Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Why yes, I am desperate for a post idea. How did you know?

So I had this jean-ius idea to introduce you to some of my favorite clothes. My jeans. They have been with me through thick and thin. Get it? Thick and thin? Get it? Thick and....oh never mind.

These capri pants are a bit big but they're so comfy (and old)! Also, and I know it's a very strange thing, but please note the diaper pin button at the waist band. It looks just like a diaper pin. Isn't that amazing? The button-making world has come up with something very clever here, because of course it's from them. I would never do that.

Please don't judge me.

Because honestly, I would never, ever use a diaper pin to close my jeans. Why would I? I mean, it's just so easy to sew a button on. Not to mention the fact that my children have been out of diapers for quite awhile and I've been out of them since at least yesterday, so I have no diaper pins around.

It just looks like a diaper pin but it's really a button. Really.

Please don't judge me.

These other jeans are my jean-jeans. They're the ones I wear when I don't care what I wear. I also don't care if I'm cooking and my hands are messy and I wipe them on my jeans. Not that I would ever do that, of course, because we all know how much proper etiquette means to me. But if I did, these are the jeans I would wipe them on.

But I would never do that. Never. I would never use a diaper pin to hold my jeans up either.

Please don't judge me.

These are the jeans that I thought were mine until I laid them on the chair to photograph them. Then I wondered outloud how my jeans got a hole in the knees without me being aware of it. Then I noticed that they were my son's jeans and not mine.

Then my husband heard me say "these aren't my jeans" and started laughing and told me I should take a picture anyway. So I did. Then my husband laughed again and called to see if he could get me into therapy.

These are my nicer jeans. Do you all have nicer jeans? They aren't my "work around the house, scrub the floors, wrestle with the dogs" jeans but my go-out-in-public jeans. Except that sometimes I don't wear them out in public but wear my old, faded, comfy jean-jeans instead.

Because I really enjoy the thrill of running into somebody from my church, the "What Not To Wear" crew, or my third grade teacher when I'm wearing my ugly jeans.

Who doesn't?

These are my jeans-in-waiting. That's because I haven't worn them yet. But I will, when my jean-jeans die a slow, painful death and my nicer jeans become my jean-jeans. Then these will become my nicer jeans and I'll have to get a whole 'nother jeans-in-waiting.

And that, my friends, is my three-year-jean-plan! Any questions?

Please don't judge me.

(It's Tuesday so it's my day to blog at the Five Mom's blog if you want to join me here!)


  1. Wow, that's a log of jeans. I have my fat-day-jeans and my rest-of-the-month-jeans. Oh, and the old fat-day-jeans from when I ate way too much McDonalds which thankfully was only a short time so they still look really good so I can't bring myself to get rid of them just in case I decide to go on a McDonalds bender again. I wouldn't be strong enough to not wear the jeans-in-waiting.

  2. um, actually it's a LOT of jeans, not a LOG of jeans... although it kind of is that too...

  3. Yeah, I'd call that desperate! LOL, But I read it anyway!!! Ha! Ha! Oh what we do in the name of blogging!

  4. LOL!!!
    Girl you r 2 funny!
    I love jeans and I have about maybe 26 pairs but I only use 3 of them, LOL

  5. I never thought I'd care to read about somebody elses jeans, but that was interesting. Learn something new every day! ;-)

    What Not to Wear-good show, good show.

    Love the post. Entertaining, especially on a significant lack of sleep. ;-)

  6. Hilarious!! I work in the denim section of a retail store and I am surrounded by jeans ALL the time. They bring more out and I think "Wow, I'm glad they did that because I was afraid we were going to run out"! Thanks for the giggle this morning!

  7. I love jeans too! For all occasions! Seems like I have a million pair, but wear the same few...and am always buying new ones! They're addicting, haha!

  8. Heyyyy, that diaper pin, ummm BUTTON is so vintage! Love it. I always thought it was so smart when I, umm, other people would need to stretch the jeans a bit around the waste, so I, I mean they would loop a hair rubber band through the hole and the button - a magical extra inch!! I have "nice" jeans I wear to work for Casual Friday. ☺

  9. So that is what I need to tell my husband in order to get new jeans...I need some jeans in waiting. LOL
    Except I can't wait to get the jeans on. I love me some jeans. Got a closet full.

