Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cooking With Momstheword: Tips For Freezing Soup

Here's a quick and easy tip for when you're freezing soup in a freezer bag and need to get the air out.

Get a plastic straw (I like the bendable ones) and insert it into the bag.  Make sure that the straw does NOT touch the soup.  If it does, you will be sorry......just sayin'.......

For the above picture I did stick the straw into the soup so that I could get this picture.  Do as I say, not as I do......

Next, seal the bag tightly around the straw.  Again, make sure that the straw is not touching the soup.  Trust me on this.  I only want what's best for you.

With the bag sealed tightly around the straw (you may need to hold it with your hands), put your mouth on the straw and suck inward as fast as you can.

NOW you know why you weren't supposed to stick the straw into the soup.  Aren't you glad you did what you were told?

As the air is being sucked out of the bag and BEFORE you pass out, pull the straw out of the bag with your mouth and seal it up with your hands.

Now, don't you feel clever?

We usually freeze our soup in freezer bags.  We place the soup in a freezer bag and then lay the bags flat in the freezer on a cookie sheet.  Then we remove the cookie sheet once it's frozen.  The soup stacks very well this way.

I suppose I don't need to tell you that we make sure the bag is sealed before we lay it on its side, right? 

You can also freeze soup in a freezer bag inside a container, and then remove the container once the soup is frozen.  That way you can use the container again.

You can also eat all your soup so that there is nothing left and then you don't have to worry about freezing anything!!!  But in that case, why are you reading this post?  ;)

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  1. OK, you crack me up! I love how put your sense of humor into even your wonderful cooking tips. LOL

    This is a great idea. I store soup in freezer bags but haven't use the straw method...yes I promise not to sip the soup when I do try it. ;-) And I haven't flattened them. That is a great tip! I can see how they would stack so much more easily, especially since I have a small freezer!

    By the way, what kind of soup is that? It sure looks yummy!


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