Sunday, October 4, 2009


Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme! Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). My point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?

It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money....the opportunities are endless.

This is really long, sorry. I was going to do two posts originally but just combined it all in one as it was easier for the meme.

Do you ever wonder why some people can get more done in a day than you do? Do you ever wonder how some moms can have more children than you have, and yet their homes are more organized than yours, and they manage their time better?

Or are you one of those more organized moms who is wondering why your stay-at-home friend (with no kids) just can't seem to get a shower in or get out of her pajamas before 4:00 p.m., if at all?

Do you ever make excuses as to why you can't do something or didn't get around to it? Do you ever find yourself saying "Well, I meant to do that today, but something came up" or "I was hoping to get around to it but I just ran out of time."

Do you ever find yourself feeling the need to justify to yourself (or someone else) why you didn't get to the laundry, or why you didn't get to the grocery store today, or why you didn't clean the house that day?

Do you ever find that sometimes you can't really explain what you were doing all day, because you don't really know? Does it ever seem like your day just slips through your fingers somehow? Do you ever feel like all you did was "put out fires" all day?

When we are working outside the home, we usually have an idea of our schedule. We know when we start work and when we end. We have an idea of what they expect from us, what the boundaries are, and what the job responsibilities are. The work may take all day but we don't take all day to begin our work; we can't, we have a deadline. We don't have the luxury of going into work and spending a few hours "waking up" before we get to work.

We are able to get alot of things done during that time because we are focused and not easily distracted by other things. We know the job expected of us and we know we can't sit back and read a magazine (well, not usually anyway), or get involved in a t.v. show or have long personal conversations on the phone.

We also usually have a set amount of time for lunch, and lunch doesn't usually go on for two or three hours. Those of us who are not good time managers can still have success because somebody else manages our time for us!

If a mom does not have any kind of a schedule or plan for her day (go here to read about how to make one), she will often find that her day just disappears. At the end of the day she can feel frustrated because she feels like she didn't get anything done. She often may wonder where her time goes.

Without a plan or a schedule, without considering our responsibilities at home, we often find ourselves at the mercy of the person with the loudest voice. It becomes tyranny of the urgent. Whatever the major "crisis" is that day will get the most attention, even if it's not all that important.

So often we may find ourselves putting large amounts of time into things that aren't very important (or is someone else's priority), while the important things, such as meals, laundry, or dishes, do not get done.

Another problem is we may find ourselves spending to much time blogging (*gasp!*, oh no, she did not just write that!!!!!), watching t.v., reading, or any other enjoyable thing. With noone around to set limits for us, we may sit down "just for a minute" and pretty soon an hour goes by, maybe more.

If we are playing to much, we need to stop making excuses for not getting stuff done and start getting stuff done! Stop making excuses for our lack of time and start managing our time! Let's stop blaming things for our failure to manage our time well. After all, whose fault is it if I spend to much time on the phone, blogging or on facebook. Is it the computer's fault or mine?

This last week I found myself making excuses (to myself) as to why I didn't get something done. I knew I had time to do it, I just chose to use my time unwisely in order to do something else. Something that was a lot more fun than laundry!

It's time to stop making excuses and accept responsibility for our choices. It's time to admit when we know we are out of balance. Ever so often it's good to take a look at our day and see if we are spending to much time having fun, and not enough time on our responsibilities....or, for some, we need to see if we are working to hard and not relaxing enough!

This week, I encourage you to make a list of your responsibilities at home. Sit down and write down what you are responsible for (don't faint), and what you feel that the Lord has called you to do that week in and around your home.

Then prayerfully bring your list and your day before the Lord each morning in prayer. Ask Him to help you get your priorities in balance. Ask Him to order your day.

Then remember that we can still have fun and take joy in our homemaking. We don't have to be a household "drudge." We just need to keep our priorities straight and be thankful that we can serve the Lord by caring for our families. So this week I need to prayerfully reexamine my priorities and guard my time more carefully! Otherwise, it will keep slipping away.

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today! Please do not put your own Making Your Home Sing Monday Linky on your blog. As always, please don't forget to link to this post. Also, please don't forgot to leave me a comment!


  1. I feel that way a lot. I liked the question about the friend that has no kids, but still can't seems to find the time to do things. Since I had my little guys early, most of my friends still do not have any babies, and I have two babies.

    I will have to make my list now! Great post! Thanks!!

  2. I can be too organized at times. I am still trying to be balanced. I am thankful for GOD's grace in and through it all.

    Blessings, andrea

  3. Awww man! Do I have too? LOL! Yes, I am one of those people. Call me Mrs. Procrastinator. And I really have been trying to work on that!!!

