Friday, October 9, 2009


This morning I overslept. Everybody who's anybody knows that oversleeping is an awesome way to start your day. Especially if you homeschool. It always makes you feel so good to know that you are beginning your day already behind. Doesn't everybody?

Next, I forgot that I homeschool. My hubby has Fridays off, and has for a long time. See, I know that. Except that today I forgot it was Friday and thought it was Saturday, so I forgot it was a homeschool day until later.

Then I couldn't decide what to have for breakfast. I didn't know if I should have cold cereal or warm oatmeal. So I compromised and had a pretzel instead.

At some point I found myself in the sunroom watching a movie. Then my stomach alerted me that it needed something wonderful to eat, so I wandered into the kitchen.

The next thing I knew I was holding a toothpick and was micro-managing the gunk that somehow attaches itself between the tile counter and the stove. Yes, it was do or die time and I found myself cleaning madly with a toothpick. You will be happy to know that I threw it away afterwards and did not put it back in the holder.

Before I knew it I was taking the recycling out. After all, you can't clean out the gunk on the counter next to the stove without removing the recycling. Even a child knows that.

A few minutes later found me with my head in the freezer of the refrigerator, agonizing over what to toss and what to keep.

My husband especially loved it as he was trying to fix something on the computer and I kept interrupting him with earth shaking questions such as "Does this look bad to you?" or "Do you care if I toss this?"

After about the 2,000 time I interrupted him, he finally said "Look, honey. I don't care. Toss what you want."

How come he never says that when it comes to his stuff that he's keeping around here? Now I know, all I have to do is put it in the freezer and he'll let me toss it. So if you ever look in our freezer and find an old worn out pair of jeans or a VCR in there, you'll know why.

Next I found myself opening the freezer door about a million times, basking in the joy of it's beauty and letting all the cold air out.

After that I was suddenly seized by an overwhelming urge to wipe down the top two shelves of the fridge. After all, two shelves are better than no shelves, and I can do the rest later. Because you know that I won't forget or get sidetracked or anything.

Then I decided I needed to wash my hair, because it's getting later and later and it's not getting any cleaner. So I washed my hair and remembered that I am almost out of shampoo. I squeezed the remains out and made a mental note to buy some more.

My memory is so good, you know, it's not like I need to write it down so that I don't.......ummm....sorry, what was I saying?

After I washed my hair I grabbed some banana bread from the freezer because I wanted a frosty and I don't have a Wendy's in my freezer. Then I buttered my banana bread, took a bite, and somehow managed to get butter in my newly washed hair. Because that's how I roll. That's how I banana bread too.

Then I found myself taking pictures of myself with the camera just because I could.

And because I always love to post unflattering pictures of myself with no makeup on and butter in my hair.

Doesn't everybody?

What picture would be complete without the requisite up-the-nose shot?

And that, my friends, has been my very productive day so far. I can hardly wait to see what's next.


  1. You are too cute. Love that you posted pictures. I get so sidetracked too and starting the day off behind stinks. Banana Bread sounds yummy.

  2. I have started many a days this past 2 weeks late! Cannot wait to get through all the sicky's and be back to normal! I just love your humor's gotta be pretty cool to have you as a teacher!

  3. haha!!!! Love this post! love the pics! and Yes, I am still up and it is almost 1am!!!

    I was supposed to be catching up with your posts after work...but then I got side-tracked soon as I got home...I had to shower...I always do, after cleaning teeth... and then dinner didnt cook itself! (how awesome would that have been!)

    And then there was the laundry...and drawing orders...and...

    but anyways. I totally am with ya on the distractions!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    *sigh* I better get to bed and try again tomorrow!

  4. funny

    I bet your kids were loving it!


  5. My day was as bad yesterday! I thought Jacob had started hiS October school holidays and then received a text from a friend saying the schools were on! We rushed about mad and got there on time but how goofy am I to forget!!!
    Love Collette xxx

  6. Well, you provided me with a smile. Thank you for that.

  7. Oh Nan you are so stinky funny!!
    and cute too!!!
    Have a Lovely♥Weekend!(wink)

  8. I hate it when I get distracted too, or when I'm walking to a room but forget why???

  9. I'd say it was VERY productive! And you could be my sister with those glasses my friend. LOL
    Big hugs to you.

  10. You cleaned out your refrigerator and your freezer. That's pretty productive in my book. If I could get that done then I'd have no problem spending the rest of the day putting butter in my hair!

  11. hehe, that's too funny, don't be surprised if you husband finds a Friday job! :)

  12. hahahahaha.
    I am sure your kids didn´t mind that you thought it was saturday. I am sure they didn´t let you oin the little secret that it was relly friday :)

  13. I so needed that silliness today! LOL You totally crack me up girl, LOLOL...It sounds like a day I have (I do the "Oh, I should wash my hair" bit too!). :) Love the pics! ;)

  14. Yes, this label is correct, totally random! But it made me laugh!

    I was so jealous because you were watching a movie in your sun room, and my new house has a sun room, but I still don't close for another 3 weeks. :( I'm definately putting a tv out there as soon as we move in!

  15. I'm going to e-mail this to my husband, because this is the way most of his days go. He gets so frustrated with himself, but I find it quite amusing.

    And now I really want banana bread.

  16. that sounds like my week this week...I've been about late to everything! At least when you get sidetracked, you are still being productive...I'm more like, Oh what's on tv, let's check my email, maybe I'll just sit down for a 'few' what was I doing? haha! I love your pictures, you are so sweet! Enjoy the weekend! Now your fridge is cleaned out, what's left to do!

  17. Oh, I'm so glad I wasn't the only one. The local school district had no school, Valiant was sick, Buttercup had a friend sleepover (she got her schooling mostly done on Thursday), I had to argue with the bank (grrr...), and so on and so forth...I never got my groove back! Love your pictures!

  18. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and I think it's hillarious! Thanks for sharing and making us laugh.

  19. and I thought I was ADHD!!! lol

  20. That's exactly what I call a productive day:-)

  21. Sounds like the kinda days I have. I think "sidetracked" is my middle name.

  22. Hehehe! Too cute! Love the pics!

  23. You crazy lady! You are as crazy as me!! LOL ok you win but hey someone has to win and I will lose this one graciously to the crazier pastor´s wife. jejeje

    What happened with your son´s classes? or did you give him the day off too?

    tomorrow is a holiday here in Spain. Ít´s Pilar´s holiday. Saint Pilar. A friend asked of what pilar it was?

    btw.. i clean those little cracks in the tile with my nail.. gross.. a toothpick is so much a better idea but I can never find one when i need one. I actually use the other end of a match to check my cakes too.

  24. TOOOOOO funny- thanks for the laugh!!!

  25. You clearly had no agenda for Friday. Thinking it was Saturday, you had no plans except writing a blog post. HA!

    How come the kiddo didn't remind you it was only Friday? Dumb question...

    Have a great week

  26. I think you look great! I love a naked face, but I can't pull it off like you can:)


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