Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Ah, yes, I remember it well. The days when my kids were little and my home was immaculate. I could control who was doing what when and we weren't as busy then as we are now.

We had kids who played with toys and put them away when they were done with them. The entire house was picked up at 7:00 p.m. every evening and everybody helped. Then it stayed clean as the kids went to bed shortly thereafter and dear hubby and I collapsed on the couch with a good book or a good t.v. show or some good conversation and called it a day.

Clutter was kept to a minimum and the living was easy. Now we have people who leave things out, and amazingly those things do not grow feet and put themselves away. Bummer......

........like cell phones and "wedding books" (which is what my pastor hubby calls the notes that he uses when he performs a marriage ceremony). He sticks it in his Bible and then has them on hand when he does the ceremony. And yes, I am glad that this is all that he left out. Two things. I can live with that!

Yeah, here's the culprit right now. My sweet hubby. Well, I can't really blame him because we all have to put our cell phones somewhere, I guess.

I did a post awhile ago (you can find it here) about my son's habit of leaving his shoes out. Yes, these all belong to one person. You have the work shoes, and the shoe-shoes, and the flip flops. And this is a good day. He only left out four pairs.

What are "shoe-shoes?" That's what my son calls his everyday shoes that he wears with jeans when he's not dressed for work and not wearing flip flops. Don't you have shoe-shoes? I do!

I still think my son has more feet than he's ever told me about. Maybe he hides them and only brings them out when he leaves home. I dunno. Why else would he leave so many shoes out?

Hmmm? Perhaps he wears them all at the same time in some crazy new fashion they've got going. Perhaps they are like his security blanket. Perhaps his arms are broken and he can't put them all away. But if that's the case, how come he can still drive?

Here is a picture of him now. I apologize for not showing his feet, but at the time I figured you'd rather see his face. But he's got two of them there, I counted.

See he's smiling because he's guilty. He is thinking about how many pairs of shoes he can possibly leave out to trip me up, or maybe even his grandmother who lives with us. After all, she doesn't take a trip very often.

Now this is impressive. There are five jackets here. Count them. Five (one is hiding beneath the other). Five hoodies or jackets with a total of ten sleeves.

All for this kid. Who, as you can see, only has two arms. See? One. Two. Two arms only need two sleeves, but for some reason this kid needs ten sleeves.

After all, you never know when you might turn into a teenage mutant with ten arms and one head who suddenly feels cold and needs a warm jacket. This way you always have one on hand and pretty much guarantees that noone else can hang their jacket there.

Jackets get lonely, you know. They can't stand being by themselves so they need lots of "friends" around.

Then there's this person. Hmmmmm. Somebody went to Walmart and bought some stuff and someone took their jacket along, because you never know when you might need a jacket in August.

Then that person just dropped her jacket, purse, and bag on the couch when she came home.

And there she is. Yup. The guilty party. See, I caught her in the act! Notice how she doesn't even have the nerve to look me in the eye? Guilt ridden she is. Oh, and she is so little she doesn't wear a purse. The purse wears her.

O.k., I confess. It was me! Apparently my purse has no home, followed by my coat and whatever I bought in that bag! It's much easier to drop everything than to put it away, lol!

(Lest, I need to say this is all done for entertainment and fun and my family all know I was poking fun at them on my blog,) I am also blogging over at the Five Moms' blog today if you want to pop over there!


  1. I think all our homes have a tendency to get like this!! Mine is awful!
    Love Collette xxx

  2. Maybe the teenagers do grow extra limbs when we are not around...I have seen this type of activity around here too.......spooky!

  3. I just counted and I have 11 pair of shoes by the garage door (all lined up neatly only b/c I did part and kept after the kid in charge of floor this week to straighten them) then a pair by the back door, random pair in the very middle of the floor, where you would trip. And my husband's dress shoes he wears to work are in front of the couch.
    I didn't know you had a grandma living with you, although I do remember you mentioning it as I think about it. It was the mailbox post. But, it didn't register.

  4. Oh wow, this could've been my post! We have shoe-shoes. Lots of 'em...I know because I trip over them every time I walk in or out the back door. My son wears a size 14EEE shoe...believe me when he leaves out just ONE pair of shoes (or even ONE shoe, for that matter) it's not a pleasant trip! LOL!
    You are so funny! I love your style of writing. :)
    Have a great day!

  5. Handsome man you have! Your son sounds like my oldest son.....I can't even count how many pairs of shoes are lined up in his room. And being size 13......they take up ALOT of room!

    Our home is always cluttered and lived in....sometimes it is more organized when I am having company. But *that* company is the people who I don't considered my REAL TRUE friends, more like acquaintances ....my good friends know they can stop over anytime without even calling, as they are coming to visit me, not my house. LOL.

