Sunday, June 27, 2010


Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme! Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). My point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?

It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money....the opportunities are endless.

When we moved into our current home, I was so excited. I even told someone it was my "dream" home. It was twice as big as our previous home, had many extras that I loved, the laundry room was not a dungeon, and the house was 100% finished, unlike our old home.

In fact, when we moved in we didn't have enough furniture to fill the rooms, so some of the rooms looked rather empty. But that was o.k., I loved it anyway.

Now fast forward to all these years later, and suddenly we have more furniture than I know what to do with (especially after my mom moved in with us) and the home that seemed so big when the kids were little seems smaller now. Over the years we managed to collect a lot of "things."

You know, it's so easy to look at the negatives in the home you are living in. It's so easy to get frustrated and wonder who designed that kitchen and what were they thinking??????

It's just so easy to want to look at moving as a "cure-all" and be frustrated when circumstances are such that you can't move.

I can't tell you the number of times that I have heard about people who don't fix their homes up until they are ready to sell the place. People just live with the colors or things that they don't like, until they decide to fix the place up so they can move. In our old home, we lived with a bedroom color that we couldn't stand and never bothered repainting, until we decided to move.

We can cause ourselves to have a spirit of discontent, and to make ourselves miserable (and others) by our constant complaining about this or that that we have to put up with in our homes.

Right now there are people out there who are losing their homes to foreclosure. Our neighbor up the street was one of them. We have friends who may be facing the same situation. Home takes on a whole new meaning when you are faced with the possibility of losing it and wondering where you are going to live and how you will pay for it.

Are you thankful for your home today? Maybe it doesn't have as many bathrooms or bedrooms as you'd like, but are you thankful for it?

Do you have so much "stuff" that it is crowding you out? Declutter! Does the color of your kitchen bring you down, or do you have wallpaper you can't stand? Paint is cheap! Instead of dwelling on the negatives, think about what the positives are and make them work for you.

You can make anything into a home, when you put YOU into it. Be thankful for your home this week, put a little beauty into it whether it is decluttering, playing music, lighting candles, cleaning, or just the sound of joyous laughter and thankfulness to God. Make your home sing this week!


  1. Great reminder, as usual :o) We are definitely blessed with our home that we have...after moving so many times throughout the years with the military...we have learned to make each house our home :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Have a wonderful week :o)

  2. Yes, be thankful for the homes we have. And get rid of some junk. Good idea.

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  4. Great timing... we just spent all weekend organizing, cleaning and fixing up our nest. It feels great!

  5. Wonderful reminder on being grateful and content. I feel blessed to even have a home because there's some who don't. I know firsthand how one can accumulate an over-abundance of stuff, so now I have charity pick-up automatically come every month. Now that you reminded me I better shampoo the carpets. It seems like I ALWAYS save that for when I move out. Such conviction :-) Thanks Nan

  6. What a wonderful post to remind us we are sooooo blessed. I've been working in the garden this week so that the family enjoys being outside just as much as being indoors.

  7. Great post my friend and so true. I think the fact that I really do love our home made going through that whole moving not moving ordeal easier to deal with. I was happy to move but am happy to stay as well.
    We bought this as a fixer upper and it's just the way we want it now, with just a few things on our list to do when we get a little more money saved.
    It's easier to just be content and be happy with what you have.
    Have a wonderful day my friend.

  8. I plan to make it sing by cleaning today so God please give me strength....Amen.

  9. Sometimes amid the cramped, cluttered quarters we live in, I forget to be thankful. The parts everyone sees - the living room, kitchen, hall, bathroom . . . Those are always clutter-free. The bedrooms, however . . . a different story. DH and I were working on that this weekend, as a matter of fact, out of necessity because of a busted water heater. We had to get rid of a lot of things that we would have never gotten rid of before - some of it was very emotional for me. Then I remembered that "God's ways are not always OUR ways". It was HIS way of almost forcing me into it, LOL (I always say that God likes to kick me in the butt on occasion).

  10. A-M-E-N!!!!!!

    Are you familiar with that old song,
    o/~ "Oh be thankful for the good things that ya got,
    be thankful for the good things that ya got,
    the good things that ya got, are for many just a dream,
    so be careful for the good things that ya got!" o/~

    Being "thankful" is another one of those (shudder, shudder) 'attitude' thingies .... (LOL)

  11. AMEN!! How I need to be reminded of being thankful for my home. It may not be perfect and it may be a bit cluttered, but I am thankful for it. We are so blessed to even have a home, much less a nice big home!! Thanks for the reminder, Nan!!


  12. Thank you so much for this post! So often I find myself complaining about not having enough space and wishing for a bigger home that "we all fit in" but reality is, God has blessed us with a beautiful home that we should be thankful for and work hard to keep clean. So many people in our neighborhood and surrounding area have lost their homes due to foreclosure. That in itself is a HUGE reminder that we should be grateful. Recently my daughter attended summer school in a neighborhood a few exits down from us. Everyday we would dream about living in that neighborhood where the bigger houses are and the neighborhood pool and playground. Then we would replay what is "wrong" with our house and neighborhood. This post makes me realize how wrong I was in thinking that way and including my daughter in it. Now I need to redirect her thoughts as well as my own. There is nothing wrong with our home and all it needs is just decluttering and reorganizing. Thanks again for the insight!

    Be Blessed!


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