Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey, it's Friday already! Who knew? Thursday is often a very busy day for me, so when Thursday night rolls around and Alicia comes out with her photo meme......I am usually scrambling to find a picture.

Today I have been busy. I got my hair cut. No, not just one hair (as I stated on facebook) but several of them. It's a little shorter and a little perkier but I still look like me (sorry, lol!). My friend comes to my house and cuts my hair.

Then, God bless her, she even trimmed the hair around my poodle's feet. Now that is friendship! I would kiss the feet she walks on but then I'd get dog hair all over my mouth. She makes my hair happy.

Today I have been in a cleaning mood. I tried to lie down until it went away but it didn't work. I drive my family nuts when I'm like this.

That's because the "usual" stuff isn't good enough. When I get like that it means take no prisoners. I can no longer tolerate papers left out, shoes left on the floor instead of in the basket, or electrical-thingys left out, etc. I have had enough and everything has to go back to where it belongs. Now. And if it doesn't belong anywhere, it better find a home fast or I will "help" you find a home for it....perhaps outside in that big plastic thingy we call a garbage can, or the thrift store!

I don't get loud or mean, or anything. I just want action now. So I constantly annoy people with questions. Is this yours? Is it your brother's? What is it? Where does it belong? Why was it left here? Are you going to put it away? When? Isn't that what you said the last time I asked you to put it away???? Why don't you go put it away now?

Don't plan on trying to get anything done. I will hunt you down and find you and force you to face your stuff. I am not above begging. After all, I am a romantic at heart and would love to reunite you with your long lost-electrical cord, or your sweetheart of a paper you left lying around.

So I have been cleaning, and doing laundry (as I didn't do it yesterday), and folding, and straightening and even a little, dare I say, decluttering.

I just can't stand the things left out anymore. It's not like huge amounts of things are left out on a daily basis. They're pretty good about that. But it's the little things. The visual reminder things: I will leave this out to remind me to do such and such. The project things: I am working on this project so will leave this out. The in-process things: I am just taking a break and then I'll finish. The "doesn't have a home" things: I'm not sure where to put this yet so just setting it here "for now."

The dreaded "for now." I wonder what the record is "for now." I wonder how long someone has left something, intending on just making it "for now" and then it becomes permanent. What is the record?

I wonder how many pieces of furniture are placed in "for now" places and are still there? How many decorating knick-knacks were put there "for now." How many stacks of books, papers, keys, shoes, purses, etc. are sitting in a "for now" spot somewhere. Poor homeless little items. Nobody loves them enough to give them a permanent home....sniff. It just breaks your heart.

Just so you know, I have my own little forlorn items that I have been ignoring around here too. It's time that I face up to my past, and have it out with these items that are stalking me.

Well, I have things to do and people to alienate, so I will catch up with you later!


  1. I get that way too, but it isn't that effective. I have a friend coming over next week to help clean and organize. I can't wait!

  2. I hear ya, Nan!! I get in the mood sometimes too where "enough is enough!" LOL!

  3. OH my, a soul mate so much like me? How can this be? I thought I was the only person who couldn't stand CHAOS. Can Have Anyone Over Syndrome for my house and need to clear it up so I can!

    I am that person just like you that hates clutter. I love open spaces free of things that have been abandoned, neglected, or simply forgotten. I must find them a home. They can't just loiter. No homeless items here. Any homeless items find their way to the trash if no one claims them.

    I guess it also answers the question of, "Mom, where is my (fill in the blank)?" and I am supposed to know? Isn't that their job to know if they had simply put it away instead of casually dropping it to the floor or kitchen counter or even worse our stairs landing???

    I hear you, thankfully with my tailbone injury, the homeless can stay just a bit longer, I still can inquire but for now, enjoy it while it lasts!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. It's like you walked into my house, looked around and then wrote this post.
    It's like we live parallel lives! LOL

  5. I go through moments like that too. I take the clutter until I reach my limit and BOOM ... I become the same person you described. Ha.

  6. Oh, I do the same to Michael and Kyle! They'll be on the computer or playing video games and all of a sudden I become a cleaning machine. They sit there with this baffled look, like, "where in the world did this come from, we were just minding our own business..."