    Sometimes I spend so much time trying to be organized that I don't really get much else done!

    Balance, I need balance. LOL
    Big hugs to you girlfriend. And great post!

  4. Ouch, I needed that! It's so much easier to make excuses than to actually do the things that need to be done. Will be working on that this week!!

  5. I enjoy my visits to your blog. I like how you share some great insights and advice. This post was thought provoking even for me, an empty nester but a busy grandma. Thank you for sharing. I am so thankful for a mother who always kept lists and who taught us to do the same.

  6. Even though I call myself "organizing mommy", the emphasis is on Organizing, rather than organized. I still struggle with some of these issues. In a homemaking setting where there are less external boundaries to hem us in, it is hard to get a decent time management program started. My mantra: Do the worst first.. and everything will fall into place after that!

    I am in the UP of Michigan this weekend, and I have some lovely photos on my post.

  7. My excuse is that I am overwhelmed these last few weeks. I used to be supermom, mom on a mission, mom with the tight schedule....organized perfectionist mom. I miss her...I think she died on me!
    I am spending my week prioritizing, and making myself some challenges...and a new routine! School is back in, I have an idea of how to set up my morning and then my afternoon....and I should be back up and running soon!
    Starting a new life...takes effort doesn't it!

  8. Great post. I needed this one. I am organized, but have been so unmotivated when I look at my list. Prayer over that list would be a great start to my day. Thanks!

  9. Oh, I need to add prayer over my to-do list onto my to-do list. You are soo right on this one!!! Thanks for the great ideas...I'd like to think I am organized, until that closet crap falls on me...then I start all over again!

  10. I am so the mom/wife making excuses! I definitely know I need to organize my priorities and make sure the computer is not number one! ...sigh... haha! Guess I better move laundery into that spot! Such a wonderful reminder to bring these tasks up to the Lord! He can truly help guide me where my time should be spent! Happy Monday! {Except..can I start my list tomorrow? Today is my birthday! haha! Yet another excuse to use!}

  11. Ouch...that sounded like an accountability post!! And it was right on! :) I am such a procrastinator, and by way of that an excuse maker!! I've really been working on it though.

  12. I needed this.

    I am not a stay at home mom these days, but I do need to start managing my time at home better.

  13. Couldn't have said it better myself. I definitely need to work on my organizational skills in some areas of my life. :) It really does fact, it makes all the difference in the world.

  14. I never thought of the working people knowning when they start and stop- so true. I never struggled with housework as much as others that I saw. I love lists and always made lists of what day to do what chore or at what time I would do housework and then scheduled my play time. I guess that is what made it work. Exactly what you are saying. If I think of the ladies that struggle they don't have a list or plan, they just expect it to happen and the day slips away. Even the way I clean a room- I will go along one wall to the next with a trash bag and laundry basket. I toss the trash, put things that go in another room in the basket, and put up the rest as I go. I clean the same way going in a pattern to dust and vacuum. My problem is when it is very disorganized I will tend to put it off until I have the time to do it right. I don't like to stuff things in my closet or drawers to make a room look clean. I have had to learn to take bites at it when it is that way. Just do 10 minutes or just pick up all the papers and put them away. Just wipe and clean one shelf of the refrigerator. Just clean one drawer.

  15. I don't think your post was too long, because every word of it needed to be heeded. I like how you didn't JUST mention BLOGGING, because I have found when I lay off the blogging there is something right there to steal that time(usually a good book). We have to make a decision...what comes first.

  16. Great post and much needed. I will be back to my regular MYHS posts next week. This week I'm too busy scratching- Just kidding-I'm not scratching, I promise!

    Since we're are done homeschooling and most days it's just myself and my husband at home (when he isn't at work), I find that I need to organize my time even more because there isn't anything or anyone telling me when to do something. I've gotten better at it but I'm still working on it.

  17. I like when people are brave enough to "speak the truth!" So many times we coddle each other and pat each other on the head and say, "I know honey, it's so hard." But really it "aint" all that hard. Our great-grandmothers would gasp at how easy it is for us to care for our homes and children compared to how difficult it was in their day. We should really stop whining, stop making excuses, count our blessings and "dry it up."

  18. I think the Lord led me to your post today! Just yesterday, I wrote a post on how I never seem to get anything done. Your post shed some light on the "why" and it has helped me understand better why not having a plan, schedule, etc. allows for distractions to keep me from what I need to be doing. I love the work time management scenerio you described. It's a great visualization and so true! Being at home allows us such flexibility but by being "our own boss," we sometimes don't put first things first. Thanks for laying it on the table for those of us who needed a little wake up call!

