Sunday, July 26, 2009


Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the Making Your Home Sing Monday meme! Every day you are doing something to make your house into a home for yourself and your family (if you have one). My point with each Monday post is, what are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?

It can be an attitude or an action. Motivation, our attitude, baking, encouraging our husband or children (if we have either one), organization, cleaning, saving money....the opportunities are endless.

If I had to use one word to describe my home right now it would be Disorderly. Yup. It just seems like every room has it's own little pattern of chaos happening right now.

The sunroom has one basket of folded laundry in it and one basket of unfolded laundry. Not to mention a book and a couple of magazines lying around. The kitchen has a cooler sitting on the counter, a rice cooker that is clean but not put away, a hand mixer that was used and left out yesterday, the Robo-cut from when we clipped our dog recently, some cans and plastic bottles for recycling, some dvds, and a set of free weights on the kitchen table.

There were a few other items as well but I will spare you. BTW, doesn't everybody have weight lifting equipment on their kitchen table?

The dining room has a rack of laundry that dried outside and I brought it and it's still there where I left it. The crockpot is on the dining room table, right next to the iron. There is also a box with some stuff in it and a few other items out as well. BTW, doesn't everybody have an iron on their dining room table?

In the living room, the slipcovers and the pillows are are messed up. There is a book and a church bulletin on the coffee table. On the floor sits a bag of decorating knicknacks that I bought at Goodwill about three weeks ago that I absolutely had to have. There they sit. Doesn't everybody buy stuff at Goodwill and then leave them in a bag for three weeks?

Are you seeing the pattern here? We really won't talk about my makeup sitting on the bathroom counter. I never leave anything on the bathroom counter. I always put it away.....except that I haven't lately.

We won't mention the master bedroom either......sigh. And we'll just avoid the family room, laundry room, etc. After all, I can only take so much honesty in one day.

Here is the thing. Pretty much everything in each room would only take minutes to pick up and establish order if I was doing it every day. It's just surface cleaning. It wouldn't take long at all. But when you let it pile up it takes longer, alot longer.

When it's just a few items out it's tempting to leave them out because you know it'll only take a few minutes to put them away and you'll get to them "later." But then later doesn't come and the next day you leave a few more things out that you'll get to "later." Pretty soon, you've got a big mess on your hands!

I don't like it when my home gets messy. I can't let it go for long without having to stop and get it straightened up again. When we get busy I am able to let it go for a few days if I have to. I used to not be able to do that. I used to insist that the house was immaculate every night before I went to bed. I would stay up to midnight or 1 a.m. cleaning, and then I was exhausted the next day.

Now, I am able to let it be messy for a bit if we are busy and I can't keep up, or if I am being exceptionally lazy and just don't care (sigh!). But I don't like that I am able to do that.

Not usually the kitchen though, I have got to have my kitchen clean every night if at all possible (last night it wasn't because I didn't feel like being up late).

So now you know what I will be doing this week. I'm pretty sure I was saying this exact same thing a few weeks ago. I am off my routine, and it's time to get back on board....sigh. I am sighing alot today!

But I am thankful to have a home to clean, and a family to clean it for. I need to get my kids back on their routines as well. After all, I am not the only one with cleaning chores around here. Hopefully this week my home will be singing intead of sighing as I go from disorderly to orderly!

Please keep little Stellan and his family in your prayers. His baby heart is failing and the doctors need wisdom to know what the next step is.

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today! Please do not put your own Making Your Home Sing Monday Linky on your blog. As always, please don't forget to link to this post. Also, please don't forgot to leave me a comment!


  1. I think you were watching me again... I really need to pick this place up, so my home can sing, too.

    Mrs. Nurse Boy

  2. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!!! Your blog is just toooo adorable ~

  3. Well, several weeks ago (gasp! I know, time flies!!) I was going to help Kyle clean his room in the Summer Cleaning Frenzy. Then the air conditioner broke and it was too HOT to do it. Michael and Kyle are doing it today while I fold laundry! YAY!!

  4. L-A-Z-Y those are the letters to describe me today! I have not done a whole lot of anything. I did up a cabinet that I have yet to bring into the house, as the stain has not cured enough yet...and that was supposed to be my project for today....but since it wasn't ready, I thought I'd do the prep work for that... I didn't get the carpets cleaned yet as my knees will not hold my 120 pounds today...we must be getting some cooler weather coming our way, as they ache bad when this happens. It has been so hot that we have been trying to stay cool, and that means going away to the lake or pool parties outside, so my house is not as bad as it could be...but it is not as clean as I think it should be!
    have a good week girl, I hope you get thru your list!

