Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hooked On A Peeling or I Can't Fight This Peeling Anymore

'Twas a very sad day in our house today. We buried a bag of potatoes. It had somehow expired buried deep in the pantry where no one noticed.

Expired while alone, unloved and underappreciated.

There it went, cut down during the prime of life, before becoming what could have been a lovely soup, or perhaps a snappy homemade batch of french fries.

Once has to wonder how this happened. Who buys potatoes and then leaves them to die a slow, lingering death? Who buries potatoes so deep in their pantry that you would need a rope and Indiana Jones to ever see daylight again?

Who does that?

Did you know that expired potatoes are ugly? They sprout very strange things out of their bodies that look like alien appendages.

They smell too.

If you leave them too long baaaaaaaad things happen. Trust me on this. You will have a mess to clean up on the floor.

Not that I did that or anything.


  1. My bag of potatoes exploded last week......right when I went to use them for shepherds pie

  2. Hi Nan ;->
    You wrote, "cut down during the prime of life". Actually, they weren't. If they had been "cut down", then you would have had wonderful fried potatoes, or perhaps potato salad, and thus not found them rotting away at a latter date. o;-p

    I "found" our pantry two weeks ago. OH - - My - - WORD!!! 8-/

  3. Funny. Yet, I have so been there. :)

  4. Oh man.....rotten potato smell is bad. :P It happened to me a couple times.....the first time I could not find where that "dead mouse" smell was coming from, then I found the rotting potatoes. *groan*


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