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Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme! Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). My point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?

It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money....the opportunities are endless.

When you first moved into your home, were you all excited about it? Was it exactly what you wanted, or close enough (given your budget)? Were you in the "honeymoon" phase of living in a new home?

Then, after living in it for awhile, suddenly things start to annoy you? It doesn't seem as attractive as it used to. Pretty soon, the things that charmed you before are starting to bug you. Suddenly you feel like you need more "space."

Before you ask, no, I am not doing a parallel to marriage. So you can breathe again.

Right after we moved in, about 12,000 years ago.......I set up my kitchen. It made sense at the time, so I put things in cupboards that I thought would work for me. They are no longer working for me.

Part of it is that after my dad died, my mother moved in with us, so we had to make room for her stuff. The other thing is that we have acquired a few more kitchen items now that we didn't have then.

I don't know about you all, but I do not like "things" cluttering up my kitchen counters. I have never liked having things like coffee makers or toasters left out on the counters. I want them hidden out of sight in the appliance garage.

However, I do like me some plastic containers, Tupperware or otherwise. After all, you never know when you might need to put away 50 pounds of leftovers, or a 12 course meal. You can never have to many Tupperware containers.

Except that I have.

Give me Tupperware or give me death!

Well, maybe not.....

Regardless, this week I have got to figure out what stays and what goes in this kitchen. I usually go through my kitchen drawers and cupboards at least once a year, and I didn't do it this last year. I blame blogging, facebook, and maybe even you people, since I like to read your blogs (even though I don't always comment. Sorry. My bad.)

I allowed the KitchenAid on the counter because it weighs a ton!!!! But now the new coffee maker is on the counter, as well as the brand new toaster that I got from Goodwill, and the brand new George Foreman grill that I also got at Goodwill. Hey, they were both brand new, never been used, and we needed a new toaster and I wanted to try out the grill since our friend raves about his. I also have a few knicknacks out.

All this clutter on my countertops is driving me crazy. The appliance garage is overcrowded and complaining about it. So now I have to figure out what goes where. At least until my hubby agrees to buy me a new house with a bigger kitchen. Perhaps the size of a football field?

I don't know if this will make my home sing this week, but it will make me happy and sure make getting dinner easier without all the clutter on the counters.

So where do you people keep all your small kitchen appliances? Are you innies or outies?

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today! Please do not put your own Making Your Home Sing Monday Linky on your blog. As always, please don't forget to link to this post. Also, please don't forgot to leave me a comment!


  1. Well, have fun with that, Nan. Tupperware and the like can sure over run our kitchens can't it? But I love the stuff. Fortunately I haven't bought any for quite a while.

    I don't like too much on my counters either. I just keep trying to keep them as clear as I can.

    I got rid of the canopener & got the manual kind, we quit making coffee every day so we put that away, the toaster has always had it's spot in the cupboard as well as the mixer (which is very heavy).

    An appliance garage would be nice, but I can't imagine where it would be built in.

    I've learned to live with our small kitchen, but often dream of a bigger house also.

    I need to take care of what God has given us first.

    Have a great week,

  2. Oh I am a total OUTIE! Have no room in cupboards for my fun appliances. I have a frier, a coffee maker and a mixer on my counter. plus just behind those I have my milkshake blender. They are all almost the same color and If i keep them wiped down they look ok. I do get frustrated with clutter but have learned to be an expert at accepting it.

    Hope you can get all that sorting done.

    Dani Joy

  3. That's a toughy! I have a laundry room right off my kitchen that houses my Kitchen Aid blender my Vita Mix, my bread maker and my crockpots. They are all easily assessable .But my coffee maker stays out ALL THE TIME! My toaster goes in the cabinet over the stove. My George Foreman is under the cabinet because I don't use it as much, but that's probably because it's under the counter.

    So I guess I'm an innie and and outie! LOL!

  4. What is left on the top of the counter should be 1) useful and 2) visually appealing. If you are stressed out by looking at it, then it needs a concealed home. I go through the cupboards a few times a year--helps keep the clutter down. If you can get by with once a year, that's pretty good.

    Don't store things on the counter that are just purely decorative, unless that's really what you want. Gives me an idea for a blog post! thanks.