  10. Apparently you have been in my closet!!

  11. Levi Strauss is pure jean-ius!!! Can you imagine what life would be like without jeans?!!! Scary thought I know! Nan you're so silly. I have some jeans-in-waiting too. They're waiting for me to lose some lbs. If it wasn't for my muffin top I'd be wearing them.

  12. Um, I am NOT the person to ask here...at all. I have 33 pairs of jeans. I am not kidding. I had 41 and then I had to get rid of some. I have now classified into several categories:

    Expensive Jeans
    Everyday Jeans
    Beat Up Jeans

    YIKES. You should see my "IN WAITING" Pile!!!!

    This post made me laugh!!! ;)

  13. Those are lovely jeans! I have decided to stop wearing jeans for the time being until I lose my mummy tummy!
    Love Collette xxx

  14. I knew I wasn't alone!!! although I don't use a diaper pin *ahem* button to hold mine together I use a hair tie lol.

  15. OK...I am judging you...as WAY TO FUNNY!!!

  16. Nan, I would never judge you, because I am your pin-button sister. It is SO much easier than getting out a needle and thread.


  17. Nan,
    Boy can I relate to your jean's story! I have three pairs and I wear them faithfully like we were besties!

    I seriously need to get some new ones and ones that the belt loops don't always break off of. Perhaps I should pull them up by the belt loops huh?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  18. Wow, that is hilarious! I'm jealous! You're funnier and cuter than me, sniff, sniff. Now I feel like crap. Think I'll go and buy myself a new pair of jeans to get cheered up...

  19. Your jeans would be so proud to have made it on a blog post! Since I thought I saw a diaper pin but you kept saying it wasn't, I guess I won't get my question answered but I'll ask anyway. If that diaper pin I didn't see, is a fairly new one, where can I buy some of those (not to hold my jeans shut but to hold a new cover on my ironing board so I can iron my jeans?

  20. That´s hilarious!! I am still waiting to buy my skinny jeans.
    Please don´t judge me. LOL
    but when I do get all the weight off I want to buy a pair of jeans for old time sake.
    Please don´t judge me.
    too cute about your son´s jeans! That will be my husband in a few years wondering what pants are his. with all the boys in my house.

  21. Hi Nan, this is 1st visit to your blog and I feel totally blessed by your words of wisdom. I love blue jeans. Please be welcomed to visit my blog.


  22. Totally guilty of wiping my hands on my jeans. And then I turn around and tell my son not to do that. Bad mommy.

  23. Nothing better than a good pari of jeans you have worn in.

  24. Loved this! Just the light-hearted message I needed this morning!

  25. That is so funny- the diaper pin, er...ah...I mean "button". I only think it's funny because I have used a pony-tail holder to keep my own jeans "buttoned" when I refused to give them up early in my last pregnancy. Oh yes, I got many compliments about me still being able to wear my jeans when I was 4 months pregnant- little did they know that they weren't even close to being buttoned!

  26. Oh my, I do love me some JEANS! They're what I wear mostly! I can't imagine my wardrobe without them!!!!

  27. Every time I hear how horrible the "mom uniform" is, I have to wonder if those arbiters of fashion have ever spent time at home. Jeans are perfect for all the jobs we do: they can be dressed up, be roughed up, deal with spit up, and still be comfy cozy. All this and they replace our scales to keep us in line. What is wrong with our "mom uniform"? So, I love your jeans!

  28. truly "pure jean-ius"! haha....

    now, where exactly do you live? Thank goodness for this blog community, cuz even if you are several states away...I am soo glad that I can stop by any time and visit... I do believe that "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine..." Proverbs 17:22

    You truly are a blessing!

    Blessings & aloha!

  29. You are so funny!! I have a lot of jeans-on-hold, jeans that used to fit and WILL fit again...someday...I'm sure. :)

  30. Hi!

    I am a jeans girl as well. I always WANT to try to live like lots of Christian's say I should (dresses, long hair, gentle, quiet spirit...) but I grew up in the "sticks" as they say, and I am always into something messy and I ALWAYS "wash" my hands upon my jeans which makes me unfit for public viewing. I am down to just a few almost acceptable clothes and I really can't stand to buy new (especially not until I loose some weight!), so it is soley jeans for now until that date. All of my jeans may very well look like your son's jeans (with a pseudo diaper pin button!) before I get there...but I guess I'll be o.k. with that!

    C. C.

  31. LOL ... Nan! Ok, the jeans with the DIAPER pin must go (or get fixed). That pin could cause a gut wound -- that thing is like a sword! Ha.


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