Thursday, July 30, 2009


Apparently I can't blog when I'm feeling hot. So don't expect great things this week. In fact, don't expect great things at anytime, but especially this week.

Please forgive me if I don't make it to your blog, I am actually trying to pretty much avoid the computer after 10 a.m as it just starts to get to hot and I am either hanging out in the basement or trying to find a/c somewhere else.

We are having a heat wave with record temperatures. So my husband brought something out that is the strangest thing I ever saw (somebody gave it to him). It's a picture frame on one side, with a digital display that shows the date, day of the week, the time, and also the temperature. On the other side it's a calculator. Seriously.

As much as I don't want to admit it, it's kind of neat. In a freaky kind of way.

By the way, for the record it was over 100 degrees today, and we don't have air conditioning. It's also very humid, ugh. Can I get at least one vote of sympathy? Just one? Thank you.

I asked my hubby to get rid of that thing. I can't seem to take my eyes off of it and I am better off not knowing how hot it is indoors (and believe me, it is hot). I have never in my life stood in my house and had sweat pouring down my face before, not unless I was exercising and believe me, I was not exercising. Well, I was exercising this morning but it was only in the 80s then!

Anyway, I was thinking what if stores tried to do something similar to that clock/picture frame/calculator thing? What if Walmart got on board?

You know how you can go to Walmart and buy groceries, books, clothes, and even fish? You can also get a manicure and pedicure there too, not to mention eat fast food.

Well, what if Walmart expanded and you could sit in the chair and get a manicure, pedicure, get your hair cut, get your teeth cleaned, eat lunch, and maybe have a mammogram thrown in for good measure. Wouldn't that be lovely? (All in privacy of course).

I dunno. It just seems to me that Walmart is seriously missing an excellent market here.


  1. My goodness those temperatures sound horrendous! I just couldn't cope with that. I am terrible in any kind of hot weather, I become red like a lobster and v v grumpy! I feel for you!
    Collette xxx

  2. I share your pain, so I give you as many votes of symphaty as you want :)

    We don´t have a/c either and we are usually about 107 every day, and most of the day. It would be 11pm and it would still be in the high 90s ......

  3. im sorry that its so hot there... it also gets real hot here during summer!

    sometimes, even when its not summer!

  4. Okay! You definitely have my vote! The heat index here yesterday was 112 but we have air conditioning.
    I don't think I could live in Florida without it. Though my MIL does.
    LOL on the Walmart marketing thing. Good idea! One stop shop!

  5. I can sympathize!!! I don't have air conditioning either, except in the bedroom for at night. Now, it doesn't hit 100 here, but the humidity hits over 90% and that's worse then heat, in my opinion. Humidity is terribly uncomfortable and makes everyone crabby! Those days I want to move as little as possible!

  6. That's awful Nan! We have a/c but its still 89 degrees in our house sometimes! When outside its 109, it can't be helped!!

    Sit very still! That helps sometimes!

  7. Oh my gosh, I don't blame you one bit, Nan! I would be seeking A/C anywhere!! LOL, 7 Eleven is always nice and cool!!!

    Ugh..we had 100 degree weather a couple of weeks ago, but we do have A/C in the living room. I couldn't imagine being home w/ all the kids in that weather!!!!!!!

  8. You gave me such a good belly laugh this morning! Stay cool in the heat! I don't think I'll be able to go to Wal-Mart again without thinking of you! Have a wonderfully blessed day! :)

  9. Girl, as a southern girl i understand what you are talking about as far as the heat goes. Lucky for us, in my little corner of the woods it has been raining and cooling things off.

    No air conditioning???!!! I will be praying...

  10. You are too funny. What? No A/C? Seriously? I feel so sorry for you. How do you sleep at night? OUr summer has been so mild it is ridiculous. Just beautiful. Not to rub it in or anything.

  11. You should go to the mall or movies or somewhere cool WITH A/C! At least you dont have humidity to go with it!!

  12. The weather is so strange this summer. We(NY)are having a very cool summer. You are having an extra hot one. We need a little balance, don't ya think? I'll give you some coo, we'll take some warm.;)

  13. Okay, you should be taken outside and whipped for that last paragraph. A pedicure is supposed to be relaxing and if you just "throw in" a mammogram, that's.... uh.... sacreligious!!! It's just WRONG! {{shakes head in dismay}}


  14. LOL!! Full service Walmart! What a great idea. And BTW-how do you NOT have A/C?? Poor thing. You have my sympathy vote!!