  5. The coffee maker and toaster stay out all the time because they're used on a daily basis. The blender and the crock pot also stay out because they are too big to put away anywhere. But at least their color schemes match the color of my kitchen. Every other small appliance goes in the cabinet. I do not have an appliance garage here, and I really miss it!

  6. I have an appliance garage, but don't actually keep my appliances there. I didn't really know that it was called an appliance garage until I saw it recently on HGTV. Hubby and I got quite a good laugh over the whole term.

    I keep some of my appliances in the pantry, some in a cabinet and some on the counter. I'm not bothered by clutter on my counter. Thank goodness, since my guys like to keep putting things there!

  7. I have a coffee pot, blender and toaster out on my counter. As long as they are clean, I have no problem with them being out.

  8. I hate clutter on the counters too. Good luck weeding through the kitchen. I don't even know what is in my cabinets anymore:) Yikes.

  9. I had to go through and clean out all the "butterware" awhile back and keep only the legitimate storage containers...not the cool whip bowls and butter bowls, and sour cream bowls.....It's my mother's fault. She never met a lidded bowl she didn't like!
    But there's only so much they had to go!

  10. I had to go through and clean out all the "butterware" awhile back and keep only the legitimate storage containers...not the cool whip bowls and butter bowls, and sour cream bowls.....It's my mother's fault. She never met a lidded bowl she didn't like!
    But there's only so much they had to go!

  11. I am the most diligent about keeping my kitchen organized, probably because I'm in it so much and it drives me crazy when I have to work around things in order to get anything done. It's always a work in progress. The coffeemaker and toaster are always out since we use them everyday but I have put away just about everything else.

  12. I used to have a cabinet for my big appliances, now they are stored on a bakers rack in the room adjacent to the kitchen. However, our coffee maker is always out because we use it all day for tea, coffee, hot water,& hot chocolate. The food saver is always out because it is another I use all the time. But I am going to find a under counter home for the ice tea maker. The kitchen is just so tiny!

  13. Nan, I have to admit, I'm a counter 'decorator'... I like to have somethings out, as well as a cute lamp, some framed pictures leaning on the back of the counter, a nice candle, the blender! :)
    I have no "garage", but stuff some things in my pantry.

  14. I can not seem to get stuff off of my counter for more than about 30 minutes at a time! argh!!

  15. What a woman you are!!! That's a major task. I keep trying to forget about the Tupperware in my cabinets. And their lids are a whole other story:-)

  16. Right now I have taken all of my appliances (except my Kitchenaid mixer) in the cabinets. But they take up too much room that I NEED for all of my plasticware (like tupperware) that takes up too much room.

    Now, in the mountains -- the coffee maker and toaster are on the counter.

    I go both ways ... but I prefer clear counters. :o)

  17. I posted about 4 or 5 pictures on FB from the dinner and then we couldn't get the rest of the pix to move over to FB.

    I don't know if any of your family pictures made it, but I can get prints for you.

    I'll try again to get those pix on FB.

    Happy Monday

  18. Wish I had an appliance garage! I have too many knick-knackie things on my counters. I should declutter this week, too. Thanks for another great post, and lots more motivation.

  19. I've always wanted an appliance garage, but alas, I don't have one.
    I have an island in the center of my kitchen where I keep most of my appliances...toaster, waffle iron, juicer, electric wok I never wanted, etc. The coffee pot MUST stay on the counter top next to my KitchenAid mixer that also weighs a ton. I'm generally anti-small appliance, mostly because I can't stand the way they clutter up life and don't really get used.
    As for the Tupperware...I have mine relegated to a too small cabinet, which always contains TONS of containers and NEVER the right lids. Wouldn't it be easier if we were wasteful and just threw it all out? Then we wouldn't need Tupperware at all!! But wait, that would mean I would have to give up my addiction to finding it for cheap at Goodwill/garage sales/etc, etc. How about a Tupperware garage? :)

  20. Hi Nan! I'm both. I hide appliances that I don't use often and keep the ones I do out. The ones I use often are the toaster, toaster/oven, and the blender! Anyway, I'm new at doing memes, so I didn't know you can't link your meme to another meme. Go ahead and remove my link from your meme and I will remove my reference to yours to avoid confusion. Have an awesome week! If you ever want to come visit, I'm at!

  21. Oops, I was typing so fast I misspelled my own website. :(

    Let me try again:


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