Saturday, June 6, 2009


Welcome to the Summer Cleaning Frenzy Challenge!!!! Woohooo! This is for the week of 6/6-6/13. I'm excited! Are you excited????

We have chosen our rooms and will be working hard this week at working through our lists and seeing how much we can get done. Please go here to see a list of all the Friends who are joining with me in the Cleaning Challenge (or scroll down)!

You will find a list of their names, the room they will be cleaning for the challenge, and a link to their cleaning list! I put them on a separate post, so as to make it easier for you to view.
Our goal is to work through our homes, one room at a time, one week at a time. But of course, since this is up to each individual, you can really spend as much time per room as you want or need.

At the end of the summer, if not before, we should have thoroughly spring/summer cleaned our homes from top to bottom! How cool is that!

Imagine going into Fall with your home in tiptop shape! Cleaned, organized, repaired, remodeled, or whatever is on your list. Because, it's your list, folks. You can do it however you want!

Imagine going into Fall, (with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner), and your home is spit-shined and all ready for company! Oh yeah, baby!

You may join this challenge at any time, if you haven't already joined. Go here for instructions!

Every Saturday I will be printing an update with the new rooms that each Cleaning Frenzied Friend is currently working on.

Frenzied Friends, when you're finished with your old room, print your post with the cleaning list for your new room, and email me or leave me a comment. I will add the new link next Saturday. Don't forgot to continue to maintain your finished room, so that it stays neat! After all, you worked so hard to clean it, I know you want to keep it that way. I know I do!

Let's go and let's get cleaning.......hoo to the wooooo!!!! Oh and don't forget..... pay us a visit over here today. I'm blogging with the other moms at Five Moms And A Blog! Come read about all our strange quirks, lol. You may even want to mention a few of your own. Come know you want to!


  1. Nan,

    I wanted to let you know I have the Barbie shoes up for you today.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. Good for all of you! I can't wait to see everyone's finished projects! And maybe I can join in next week!

  3. Man oh Man are you a motivator!!!!
    I could use you around alot!!!

  4. I'm sorry I didn't link up for this one...I have just been shooting from the hip, allowing my hormones to guide me. I DO plan to go in to detail on that for Make Your Home Sing Monday! :) :)

  5. I want to get in on that I just have to make the time which right now is not there. How about cleaning off a counter top. That would mean throwing out the stuff or putting it away not moving it to another

  6. No cleaning here, there or anywhere. :P Nope, not this week.


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