Saturday, October 15, 2011


Some time ago my oldest, who is 22, was sitting at the table drawing a picture of a strand of DNA as part of his college homework. As he was drawing his picture, he said "You never heard of this stuff when you were in school did you?" The dude was totally serious.

He was also totally stupid as I was standing right behind him with a writing tablet in my hand. Instead of answering him, I playfully whacked him on the head with it instead. Then I said "Does that answer your question?"

I'm not sure he heard me as he was laughing at the time. I should have hit him harder.

As a kid, I remember seeing a picture of my mom when she was in junior high. I still remember looking at the picture and thinking how "old" she looked. To me, she looked like a 40 year old junior high school student! The hair, the clothes, it just dated the picture, I thought, and so, to me, she looked older than she was at that time. (Do I win some kind of award for having so many commas in the previous sentence?)

I also remember looking at a picture of my dad when he was five. He was the only five year old I know who looked like he was in college already.

As I get older, my kids are getting younger. Seriously. Have you seen that commercial where the dad is looking at his teenage kids, but they still look like children to him? His son walks by with his jacket and the dad says "Where are you going?" and this little boy (in his eyes) says "Work."

When my kids were little they asked me questions like "Did they have cars when you were a kid? Did they have t.v.?" and they were totally serious.

It is a little weird when I think about the things I've seen in my own lifetime. I mean, when I was little we didn't have cellphones or microwaves or dvd players. We didn't have a computer in our home either.

We had to watch a show when it came on or you hoped to catch it in reruns. Cellphone? Nope. My mom just hollered out the window or called the other moms in the neighborhood to find out where we were.

Microwaves? I wish. We had to heat things up on the stove or in the oven and just wait and wait. I never had one until we got married, because my parents never bought one when they first came out.

Blow dryers? Not when I was little. My mom had some strange contraption that had a cap that you put over your head and plugged the machine in. Then you sat in one place while it blew warm air into the cap and dried your hair.

Fast food? Well, not like it is now. I didn't even hear of McDonald's until I was in high school, but then I had lived in a little town and we never had one. We did have a DQ though, but my parents rarely took us out.

So, what changes have you seen in your lifetime?


  1. What has amazed me is how video games have evolved. When I was a kid we had Atari and now the Wii blows Atari COMPLETELY out of the water.
    I have to admit that I still don't take advantage of modern conveniences. I don't use a microwave. I still reheat food either on the stove top or in a toaster oven. LOL!
    Have a lovely day my friend.

  2. So many memories rushed in...

    We had one of those hair dryers, and I was always afraid of getting electrocuted. I only use my microwave to heat up water, defrost, or make popcorn.

    At sixteen my mother looked 30 to me. I waited until my late 30's to have my son, and he thinks of me as an old fogy at times. I set myself up for that. =)

    "My how times have changed." (Our age is showing.)lol

  3. We thought it was a BIG TREAT to get to eat a TV dinner! LOL! Whenever our parents went out, we were allowed to have a TV dinner. We thought we were so cool!

    Back then, the trays were metal with a foil covering. We heated them in the oven. I can't believe how hokey we were! ;-)

  4. So true; I remember a lot of those things too when I was a kid. I think it's funny though that there are already things that they knew as kids that are outdated - Discmans, for one. I remember them walking around holding those with their headphones on.


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