Wednesday, November 21, 2012

But Really, All I Wanted Was A Hoagie Roll.....

Tonight I had a dinner plan, so that means that I could wait until the last minute to execute it, right?

My hubby and kids had to leave the house to go to a meeting, and so I needed to get dinner ready for them early.  No worries, we usually eat fairly early anyway.

I was making French Dip and so really, all I needed to do was make up the "dip," toast the buns and we were good to go.

So I decided to exercise before getting dinner.
Because it is always a GOOD PLAN to get all hot and smelly and sweaty right before you make dinner.

Soon I was done exercising.  Cutting it rather close but hey, they are guys....they are going to consume that meal in about two seconds anyway, right?  Who needs more time?

It was getting later and my family had to leave soon.  No problem!

I heated up the Au Jus and called my family, because it would only take a minute or two to toast the buns and slap some meat on it.  I reached for the rolls.......

No rolls.


I now had French Dip with nothing that I could "dip" with.

I gamely suggested using a tortilla or even bread or an english muffin.

Somehow that did not appeal to anyone.  Not even me.

I rushed out to the store to buy rolls.  We live close so what's the problem?  So I grabbed my coat and keys and rushed out the door.

I forgot that I was wearing my jammie bottoms.  Earlier I didn't want to wear my usual exercise shorts and didn't feel like digging out my workout sweats so I had tossed on a pair of pajama bottoms to exercise in instead.  Nice.  (I just *couldn't* go in jammies so I ran in and changed)

Got to the store and while I was there grabbed a couple of things because isn't that what YOU always do when you're in a hurry?????  Got in line.

Forgot to buy the rolls that I went to the store for in the first place.  Had to go back. Got my rolls and exited the store.

Lost my car in the parking lot.

Stepped in a mud puddle.

Tried to exit the parking lot behind a long line of cars who were backing up because the car in FRONT was backing up.....she didn't want to exit onto the road.  So everyone behind her started backing up when SHE started backing up.   It was comical.  And a little bit scary.

No problem.

By the time I got home my family had already left - dinnerless I assume.

So I popped the bun/roll/whatever thingy into the toaster oven.

Did I mention that I burned it because I got distracted by a Hallmark Christmas movie and forgot about it?  Suddenly I smelled something burning.   Hmmmmmm.  So I popped another bun in the oven (sorry, couldn't resist).

(Is it driving you crazy that I keep switching back and forth between the words "bun" and "rolls" in this post?  Just wondering..... )

But I did manage to finally sit down and eat my dinner.

Of which I dang near had to put a choke hold on my beagle (and maybe even perform the Heimlich) when I knocked the package of meat out of my own hands.

Except by this time, I had pretty much lost my appetite.  Sigh.

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  1. I so enjoy reading your posts, this really made me laugh. Yes, I know about those days lol


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