  5. Right now I am on vacation, but when I get home I have more clutter to get rid of. Last week, I cleaned out a "large" walk in closet and boy does it look great, now!
    Blessings, andrea

    PS: prayer request on arise 2 write

  6. Tootsie sent me here to do the linky thing to show my new room makeover. I hope I did this linky thing right, never did it before! LOL! Let me know if I need to do anything more! Sue

  7. I need to tackle my home to. I think the master bedroom is the worst it seems to be the catch all room.

  8. My home gets disorderly so easily! I clean it up....and by the end of the day disorder abounds. But, I will keep trying to stay on top of it! I want my home to sing ;)

  9. I finally figured out what you menat by mantle't know what you were talking about! She didn't mention it to me! lol

  10. I loved this post! I am a perfectionist and can't function in chaos, so I am constantly cleaning! But my mom is always reminding me of this:
    Cleaning and scrubbing
    can wait til tomorrow
    for children grow up we've learned to our sorrow
    so quiet down cobwebs
    dust go to sleep
    I'm rocking my baby
    and babies don't keep!

    You DO have the right perspective!! And if your children are like mine, they're a messy blessing ;-)

  11. I did it! Sometimes I shock myself and actually get this blogging stuff right LOL!! Thanks for the help!

  12. It's nice to know that you're normal! I like my home clean to but with four kids and a granddaughter it's pretty hard to keep up. You've inspired me for tomorrow though! Cindy

  13. I am cracking up because at this exact moment, my iron is on my desk and there is a stack of items sitting on the steps - you know - those items that belong upstairs, but you put them on the steps for the next time you go upstairs.
    But everyone walks by them a thousand times before actually carrying them up to their spot!
    Great post! I am a neat freak and sometimes I have to just slow down and stop worrying about a little mess!


    I'm asking for advice on something, if anyone has time.. wisdom?

    Also, the daily clutter around the home (including putting away a ton of garage sale/ goodwill stuff) should be done during a family blitz or just a one hour blitz.

    You would not need to do a full one hour every day probably, just a few minutes! It probably takes longer to type all of that clutter out than to put it away!LOL. Hope it goes well.

  15. I always keep my free weights on the kitchen table. :)

  16. Hi Nan! My house is exactly the same! I don't do housework on a Sunday because it is such a busy day with Church twice during the day. So today will be my big catch up day. We are all in the same boat!

  17. That is what I'll be doing all week! Decluttering!

  18. What, Nan, no pictures of the disorder? LOL... I could go around and take a picture of the little corners of disorder in my house. I am pretty good at hidding them.

    I´m with you though, today I am getting myself and the boys on a summer schedule of some kind. We have been floating. ;) Kind of felt good but now it´s time.

    Praise the Lord for a home to keep clean! That´s a great way to look at it.

    Big hugs from Spain!

  19. Sorry, I do not see a LINKY. I posted a link in my comments. That may be all I can do from this end. Thanks!

  20. This sounds just like my house today - and every other day lately. On our coffee table right now...a comb, 2 library books, baby wipes, a plate, a plastic cup, an A&W root beer mug, a bottle of leave-in conditioner, and one of my giant maternity bras. I was laying on the couch last night and it was bugging me so I took it off and left it there. The cups are so big I could fit my child's head in one. *sigh*

  21. In my house, every room ALWAYS seems to have its own little pattern of chaos!


  22. What is hard on the cleaning and picking up is that one of those jobs that needs to get done everyday :(.... at least ironing doesn´t have to get done everyday or we would be a wrinkle family.... I hate ironing!!

  23. Hi again Nan,

    I just read this post and meant to leave a comment on it, but I think I accidently left on the post below.


  24. Great post, Nan! Yup - I spy a little chaos at my home today too. I'm sorry I've been away from Blogland for a couple of weeks - I've missed it. I hope to be back with you and contributing to MYHSM next week. Have a blessed week ahead!

  25. I can not stand anything out of place. It makes me so stressed. I know this is going to sound weird but I had to train myself to leave things lay and get a little messy in order to keep my home singing. I am so particular that I drove my family and myself nuts trying to keep up with everything...and then no one was singing. Over the years I have had to carefully learn what I can let go a little (my husband's very messy office) and what needs to be tended. Like it is ok for the kids drawers to be messy as long at they put their own laundry away so I don't see it and they keep the parts I do see picked up.

    Just part of the nut that makes me so fun...oh, yeah, I think I am funny!

  26. Yes, H has grown up a lot lately, but still has some little girlness left to her. That will probably change this year.

    JB seems to be all done with acting, singing & dancing. He is more technically creative these days. I'm lost there. It's hard to keep up with him.

    It was nice when they both did the same things. I just went one place for both of them. Now it's getting to be more of a taxi thing going to each kids activities.

    Compared to most families I have it easy so I won't complain. I'm just glad they're involved in things.

  27. I seem to be able to keep the clutter to a minimum, but when I get busy it shows, especially on my desk. I put everything there and leave it for days.

    It's the deep cleaning I need help with. My aching back tells me to stop before I even start.

    My back doesn't always ache, but when I clean house it sure does.

    I'm glad too that I have a house and a family and a back.

  28. I could have written this post dear Nan. I am hoping to get it back in order this week too.

  29. I definitely need to remind myself to put something away, as soon as I am done with it!

    I'm still trying to catch up on a week's worth of wonderful blog reading!

    (But wanted to let you know I figured out putting a scrolling marquee for all the buttons form the wonderful blogs I follow... & I just grabbed yours)

    Blessings & Aloha!


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