Sunday, August 22, 2010

MAKING YOUR HOME SING: "Company" Cleaning Vs. "Family" Cleaning

Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme! Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). My point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?

It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money....the opportunities are endless.

You know, I am really curious here..... if you knock yourself out to "company" clean, how is it different from your "family" clean? What do you do differently, and should you be doing anything differently?

Admit it, either you know people who knock themselves out to company clean, or you've done it yourself. I know I have. You work your behind off to get the house clean enough for company, but don't seem to mind that your family has been living in chaos for the weeks leading up to that, and will for the weeks after that.

I used to live like that, until I decided not to live like that anymore. Until I decided that it was worth the extra effort to live in a home that I didn't need to be embarrassed about if someone dropped by. Until I decided to stop making excuses and start making some changes.

Do you find yourself making excuses? Are you full of defensive words? Do you feel guilty because you know that you could have mopped that floor, or reorganized that closet, cleaned that bathroom or read that book to your child, but you spent two hours playing Farmville or reading blogs that day instead?

Do you run around in a panic before hubby comes home, madly picking up the house because you don't want him to wonder what you did all day?

Surely you all know someone who says she has no time for cooking or housework and yet fills your facebook page with all the hours and hours of games she plays online.

If I am not careful, I can slack off and begin to fall back into old habits. For example, I have not had "time" to mop my floors or clean the bathrooms around here, but amazingly I've had time to go online, go to the thrift store, go out to lunch, watch a little t.v., read a magazine, etc.

Isn't that amazing how I can't seem to find time to clean the bathrooms but can find time for fun? I have company coming later in the week and will I find time to get to the bathrooms by then? You betcha I will!

Have I been willing to let my family walk into a messy bathroom, walk across a yucky floor, and sit in a cluttered family room yesterday, and the day before that and the day before that.....yup!

Does that mean I don't love them? No. But lately I've been loving myself a bit more.

We need to know when to much is to much, and when "me" time needs to be cut short for "we" time. We need to know when it is time to reign ourselves in and say "no" to facebook or "no" to our favorite fun activities and "yes" to bathroom floors.

Because "company" will come and go, but family is here to stay. Make your home sing this week with some "we" time!

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  1. Great post! A wonderful reminder to value family and show them how much you love them by tending the home. I can hardly wait for others to link up, so I can read where this idea goes.

  2. I keep my home clean for my family, making sure I won't be embarrassed if someone drops by, but then there's the extra cleaning I do when my MOTHER comes! That's when I shift into full-blown cleaning/decorating (hubby calls it "Better Homes & Gardens" cleaning), to make sure my mom doesn't find anything out of place! ;-)

  3. I seem to be forever my family must know how much I love them...hahaha...This is a great post usual girl!

  4. Awesome post, you always make me think. Thanks for that!

  5. It is so easy to get caught up doing whatever it is that I WANT to do instead of what needs to be done! Thank you for the reminder that life is better when you stay on task and balance the fun with the work. It is more fun to relax in a clean house than trying to ignore the dirty floors while you are reading that great book...

  6. Love this post. I do a little bit each day taking Sunday off, that way for the most part my house is ready for company anytime. Started with the flylady until it became a habit now I am ready to go at a moments notice or to have the unexpected people show up.

    However when I know company is coming, I tidy the rooms up a little bit more and light a few scented candles.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. It is funny. I have been convicted of this very thing lately. We had company the last few weeks and our house was spotless. I realized I need to be keeping it cleaner for our small family here. So today I scrubbed the bathroom down. Including the shower, which I hate doing. :)

    Thanks for posting.
    Blessings and Happy Week!

  8. I do not do anything different for guests, unless they are overnight guests. I am a relaxed hospitality person, and my daily cleaning skills are rated "average". It's what works for us. I'm not stressed out about the home. If it is picked up and basically sanitized, I'm happy.

  9. Such a good reminder of who's really important!

    My in laws were here for a week and she is one who's only hobby is cleaning (I'm serious!) I felt under pressure to really pull out the stops but do to our schedule and other things just wasn't able to and I'm glad- she most certainly saw things that didn't meet her approval but you know not one thing was mentioned!

  10. My house is usually always clean...but to company clean I gotta get on the hands and knees for the kitchen floor and actually dust. LOL Everything else is cleaned the same way. Ok...I feel better now. off to do some cleaning...for real.

  11. It's been hard this summer with all the kids in the house to get on a good cleaning schedule. But now that they're gone, believe it or not, it'll be easier for me to get everything done! I hate cleaning around them, LOL.

    My biggest problem is when they're all home, I clean and will turn around for two seconds and there's a bigger mess there than there was before! It's a little frustrating, to say the least, LOL.

    Great post today!


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