  15. Wal-Mart mammograms.

    I sympathize about the heat, because I simply cannot cope with it. It makes me miserable. It seems that the blistering heat we usually have here in July has moved to your area, because they were saying on the news last night that we're having a record cold month. Sorry to rub it in....but I'm very grateful because I don't want to be pregnant in 100-degree heat!

  16. I can definitely relate! In the south, it's hot all the time, but our air conditioner in our house went out last month and it was 96 degrees in here. Sitting on my couch with four fans blowing on me did nothing. There was definitely no cooking going on and I often went to Wal-Mart just to get in some air...
    Hope you all catch a break soon!! I would LOVE to send you the downpour we were having here this morning!

  17. You are so funny! I think that you should contact Walmart and tell them your idea!

  18. We have been unusually cool here and could use some more heat. How about a swap? I know when it's that hot, there's really no relief except in air conditioning. I hope your weather breaks soon.

  19. I have heard all about it! Crazy. I have never heard of it being so hot there. I might be coming there this weekend so I hope it cools down. I am looking forward to high 70s low 80s since it is high 90s here. :) So yes, you do have my vote of sympathy.

  20. Yes, I'm soooo hot as well. I don't really like to go upstairs right now either. Yuck!

  21. it has been hot here too....just grin and think cool thoughts!!! lol

  22. Oh honey, and you still have a sense of humor and can actually parent children in the heat??? YES, my deepest sympathies! I would personally buy you air conditioning if I could. My power went out the other day for an hour and a half and I went into panic mode because what if I had to sleep in the heat and what if I couldn't curl my hair in the morning - God gave me good teeth, but stick straight hair??? My mom used to put a baby pool in the basement for us kids when it got too hot. You take care, girl, and thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the giveaway!!

  23. sorry it is so hot in your neck of the woods, it is here to, but we have air conditioning, along with that though is a hefty bill, at least you won't have that!

  24. Okay, Nan, you have my vote of sympathy! I dislike hot weather with a passion! We actually have had a wonderful summer here in northern California this year…at least in Sacramento.

    Don’t melt!

  25. Oh, by the way, Nan, Google must have fixed its problems because I can not view your blog and all the others that I was having problems viewing! I am happy, because I prefer this to Firefox.


  26. This made me laugh. A mammogram at Walmart. Ha!

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  28. UGH! Hate when it's hot like that. Our temps haven't gotten up that high, but wwith the humidity, it certainly feels like it. UGH!

  29. The heat has been bad, hasn't it?

    We just keep finding places to go to keep cool and of course we stay in the computer room or our bedroom and get some good relief.

    I see on FB that your oldest got in a car accident. I bet he was surprised at how stupid people can be when they get in a hurry.

    Little miss Hart had her first driving lesson today. She'll turn 16 at camp this week. I can't believe our little Sparky has grown up.

    Take care

  30. Well that's why your clothes in the washer are stinky!!! In those temps you can't leave them in there for more than 30 seconds after it finishes without them growing something and stinkin the place out! Not that I practice what I preach but I SHOULD since I live in the tropics but it's all too hard because when it's that hot your brain shuts down and you can't remember that you put clothes on to wash!

    I hope it cools off soon! Those temps are just nasty.

  31. OH MY!!! I hope it has gotten better in the past couple of days. You got my sympathy vote too. Maybe you should go hangout at Walmart in there freezer section. They keep them so cold, it's like going to the North Pole.

  32. Hope you found the a/c...and are staying cooler! Can you imagine living back in the 1800 in the south, like Coastal Georgia? (I picked this spot, cuz that's where I'm at :o) a/c any.where. sticky, humid, the long, layered clothing, and the viscious man-eating sand gnats?( I had to add in those horrible little vermin...when it's comfy for humans, they love to be out too!)

    I bask in the heat (of course, there is a limit), but usually around here, if I am comfy...everyone else is sweating bullets! or if everyone (aka mi familia) is comfy...I am literally wearing sweatpants, long sleeve tshirt, and a blanket (let me clarify-I'm talking about in our home, although you can see me sporting a light cardigan outside when all others are in shorts and a tank!

    My Dad (in the great northern woods of Wisconsin) happily reports to my hubby that it has been in the high 60's or low 70's, with a cool breeze wafting across the lake... I can see the dreamy look on my hubby's face as he imagines being there.

    oh and I love the clock/picture frame/calculator/thermometer thingy! A one-stop shop... and love your idea of the do-it all Walmart! haha


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