Sunday, May 24, 2009


Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" meme! Glad you're here!

I have to admit that I have not been concerned about making my home sing, lately. Somehow when you're sick and not feeling well, your priorities change. Some colds affect my asthma more than others, and I find myself needing to take it easy.

In the past I would drive myself to do the things that needed doing, meals, dishes, laundry, picking up.....but I think that sometimes that only succeeded in making my recovery take longer. Sometimes, making the home sing when you're sick means taking care of momma, and letting the home slide as much as possible. Sometimes it means lowering your expectations for awhile.

Usually when the kids are young and mom is sick, she still needs to keep up with the kitchen and meals and caring for the kids. Not an easy thing when she's sick. Who cares for mom and the kids when mom is sick and dad is at work all day? The answer: mom....or grandma if she's available.

Mom will often ignore her own needs and wear herself out meeting the needs of her kids and her family. She will force herself to try and stick to her regular routine, even at the risk to her health. But Mom needs to realize that sometimes she just has to cut herself some slack, and let go what she can, rest when she can, and take care of herself. Because she matters too.

My kids are older now and so they are able to fend for themselves. My hubby will usually take over the meals when I'm sick but for some reason, I feel the need to be out there making sure the kitchen is clean. Old "mom" habits die hard and it's hard to let go of the reigns and the control. It's hard to let someone else take care of you. This week I haven't needed to do as much as hubby took over the kitchen cleaning and the meals.

However, I have a fairly messy home right now. I have not been doing my usual picking up. The pick up isn't even other people's stuff, for the most part. It's MY stuff that I left out.

Usually I will do a quick pickup, even when I'm sick. I will force myself to get up and do something for five minutes. Even five minutes is an improvement.

But I just haven't been doing that much these last couple of days. So for me, I will make my home sing by just trying to put everything back in order. I will let my asthma and energy guide me, and rest if and when I need to, and not push to hard. I will do a little at a time and get everything back in order as soon as I can.

Sometimes, for me, making my home sing is just about having a comfortable, clean, singing, smiling home. It makes things less stressful and chaotic and more restful to have things all neat and orderly. It's no fun to look at a mess all day, a least in my opinion. So this week, as I feel better, I am all about restoring some order around here and banishing the sickies.

I want my home to be warm and welcoming, clean and inviting. I don't want it to look like nobody cares about it. So this week it's time to banish the "sick room" look and put everything back in it's proper place. It may not seem exciting or much, but it will make me happy to do this!

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing?
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  1. We missed you, today I'm sorry UR sick. I'll come & help you if you need some help. Give me a hollar. Hope UR resting & that your momma is okay. Take care.

  2. I go through a very messy phase (in terms of my home) early in each of my pregnancies, due to severe're right, it is SO HARD to just let things go!

  3. That's so true, Nan!

    When I'm sick, I sometimes feel guilty because things are running as smooth. My husband is good about taking care of meals too, but they can't clean up like I do!

    It's hard as mom's to "rest" but there are times we really do need to do it!!

  4. Well, I just hope you get to feeling SO GOOD that your house is back in top notch shape by tomorrow! And since you'll be feeling so good, pop on down to Texas and help me get mine in top notch shape, too! Pretty please? I said the magic word!

  5. I'm sorry you haven't felt well Nan. :o( I pray you'll feel better soon.

    You're right, there usually isn't anyone to care for the Mom's. We don't have time to feel bad.

  6. I'm sorry you've been feeling crummy...sadly, I have no excuse for my home being a mess...oh wait, two tornadoes named Alex & Emily!

    It is definitely hard to put yourself first...and I'm not good at accepting help,'s hard to have others do things for you when it's not the way you'd do them.

    Rest easy...and then come help me pick up Polly Pockets and water balloons...{sigh!}

  7. sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. when my allergies flare up or when I get a cold my asthma gets really bad too. hope you are feeling very much better very soon!

  8. WOW ~ I do hope you get to feeling better. Please know that I have you in my prayers. Mondays are such a blessing for me ~ thanks for hosting this.

  9. hope you get to feeling better soon i hate being sick..

  10. Yes, I've been checking out blogs all weekend & visiting & leaving comments. Gary helped me to get your blog & another one on my sidebar. I need to do some more & get my widget. I actually do not have mine up yet. There's a lot to learn here. Sorry you have larangitis. Vivian came to church today. Sorry you missed her too. More later.

  11. I thought the widget was the little box under your "Grab my Button" & the logo box that has the http stuff written in it

  12. I hope that you are feeling better. It is no fun being sick as the mom...I do tend to still stretch myself even when sick. 3 days after my Thyroid cancer surgery I was on my hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor because I coulnd't look at it anymore. I know...I need to slow down. Help me.

  13. I remember when my back went out when my 2 oldest were little and I couldn't do much. I had the oldest, who was 3 1/2 at the time, go get the saltines and peanut butter and a butter knife. We all sat on the couch and ate our lunch. We were pretty much anchored to the couch that afternoon until my husband got home from work, playing with toys, reading books, and watching videos. Sometimes we moms just have to let things go until we are up to getting it cleaned up. My husband is always good about helping and so are the kids but it's just not the same as being able to do it yourself. I hope you feel better very soon!

  14. I already KNEW you had C.C.D.! Afterall, how do you think we met? ha ha ha

    I'm so sorry you're still not feeling any better. =0(

  15. oh I tried to link up and everything. I guess Mr. Linky just didn´t like me.
    I am sort of out of sorts and I am not even sick. Our home feels a little upside down still and I am trying to just let somethings slide.

    Hope you get feeling better soon and that it doesn´t linger long. Every Mom deserves a day in bed though.

  16. Dani Joy: I had the same problem too. I tried a couple of times and it failed. I finally linked up and left the window open for a bit and then when I went back and checked, it had linked up.

  17. i pray you get to feel all better soon.

    You go girl, but take it easy and don´t do too much all at once..

  18. I've been thinking about that a lot lately also. I wasn't sick, but I was totally worn out last week. I was just exhausted from all of the end of the year running! Ugh. We are resting now. Hope you are better soon.

  19. First, hope you are feeling better. I can't agree with you more about moms needing to stop sometimes, but it does not seem that we are built with a "stop" button, just a "pause" button. Take the time you need for your body, your mind will be working overtime. I need to get back to tidy this week as well. Good luck.

  20. I totally agree with you, sometimes you just have to take care of you!

  21. I hope you're feeling better now. It's so true though. Life doesn't stop because we moms feel sick. But there are times when that other stuff can just wait. It's too bad that sometimes it takes us moms to get sick for someone to take care of us. I know it can be hard to ignore our mommy duties but please try to take it easy. Every mom deserves a little down time every now and then, especially when we're feeling icky.

  22. Wouldn't that be nice if the world stopped when we did not feel well so that we could just get back to 100% ? I am making my home sing by doing ALL the laundry on one day per has been Sundays for 2 weeks now...the new system is working well for our family so far!!!

    Hope you are feeling better soon....((((HUGS))))


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