  6. I was laughing to myself at this post, it was like reading about our house, I think I remember a time where we had a clean house, each night it was straight cushions fluffed, air freshner sprayed ready to start the new day fresh, think I must have slept through the intermediate years because now 3 kids later and im lucky if I can find the floor in their rooms, the car looks like a science experiment, Like the self cleaning ovens I need a self cleaning house, either that or introduce the family (husband included!!)to certain household machines and explan to them as sensitivly as I can that the cleaning fairy does not exsist and neither does the toilet tissue changing fairy, Im sure they'll all be dissapointed but I think a reality check is long overdue !!! great blog love it

  7. Now that all of our kids are grown and no longer live with us, but one...our messes are at a minimum.
    Hope you have a great day.

  8. Only one Walmart bag? THat's impressive all by itself! I'm glad we have a kitchen island, but it is the place where everything gets dumped...and that seems like what I'm always spending my time cleaning up...sigh...

    It really is amazing how many shoe-shoes and jackets one person needs! :) We're guilty!

  9. I can SO relate! My husband and son leave stuff laying around all the time...and me too :D

  10. Oh I could run around my house with a camera pointed in all directions. LOL
    Too cute. YOur family is beautiful! Love the doggie by the purse.

  11. I love it!! Our house is like that a lot of days when life gets in the way, but oh well at least we are all living and loving!

  12. Oh things don't put themselves away in your house either?!?!

    I have one of those boys that must have 10 feet because he leaves his shoes in the living room. I don't know where he learned that from. Surely it wasn't his mother. I would never do that ;)

  13. I have a counter that EVERYTHING gets thrown on...and I know the truth of the matter is, it takes longer to go through that pile looking for something than it does to put it up in the first place - but yet I still have my pile :)

  14. Funny, funny, funny. Soooo glad I'm not the only one who has such "messes" in her life. (At first I wondered how you came across a pic of my teen's shoe pile.) I do have one son, though, that lines his shoes up precisely. According to size & color. Completely creeps me out. I'll take a pile anyday. :)

  15. I'M BACK!!!! Sort of! I've missed your posts my friend. This one hit home for sure! LOL My daughter has about 6 pairs of shoes out all over her floor at any given time! LOL
    BIG HUGS!!!

  16. That would never happen around our house...all our things actually have legs and put themselves away...I WISH!!!! ;o)

  17. We have pretty much the same clutter bug going on over here. I found a way to corral all those way ward shoes is to put them in a basket by the door, keeps people from tripping all over them.

    My problem spot is the landing to the stairs. I place piles of stuff for every member of our house to pick up their pile of wayward belongs and take them upstairs as they go. Do you think anyone notices these?

    Nope, they must be invisible to everyone but me.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  18. How did you find my house to take those pictures?!!!

    It never ends...

  19. Wait a minute...your kids put their toys away when they were done with them?

    How did you get them to do that?

    You know what accumulates around here? Tools. My husband brings them in from the shop to do some little project or other, but do they go back to the shop? NOOOO! He just leaves them on the kitchen counter, and I move them around 50 times while trying to make dinner. I did find the tape measure handy once, when I needed to measure a cake pan to make sure it was the right size....

  20. My OCD doesn't let me have shoes or anything running around my house! well only toys I guess! but you will constantly hear me singing the "clean up" song to my little man and he is good about it!
    I love your ADORABLE puppy!!!
    Have a FUN week my Friend!

  21. sounds like normal run of the mill if you ask me.

  22. funny.. I got a kick out of the shoes. hahaha..
    Now multiply that by 2. I feel like I am a broken record about the shoes and jackets.

  23. I'm guessing that one day my house will probably look like that but right now I'm enjoying the ability to keep most everything in order.

  24. Dirty, rotten, culprits you have at your house. JK!

    This was entertaining and funny. You always are. Great family you have. Even the dogs.

    I have the Neno award for you to pick up over at my blog. See you soon.

    When will your Sunday Bible study start? How about Linda's if you happen to know.

  25. Cute pictures of your hubby and kids. Nice to see what the culprits look like! You need a taser. just kidding.

  26. Ah...messes...the story of my life. Or of my house, I suppose! :)

  27. I feel your pain. I really, really do!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  28. I am the guilty shoe collector at our back door. The second I walk in the door my shoes come off. I feel your son's pain. :o)

  29. Ok! I think you could have been at my home at any point in time since my oldest became a teen as well. You are so funny that you went around taking pictures. I need to do that too. LOL

  30. Oh how I missed your posts...yep, I am behind again! story of my life...I think maybe, no matter what...I just gotta at least check your blog daily to get my funny fix!

    haha...we have little "piles" of random things that seem to just pop up...

    Oh! Shoe-shoes are very common at our place, esp with our son when he was home from college! Your son's shoe-shoes looks so much like our son's! and at the entry of our front door! (You can see how I tried to control that on my latest post...tried is the word.) I should have taken a photo of his when he was home!

    haha... love that you show him with his guilty smile!

    And last of all! Aw...too funny that your pup got the blame!
    Blessings & Aloha!


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