Thursday, November 8, 2012

SWEAT The Small Stuff

So as you can imagine, I'm feeling pretty smug today because my bathroom counter is clean.

Isn't it awesome how one little thing can give you such a lift?  Who knew!

We miss out on so much because we think a change has to be big to make a difference, and yet the joy can be in the little things.

There's a saying "Don't sweat the small stuff."

I am saying, SWEAT the small stuff.  Put your effort in a few little things each day, and notice the difference that it can make in your life. 

1.  Put a smile on your face today.  Do I really have to tell you how a smile can brighten not only your face but your whole outlook?  Your smiling face is telling your mood "We are feeling happy today!" and your mood will respond accordingly.  At first it may feel awkward but you will get used to it and your family will appreciate it.  After all, what would you rather see on someone's face?  A smile or a frown?  Sure, life isn't perfect, but there has to be SOMETHING that you are thankful for.  Thank the Lord for it and put that smile on your face.

2.  Purpose to do ONE unselfish thing a day.  Just one will do for now.  Let someone go ahead of you in line at the store.  Willingly yield your parking space to someone else.  Carry your teenager's dishes out to the sink for them. already do that because they're not doing it themselves even though they should and don't they know how tired you are and that your back is hurting and they don't appreciate you like they should and.....and........?

Well then do it willingly without complaining about it - not even to yourself.  Smile and say "Let me get that for you" and then carry their dirty dishes out to the kitchen.  Look for opportunities to bless someone today.

3. The next time you have to do an unpleasant chore, pray for your loved ones while doing it.  Use that time to lift them up in prayer.  Recite Bible verses, sing worship songs.  Make that chore time an opportunity to do more than just cleaning something.

4.  Each day, write down one thing you have to be thankful for.  Carry a little notebook around with you for this purpose.

God acts on our behalf every day.  Pray for eyes to see it! 

5.  Laugh every day.  I've already said before that laughing is healthy and exercises your liver.  Laughter lowers your blood pressure and stress level.  Laughter draws people together.  Laughter causes us to take a breath, step back, and have a little hope.

So get out there and sweat the small stuff today!

1 comment:

  1. Nan,
    This is wonderful.
    I'm going to make it a to-do list for myself.
    Thank you!


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