Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sometimes I wonder what my appliances (and household objects) think of me.

I mean, as I scrape the plates and practically wash them before I put them in the dishwasher, I wonder if my dishwasher is thinking "Hel-lo! Don't you trust me to do the job well enough? Have you no faith? You don't think much of me, do you?"

When I get my laundry going in the washing machine I imagine it is thinking "Now why did you just do that? You know that you are going to forget you did it and you're just going to have to run it through all over again. Why don't you wait until you aren't as busy?"

My stove says "Seriously. Seriously? Do you expect me to do miracles?????? Do you expect that you can put a little bit of this in here and a little bit of that and I am supposed to come up with a full course meal with little or no notice? Seriously?

As I put my leftovers in the fridge I know my fridge is thinking "There you go again. Putting that in here to relieve yourself of any guilt should you forget to eat it. You put it in here, and then when it goes bad, you don't feel any guilt about tossing it. You never think about how I might feel. You never ask yourself how it affects me at all......"

I know my t.v. is thinking "You're the one that wanted to watch this show, so why are you yelling at me? If you don't like what's happening, turn it off. Don't sit there and yell at me, I didn't select the channel."

My phone is probably saying "Hello? Is anybody home? I know you're there, I can hear you breathing. Please answer me on the first ring. Please don't make me wait. You have no idea what it feels like to ring and ring and ring, while you all sit there and wonder where everybody else is and wonder if anybody is going to answer the phone."

My thermostat is probably saying "Won't you please make up your mind? First it's to hot, then it's to cold. Won't you please pick a temperature you can live with and just leave me alone?"

Like I said, sometimes I wonder what my appliances think of me.............


  1. Ha, mine could say the same thing! You saw I did that very thing with my clothes yesterday ... sigh. My poor vegetable drawer, well ... we won't even go there. Just tell me this, how can something green make brown juice?

    Anyway, I understand. ha.

  2. LOL! You know there is medicine for this, don't you?

  3. evil vegetable drawer!

    Love this post! :-D

  4. You are cracking me up! Mine would say some of the same things and probably even more they would say, Why don't you ever clean me up (the stove) or clean me out (the fridge) or empty me (the dishwasher and dryer).

    Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  5. If your appliances are talking, you've got more trouble than just what they think of you!

    On the other hand, my dishwasher is probably saying, "Big deal. So I missed something. Throw it in again and better luck next time."

    And that's the appliance that likes me!

    Wait a minute ... Maybe I'll take some of that medication, too.!

  6. Your dish washer says, "let me do my job woman!"

    Blessings, andrea

  7. Awwwe, I just love those little voices in your head. I bet they have a fun time together up there!! I want to know what your computer says! You're just too funny ~ ♥

  8. Oh yes, mine are obviously laughing at me ;)

  9. Too funny. Sounds exactly like what mine would be speaking to me. Except the dishwasher. I put too much faith in mine. LOL

  10. I was washing some pillows (yeah I know weird... but they just look too nasty) and forgot them in the dryer (at least I got that fr this time)they needed longer in there but... of course I didn´t know because I forgot about them. So 2 days later I go to use the dryier again and, of course, the pillows stink... so I need to wash them again.... I think it is not that we are getting old and forget stuff, I think it is ust that we have too many things to do.........

  11. LOL, Nan! You crack me up!!!

    My coffee maker says, "Hey! I need a break, too! Why don't you go to Starbucks for once and let me nap!"

  12. This is so completely true and scary now that I think of that. How often my coffee maker must be wondering just how long it must keep the remaining pot warm when it knows I will only drink one cup!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. Ha! That is so funny! I have done the same thing with laundry. I swear one time I washed a load of clothes 4 times in one day, the same load!!! LOL!

  14. I am constantly rerunning the clothes in the washer. My refrigerator would probably spit out anything that is leftover because all it ever does is spoil. It never gets eaten. And I have the same phone and thermostat conversations with mine as well too. LOL You are too funny!

  15. My washer and fridge probably texts yours and they just have a good ol' time chattin' it up about us!

    Very clever and well written post!


  16. So, would you say its a bad thing to talk back? I think I might do that. :)

  17. My poor Fridge! It is def. yelling at me! ohhh sighhh and my laundry baskets! and my oh well, you get the point. LOL..

    but I must admit I have never thought of it this way before. really strikes me as funny and yet helps me to think about doing something about it. But then again...

  18. ROFL!! What a great post!! Mine could probably say the same thing!!!

    Love the stove one!! Working miracles!! LOL

  19. Lol...I'm so there. How funny! At least I know I'm not the only delusional one (you know hearing voices from the appliances is delusional, right??) :)

  20. Hello, dear Nan.

    What a treat to see you at my blog this early am. Thank you for your encouraging words and prayers. As He is faithful, no sooner did I post my need for prayer than I received almost ten emails saying the very same, "I am praying for you." And within that hour, I saw Him working and changing the tide.

    This is a great post. I chuckled from beginning to end. Especially about the dishwasher. After years of dishwashers that didn't do their job, maybe three years ago, my husband bought me a new one that does it all, except put the clean dishes away. It really does what it was made to do. It took me two years to learn not to scrap and rinse the dishes.

    Happy weekend!


  21. haha!!! love how you think!!!

    Blessings & Aloha!

    (Ah!!! can I whine a little here? I am supposed to be getting ready for work and leaving here in a few minutes! but had to stop and take a quick MomstheWord fix! I miss blog reading at my leisure! but I will be back tonight to go back and read what I missed!)

  22. I clean my plates off before putting them in the dishwasher, too. It beats taking the risk that the dishwasher won't get it.

    It's always easier BEFORE it sits through a dry-cycle and BAKES ON. My kids do it to me all the time and then I'm stuck dealing with dried on stuff. Ugggh!

  23. If my dishwasher would do it's job, then I wouldn't have the thoughts about it that I do. And, I wouldn't have to do all the extra work. The thoughts go both ways!

  24. You are hilarious! My appliances are thinking the same things.

  25. Ja ja ja ja ja<--laughing in Spanish!
    Loved this post =)


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