  19. Making lists is always such a good idea for me. It really does help me remember what I need to get done. And it feels good to cross things off once they get done. LOL

  20. Thank you for this post, I really needed it. It's easy for me to get caught up in less important things and not doing things that are top priority.

    P/S I am so thankful to have found your blog. You are a great encouragement and blessing to me.

  21. I have an award for you up on my page!!

    Mud Pies For Mommy

  22. I stopped by your blog to verify that you were still hosting your Monday "theme day".

    In case you aren't sure why I would do that, please first go here:

    and then read this one:

    I see that you still are, so I shall leave you on the lists :-D

    Cheryl B.

  23. Goodness - I am further convinced that you have hidden a camera in my home - LOL! This was a wonderful post and spoke right to me. I have always been confused as to why I did an excellent job when working outside the home, but really struggle as a SAHM with very few outside obligations. Makes more sense now! I will be working on a schedule and more importantly, praying about it! Thank you!!

  24. OUCH OUCH OUCH! this stepped on my lazy, excuse-making, unorganized running-in-circles-getting-nothing-done toes.....

    ....but very much needed!

    Great post! So inspiring.... I will log off and get off my butt.


  25. Our job truly never ends! Thanks for speaking truth.

  26. Joining in for the first time today. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!
    I found this AFTER I read wrote my post today so it was funny that we were both talking about be more organized.
    Have a great one!

  27. Girl, that is a challenge that I seriously need to take up. I keep telling myself I need to schedule my time, but I haven´t yet. And me being a list person I know if I just sit down to do that I would get so much more done. I promise, i will this week, FOR REAL! There, I promise it to you so please hold me accountable! :)

    thanks so much for this post!

  28. Isn't that the truth? Even a loosely defined schedule helps me get stuff done during the day. (I'm convinced that is why my weekends fall to pieces. Superman is home and I want to be available for any of his wants, so I don't really schedule anything.) Great post!

  29. I am a procrastinator! I have to admit! I'll do my best to be more organized!


  30. Preach it!! AMENing that!
    In the beginning with the blog thing I did way too much. It has to have a balance for sure. Then it was Facebooking too much. Not even gonna tell you what i was doing there. Couldn´t have been frivilous Farmville. But I thank God for helping me in these areas. My dicipline in exercise and the school schedule have helped imensly. No excuses! Love it!

    Thanks for this post.

    Hope you like mine. You prob. have seen it. It´s an oldy but goody!

  31. Sometimes I feel like I need someone to show me that I'm out of balance or maybe even knock me upside the head. LOL!

  32. OUCH!!!!

    I have been trying to get more of a schedule. But old habits sure are hard to break. Thank you for stepping on my toes.

    Take care my friend!
    Hope you have a great week!

  33. Great post! I've got a half-written post that says several of the same things! It's SO easy to procrastinate the day away.

  34. What??? ME??? Make excuses??? I don't think so... Okay, maybe, just a little, only when I need to... Okay, so, it is me!!

    Actually, I have gotten a lot better about prioritizing my time so that I am able to accomplish the tasks that are important to me and still have time to enjoy my family and a bit of time to recharge my batteries. I still don't do everything that I should, but I do most of it. Thanks for the GREAT reminder!! It wasn't so long ago that this would have been a real wake-up call for me... I am glad that is no longer the case!

  35. Hello!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    It's right! The Health is more important than a job!
    Thanks for the encouragement about my future hubby! I pray everyday that we have the possibility to get married soon! I'm so blessed with my boyfriend! I'm looking forward to call him "husband" and to create a family!


  36. Hey Nan, Thanks for visiting me and offering advice and encouragement to me in my time of domestic need. Can't wait to read more here and starting making some changes.

  37. What sound and convicting advice! Of course, another way to help yourself out, besides stopping the excuses, is to post pictures of your mess on your blog! ha! ha! Boy, that helped motivate me, today.

  38. When I'm out of school for summer or holiday...I find myself "justifying" my play time, my "just sitting down at the computer for a minute", b/c I don't have as much time to do it othertimes. But then I feel guilty. Thank you for sharing this blog with us. It really hit home!

  39. Hello Nan,

    Yes, this is always the challenge...balancing it all.

    I really do not like all the technology that complicates our lives in this age. I liked it better when my children were younger and we never used the computer, even though we had one in our home since 1996.

    When I watch an old episode of Father Knows Best, it motivates me to be a better house keeper. That is the kind of wife and mother I want to be.

    I keep working at it!

    Good post!


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