Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Tonight we were driving home from somewhere. I noticed that the road had grooves in it. Being the highly observant person that I am, I had driven on it several times but never noticed it before now.

So I asked my husband, "Why does the road have grooves in it?"

Hubby, who would rather have his teeth pulled out with pliers than talk while driving, replied, "They grind it down, then they repave it."

Now, rest assured that I know as much about cars, trucks, and building roads as I do about building a nuclear reactor.

Again, I stated "So why does it look like that?"

Hubby again patiently repeated "They grind it down, then they repave it." Because after all, if I didn't get it the first time, I will certainly get it if he repeats it again. In exactly the same way. Word for word. What is he, Mr. Instant Replay?

So, I said to him, "Look. Ask me something about my uterus and I will tell you about it. Otherwise, tell me again."

This earned me a smile. Then he explained that they were redoing the roads and were going to repave them.

Since I thought they were already finished with the roads the light finally dawned and I "got" it.

Anytime you want to know about building a road, go talk to my husband. If you want to know about a uterus.....go talk to your doctor. I lied, I can't tell you. And I can't believe I typed the word uterus on my blog. Three times. I may never recover.

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  1. Thanks for starting my day with a laugh! And just to make sure you're completely uncomfortable, I'll use the word uterus in my comments as well!

  2. Yeah, Nan, I was wondering there…She know all about the uterus? Cuz I don’t.

    You are always a delight!


  3. Nan,

    You kill me. But that is about the gist of things around here too. My hubby the engineer will handle the road questions and me the nursing major will handle the uterus ones. Everyone has to have a job, right?


  4. Oh, be glad you didn't ask my husband. He would have told you about the piece of equipment that strips up the pavement -- how it works, and what they do with the pile of rocks. Ha.

  5. This sounds like how my husband always tries to patiently (and somewhat condescendingly) explain to me which direction is north or south when I need to drive somewhere. He thinks that I should simply know this, but I don't. I always say, "Just tell me left or right! LEFT OR RIGHT!"

    Also, I wanted to tell you that I gave up pop in February, and I haven't regressed, because of one thing - seltzer. It's just carbonated water, no sodium or additives or anything, and you can make anything fizzy with it. I like to mix about 1/3 100% fruit juice and the rest seltzer, to make "healthy" pop.

    If your doctor wants you to give up the caffeine, citric acid, aspartame, etc. in pop, but you can still have carbonation (which is harmless), this is a good alternative. You could even make carbonated Kool Aid!

  6. well, please do drop by when you have the chance.. i have an award for you here

  7. This post was so funny!!! You definitely earned more than a smile...I chuckled out loud! LOL!

  8. Too funny. Your car rides must be quiet if he doesn't like to talk while driving. LOL So glad he explained that too you. :)

  9. hahaha you are so funny, how did you even came up with that answer???

  10. my man is the same when it comes to explaining stuff! He has no patience for me.
    Love Collette xxx

  11. Gotta love this post. I often wonder just why do they grind it all down and make grooves in it only to lay more stuff down on top of it. Isn't it just like redoing an essay after you've written it? What is the point in the grinding away?

    Somethings I think I will just never understand the reasoning behind it all.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. LOL! You make me laugh and always brighten my day...even, when it is already sunny, you just make it happier and brighter.

    Where do you come up with this stuff, any way??? LOL


  13. Nan the uterus diva. LOL. Sorry, just had to be tacky for a second. I actually do know a bit about them, but don't usually talk much about them. Too funny!!

  14. In our car, I would be the one explaining the whole grooves/re-paving subject AND my uterus!

  15. Oh my Goodness! You are too extremely funny!

  16. Nan! why oh why can't somebody be around when I am reading your pearls of wisdom...

    ...your ridiculously, hilarious sense of humour...gets me all the time!

    hmmm Proverbs 17:22 says... a cheerful/merry heart is good medicine... so if I just continue to be a loyal followr...I'll be in pretty good shape!

    I really love you point of view....

    Blessings & Aloha!

  17. Mr. Instant Replay.....that's funny!!! When I got to the uterus part, I thought I was going to learn something. Oh well.

  18. LOL, that's my husband. Straight to the point!

  19. Oh you are too funny! Just another example of how different men and women are...and aren't we glad ;)

  20. LOL, I can't WAIT to hear about the google searches that will lead people to this post!

  21. I'm with you on that conversation...I was thinking that the road was finished! I love your answer! I almost wish he would've asked you a question back! LOL!

  22. I can't believe you typed uterus on your blog! ;0)

    Funny post!

    I hope you have been having a good week!

  23. So thankful I am not the only one re-asking my hubby :)

  24. LV: Fortunately, I think he's used to my questions by now, lol!


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