  7. I just love reading your 'random thoughts'...your ability to put those thoughts into words puts a smile on my face!

  8. Going back to work this last year and then my kids being home all house is horrible. I have plenty of "I'll deal with this later" stacks and of course the mountain of laundry that never seems to go away.

    My daughter and i are cleaning today too...I've had enough.

    Happy cleaning!

  9. oooo I get like that too. Prob. every Sat. or every time I see boys things laying around that they know should find a home.

    We are off to our cities fair but without rides. it´s like a product fair. everyone shows their foods and wares. It´s fun.

    Have a good clean day. I am not sure if I will get to the bathrooms or not but hey they will still be there tomorrow. As long as I don´t have to clean them on my Birthday. LOL

  10. Oh...I need a you at my house! :)
    I don't get that way nearly enough!

  11. I was going to say that I get the same too, but after the other comments I guess it is more normal that I thought.... good to know I am normal and not just a cleaning "freak" every now and then :)

  12. I am in pretty much that same mood right now I am home and in a manic state! lol was away for about a week and had some time to re-fuel the cleaning machine in me! lol
    I will email you later girl. Have a wedding to attend today but I have missed your silly self and have a moment or thought I'd stop by!

  13. The "for now" record around here is way too long. My husband is the one who usually gets in the "let's get this stuff out of here" mood. And I hop on and accomodate. :)

  14. Honey I'm telling ya.. one need to do a family blitz. It means everyone is on deck and awaiting orders until the job is done. No one likes being asked to do stuff all day long. Get it done in one fell swoop. I call it blitzing with kids, and it really works.


    This is the link I was talking about. There is no need for you to stand there, pick up a sock and say, "Is this yours?" Gaah!! bad bad bad. You sit on the chair and tell the child in front of you to pick up the sock and bring it to the laundryroom. Or atleast when you have all the kids in the room, ask them all (ONCE) who's sock is this? And then make piles in front of each child. Tell them to return their items and return back for orders. I can really get the entire house clean and decluttered in about 40 minutes this way.

  16. I do the for now thing with stuff in my closets...because I can close the doors on them. Good for you getting a hair cut and getting some cleaning done. I need to do both too.

  17. My clutter and "for now" place is my "junk drawer" well, I've got a few of them and it's anything that can fit in there "for now" :)

  18. My house is decorated in "I'll put it there for now". I'm serious. I have no style I just put it there for now and if it works it stays.

    I do the I'll put it here until I get to it or the visual reminders that often never get remembered.

    It's crazy around here with junk.

    Later, Preppie! LOL!

  19. Hi Nan,
    Just a quick note here to let you know that I have an award for you.

    Loyal Friend and Visitor Award

  20. Oh no! I get like that...but you might hear my voice get a little loud! It scares Dan...he hides! But...I sure need to catch up again. Especially now that school has started...the dreaded school papers are out! sigh...please help! LOL! Hopefully I have no excuse to not find time to tidy up since the kids are both in school! But I'm pretty good at finding one :)

  21. I think we've all been there Sweetie.

    Hugs and blessings.

  22. Glad more than Gertrude went under the scissors!

    As "for now", that is why I'm big on not having a lot of storage bins, etc., because "for now" ended up with me moving stuff I didn't want to deal with then! Ugh! As for "decorative" things on my shelves? The more I have, the more I have to clean!

    We're working on "it doesn't matter who's it is, if you know it doesn't belong there, take care of it!" at our house...with only limited success...sigh...

  23. Hi Nan,

    This happens to all women, I think. The funny thing is if your were expecting a baby, people like to tag it a "nesting" while all along it is just one of those tendencies women have.

    Sadly to say, I am not in one of THOSE moods right now...maybe I should go to bed until I am.


  24. haha! I get to those times where I turn into the "Question Gestapo" too!

    My problem is that I will put something away in a "safe" spot...but can't recall where that "safe" spot is!

    and of course, then... my family ALWAYS turn to me to ask "What did you do with...?" (I am rejoicing and ever so happy when it "Wasn't me!" and it was their own "safe" spot they picked for whatever it was.)...but sadly, usually, it was ME...

    *gotta remember this topic to post about*


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