ago I had just unlocked my front door and my cell phone rang.

The caller identified herself as being from 911 mobile-response or cellular response (I can't really remember what she called it). I did see their name when I looked at my phone and knew it was really from them, though.  I can't remember word for word but the call went something like this.....

Me: "Hello?"
Caller: "Hello, this is 911 mobile response.  Someone from your phone made a call to 911.  Is everything o.k?"
Me:  (Stunned.  Pulls phone away from ear and stares at it - as if expecting to see a 911 operator jumping out from the phone.)  "No, that's impossible.  I didn't call you and I didn't loan it to anyone either."
Caller: "Where do you keep your cell phone?"
Me: "What?"
Caller: "Where was your cell phone?  Was it in your pocket?"
Me: "Yes."
Caller: "Which pocket?"
Me: "My back pocket."
Caller: "Were you sitting on it?"
Me: "Well, I was driving so yeah, I guess I was."
Caller: "Sometimes when you have your phone in your back pocket, the numbers can depress and with some phones, if a number is held down long enough, it will automatically call 911."
Me: "Oh."
Caller: "So you don't want to put your phone in your pocket and then sit on it."
Me: "Oh.  O.k.  Sorry!"
Caller: "No problem!"

You know, it's sort of a freaky thing when you butt-dial 911 (please excuse my wording, if I offended anybody.  They don't really call it behind-dial.)

You don't really know how to handle it when your body starts rebelling against you and calls 911.  Maybe it was all those chocolates I ate.

Or maybe it just got tired of sitting around waiting for me to start that diet program that I keep talking about.

I don't really know what happened.  It just took matters into its own.........ummmm......hmmmmmm.  Never mind.

One minute I was safe, and the next thing I knew my behind was turning me in to the FBI.

O.k., maybe it wasn't that bad.  But still, it is obviously mad at me about something......


  1. LOL! And that is why I still have a flip phone. LOL!
    Only you my friend. Only you and well maybe 4 other people, maybe!

  2. hilarious! Oh 'Ethel'. ;->

    One time there was a message on our answering machine from one of our sons. Or at least that's who caller ID said it was. The message went on for twenty some minutes... all kinds of noise in the back ground, heard him joking around with his coworkers, etc., but he never talked to us. When we called him that night, he claimed he had never called us, then he checked his call record. He was ever so upset how many minutes he had burned on that call! We just laughed. (His pocket had pushed us on speed dial)

  3. Good thing they don't keep a list of 911 butt-dialers. Next time, you might really need them.

    "No, this is me, NAN! I need 911. It wasn't my behind, I promise!"

    Although I hope you never really need least this 911 story is funny.

  4. Now I remember why I wasn't commenting. Your blog is set up to only take Blogger comments.

    I blog from Wordpress now and usually there is an option to sign in as anonymous or as a Wordpress user.

    Google is trying to trick me still....

  5. I don't have a mobile phone anymore, it fell out or my pocket to many times, I nearly buried it while gardening and had a good wash in the washing machine.


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