Monday, November 26, 2012

Changing From The Inside Out & MYHSM Link-Up!

So many times we try to change from the outside IN. We try to change our behavior and our actions first, but we are trying to do it in our own strength, and we aren’t changing in our hearts. So we struggle and fail and get discouraged.

But we're looking at it all wrong.  We are trying to effect a change in our actions but our hearts are what drives our behavior. And our hearts are failing us.  We aren't changing as fast as we want to.  Why?

I think it's because we are so focused on our behavior and not our hearts.

We are so focused on getting our actions right, on seeing the change in our own lives that we want changed.  On seeing the fruit that we want to see in our own lives.

So we focus on an action change when what we need is a heart change.

We forget that we can't change our actions without changing our hearts first.

We try, and try, and try to be patient.  We try, and try and try not to lose our tempers.  We try and try and try to be unselfish.

We keep trying and we just don't see the progress that we want. We fail.  We get frustrated.  We hurt.  Why won't it happen overnight?  What are we doing wrong?

We forget to take it to Jesus and let Him change us and instead try to change it ourselves.

We forget Who is responsible for our transformation.

We forget that it's not something we do but something we become.  It's a process.

We forget that God's Word transforms.  God's Word changes.  God's Word reveals.

We forget that we are trying to change our actions but He is seeking to change our hearts.

When our hearts change, our actions will change.

God changes us from the inside OUT. He starts with our heart, and then our actions, attitude and behavior reflect the change that He is bringing about in our hearts.

We have it all wrong.  We have it backward.   We are trying to start at the end instead of the beginning. Fortunately God never gets it wrong!

Now join us for the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme! 

Making your home sing Mondays

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Topics can include marriage, parenting, encouraging our husband or children or others, organization, cleaning, saving money, our behavior and attitudes, homemaking, homeschooling, recipes....the opportunities are endless. 

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  1. Great post and I didn't know of your Link-up! visiting from Marital Mondays.
    I posted your blog on twitter and facebook, I blog at ;)

  2. Awesome wisdom today, Nan. Wow. You are so right...We focus on the actions and forget that first we have to change our hearts...God must transform our hearts. I am working on remembering this myself.

    Thanks for the great reminder. And I am back. This is my first time joining in the MYHSM in a very long time. Thanks for never giving up on me.

    Love you friend! Thanks for speaking truth into our lives today!


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