Thursday, September 3, 2009


I love reading my Better Homes & Garden magazine. I have a couple of decorating books that I enjoy too. I love the books and magazines because you can "decorate" in your mind, and money is no object, lol!

I went around and took a few pictures of things around our home. We don't spend alot of money on furniture or decorating. But it is possible to be careful with your spending and still furnish your home without breaking the bank. Check out store sales, yard sales, thrift stores, your parent's attic, be creative!

This piece of "furniture" is an aquarium holder. I wanted a sofa table but didn't want to spend the money for it, so picked this up at a yard sale for a few bucks. I was going to paint it white but I never did. It had some scratches on it but I just took out a brown crayon and colored in the scratches. and voila! They disappeared!

I love hearts (that's a wicker one in the back), birdhouses and pitchers. These were all yard sale finds. I love a good deal.

This lamp was a yard sale find too. I love the picture on the wall as it's a lovely porch overlooking a beautiful garden. I love pictures of flowers and gardens.

I love checks, floral prints, birdhouses, a "garden" type theme, baskets, pitchers, and I love little "animals" too. My darling hubby bought me this pig and also the sweet bunnies. He knew I'd love them, and I do!

The bunny and this candle holder are sort of hidden away in the sunroom. You can see them if you look carefully but I brought them out for a better picture. Looking back I probably should have left them there and taken a picture but to late now!

I love bunnies, I have a few that are placed here and there. My dining room "curtain" is a lace tablecloth that I draped over the rod and is tied in place by two pink ribbons tied in a bow. I have two bunny napkin rings that I just put the curtain rod through and they are showing their sweet faces on my faux-curtain. You have to look carefully to see them though.

I like to call my style a sort of Cottage Style. It's not a true cottage style, probably, but I have to call my style something! I love Cottage Style!

We have a few things from our parents and grandparents, mixed with yard sale or thrift store finds (and some new things of course).

I like having a little fun, and using something in a way that it wouldn't ordinarily be used. This stepping stool used to be in my husband's grandmother's kitchen. Now I use it as a "table" between two chairs. However, I moved the chairs so I could get a better picture.

I like having fun with my home, and adding birdhouses, bunnies, baskets, wicker, ceramic pitchers, and other things. My home isn't what some might call elegant or "tastefully decorated," perhaps, but it makes me smile.

I like having little corners or places where there is a "fun" surprise, a little whimsy. Fortunately my family humors me and doesn't seem to mind living amongst all this stuff.

Well, apparently somebody is bored and has gone to bed, so before I bore you I will end this post! I'll show a few other things another time.


  1. AWWW these are so cottagey! love it all! Wish we had yard sales here in Spain.

    Your plants look all perky. mine are drooping. poor things. Well, I am inspired.

    love the piggy! I use to collect pigs. (not the real ones) no room for them now though.

    OH, it´s time to go move into our new schoolroom. just had to come over for a visit today first.


  2. I love that pig...and the dog???? Oh my. That is just way too cute!!! :)

  3. Everything looks so bright and fun. And I gained a couple of ideas as well! LOL
    Thank you my friend for sharing your "expertise" with us!

  4. Oh my, your dog is so sweet! I love that! I like cottage style, too! You've done a great mom, sister and I love to go to the flea markets and find junk...I mean, great deals! haha! Dan calls it junk, but you have to be creative for sure! And i love some of our's nice to know it can stay in the family!

  5. Wow, I love it! I love to decorate also and finding good deals!

  6. I love to find things that are meant for one purpose and use them for something else. Love your animals. That pig looks like he could talk, though, I would watch him.

  7. I love a good yard sale, flea market find!

    I like your style...

  8. I think what is so neat about going around to garage sales, and raiding your parents attic, is the fact that everything in your home...has a story. Other than...oh' that came from Target, Wal-mart...etc. etc.

  9. I love garage sale finds. I have been wanting a sofa table too. Hubs doesn't think it necessary, so unless I can find a deal like you sofa table for me. Cute picture of puppy sleeping.

  10. I think everything looks very pretty and charming. I love cottage style too, and shabby chic is my absolute favorite. I like that things can be slightly worn or distressed, and still look great! Especially since we have little kids, so all of our stuff looks distressed!

  11. I love all your little treasures that make up your home. I am sure each of them has a story behind it as well.

    Thanks for sharing a little country warmth on this Thursday with all of us.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. Hi!

    I like your decor. It isn't out of a magazine, it is out of your heart. That's the best! I am forever feeling like I need to fit into a "style." It was sort of stressing me out that the house wasn't decorated from one end to the other in the same style. So I simply re-named my style: "Quilt Shop". There! Now I can have a shabby chic quilt out beside a big metal black star and a colonial piece of hand-made furniture which perhaps might be holding my two Amish dolls! I can have an Amish quilt on the coffee table and a hand-painted bunny with silk ribbons nearby as well as two hundred pairs of shoes on my floor!

    By the way, I really like your flooring - it looks like the old-fashioned wood flooring that you can't get today (alright, I guess you could get it, but who can afford it!)

    Have a nice week!

    C. C.

  13. Really, it was an aquarium holder? How cool!

  14. Your home is beautiful! I love all your nick nacks they make a home personal don't they? Love Collette xxxx

  15. GREAT job, girl!!! I just love it - and it's so homey and cute! Come do something with my house, will you?? Hey, I can put out my Fall stuff - that'll change things up a bit. I have to remember to do that. And I think "Cottage" is the perfect way to describe your style. My style is "Just Put It Away and I'm Happy"! ♥

  16. How fun! So glad you were able to find some good finds!

  17. I'm telling you, our homes are very similar in a lot of ways. I love all your cute little knick-knacks.

  18. Well, at least you have a style of some sort! Right now with my little ones my style is mostly kiddie toys!

  19. Cute little things you've decorated with. The pictures of them help me to remember where I've seen them in your house. I haven't looked closely to see all the little things though.

    I like the little tiny wicker chair hanging on the hook & the tiny overalls on the wall. The pitchers are cute too.

    Cute picture of Maddie sleeping (that is her, right?)

    I've got an award for you. You've probably received it before, but I wanted you to get it from me too.

    Take care. Happy birthday to your hubs.

  20. I so enjoyed my visit Nan. Beautiful cottage sytle your way. I think it's wonderful.

    Loved your dog! :)

    Love and blessings

  21. ....very favorite? I love the piggy!

    Blessings & Aloha!

  22. Where can I get one of those cute little brown dogs in your last pic to decorate?! LOL! Too cute!


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