Friday, December 11, 2009


Somebody needs to stop me. I seem to be addicted to buying Christmas decorations. Now granted, I am getting them at the Dollar store (or is that $ store?) or the thrift store but still, it all adds up.

I will see someone's decorations at their home or on a blog and think "Oooooh, that's pretty! I should do that" or I'll be driving by the thrift store and think "I might as well stop in. I'm driving right by."

It's a sickness, really.

Houston, we have a problem. Where am I going to store all these new decorations? Hmmmmm? I already have space carved out in the garage for the decorations that we already have. There is no room for future decorations. Trust me.

My husband and I have differing views on the garage. I look upon it as an endless source of space, a storage wonderland, a place where everything can go. It doesn't matter where it's going to go. It's gotta go. It doesn't matter if it fits, and it doesn't matter if there's room.

It's a garage and it's supposed to store things. That's my view. If there isn't room that's my husband's problem. That's also my view. It's his problem, not mine. I manage the house, he manages the garage.

If some of my house things manage to overflow into the garage, ooops, my bad. However, if some of his garage things manage to overflow into the house..... no, not can't happen, it better not happen, it won't happen. I just can't look at a hammer or a wrench and call it decor.

Back to my problem. My sickness. I think I need to go on one of those shows. You know, for some therapy? We could call it a Thrift-store-Christmas-decorations-addiction edition. However, I think I need to get over my Costco addiction first. Samples, anyone?

I bought two swags (with a couple of pine cones already attached) at Goodwill (99¢ each), along with some ribbon (also 99¢). While at the Dollar store I bought several Christmas "picks" (50¢ each) with pine cones and ornaments or red berries attached.

I then wrapped the ribbon around the swag and stuck the decorative picks in. Voila! Instant Christmas decoration for about $3.50 each. I put one in the dining room and the other in the family room.

This is about as creative as I get. I'm not really very good at that sort of thing, so whatever I do has to be easy and very forgiving. I was debating on adding a candle or two but that would probably involve another trip to the thrift store. It's a vicious circle!

I love the Christmas season. I love knowing we're celebrating the birth of our Savior. I love hearing how people celebrate His birth and how they honor it with their traditions.

I also love the nativity sets, the lights (in and out), the decorations, the beautiful worshipful music, the snow, the time with my family, the holiday "classics." I love it all. Now, if you will excuse me, I have some decorating to do......


  1. I think your homemade decorations are very pretty!

    My husband and I have different views on the garage too. I view it as purely storage, for the car, and anything else that doesn't belong in the house. I can't really sum up his view, except to say that when we were looking at houses, the garage seemed to be far more important to him than the house. He rejected perfectly suitable houses because the garage wasn't big enough. Finally I got annoyed, and told him that he'd better make sure his precious garage had a drain in it for him to pee in, because he was going to be living there!

  2. I have the thrift store addiction too. I am sure I buy more just because it is so cheap! It is so hard to pass up when you can come up with cute decorations!

  3. I love the swag. You did great Nan! I love everything about Christmas too except the commercialism involved and the stress that I see the season puts on some people. It is not even about those things. Anyways, it is a wonderful time of year to celebrate God's greatest gift to us.

    I know what you mean about the garage thing. I think it is just extra storage too. But my husband seems to think otherwise. He keeps setting up his stuff out there, his workbench, tv, radio, tool chest, a lawn chair for relaxing (come on). What is up with that? Where am I going to store all my stuff? :)

  4. I love Christmas decorations, too. Somehow, no matter how many I set out, I always think I need some more.

    I'm also impressed with your craftiness. That may be simple, but it's way above my head. Peel n' stick is about as creative as I get!

  5. I love thrift stores. I have been buying books like crazy lately in a few of ours.

  6. the swag is so pretty! I'm not crafty, so I don't share this addiction...

  7. Great job on the swag Nan! You've certainly got the Christmas spirit!

  8. Look at you getting all crafty! I think you need a Costco break :)

  9. Me too! ME TOO!!!!!! I could have written that post my friend. Word for word!
    Hi my name is Kim and I have more Christmas mugs than I care to admit!
    I may have to show them off! LOL

  10. We don't have a garage, but we do have a basement! :)

    If you start one of those therapy groups, I need to join. I'm the same way. I have boxes and boxes of decorations I'm not even using. *sigh*

    I love the swags. You did a great job!

  11. Me too! Me too! Me too! I love Christmas decorations and thrift stores! I need the same therapy as you. You enter me and I'll enter you:-) Your decoration is very pretty.

  12. oh, me too! I'm so addicted, and every year I promise NOT to add to my collection, but every year I end up with new stuff! I never thought about checking thrift stores, etc! My favorite place is Gordman's- let me know if you start a club for addicted deco. shoppers!!!!!

  13. sister...I'm right there with you...especiall on the "I'm driving right by...."
    I tend not to be in the dollar stores much...they are in very inconvenient places Thrift stores are in the exact right spot to side track me.
    Christmas this year is not as big as it usually is...but I have a thing for ornaments on a regular year know it's bad when you are choosing gifts that come in boxes you can use to store the ornaments from this year in! lol

  14. It is always hard to pass on a good bargain. Love to decorate too!

  15. Nan, you crack me up! You are one serious nut-case...I love it!

  16. I love decorating for christmas too, but this year, with us moving and all, I can´t decorate.... :(
    So I decorated my blog ;)

  17. me too!
    Your bough is beautiful!

    my tree is looking a little worse for wear already though thanks to the dog and the boys. jeje

    oh well such is life with three boys!

  18. Well, The Real Me already said what I was going to - LOL! I was going to suggest that perhaps you and Kim are long-lost twins with your Christmas decoration addiction! :)

  19. I love your decorations! :D I need to do more thrift store decorating. LOL! Y'all find the greatest things. LOL!


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