Friday, April 3, 2009


First I apologize for this post. I woke up tired, and I didn't have a post for you for today. But I kind of hated to just leave you with yesterday's post. When I'm tired I think wierd things. Well, I think wierd things when I'm not tired. But especially when I'm tired. So this is what you get. So sorry. My humble apologies and deep embarassment. I'm still posting it anyway, because apparently my judgement is impaired too....

Awhile ago I did a post here wondering about whose idea it was for us women to take a sharp, dangerous instrument and run it up and down our legs, as hard as we can, as many times as we can. Suffering for beauty, yeah, whatever.

Now I'm wondering about waxing. How did that all begin? Was someone leaning over and smelling a lit candle one day (who smells lit candles?) and got wax all over their upper lip? Did they stand up, peel off the wax and go "Well, would you look at that? I no longer have a mustache!" Is that how it happened?

Was someone wearing shorts and warming their bare legs over the roaring fire (?) of a candle and somehow managed to get wax all over their legs? Did they rip it off, ignoring the pain, and basking in the warm glow of smooth, silky soft legs?

I just want to know who made this decision. How did it happen? Who thought it up? Who decided that they'd rather have hair ripped off their legs....their legs for goodness sake! Do you know how long legs are? How much hair ripping that is? I shudder to think.

You can also buy something that will pretty much dissolve the hair off your legs. Much less painful than ripping it out. However, think about it. If something can actually dissolve the hair off your legs, do you really want it on your skin? Is it really all that healthy?

So, how on earth, did somebody decide that yanking the hair out by the roots was a good idea. And how on earth did they sell the idea to the public?

Can you imagine someone walking up to their boss and saying, "Hey boss. I got an idea. Let's just tell people that instead of shaving their underarms or legs, they should just pay us to rip their hair out."

What do you suppose the boss thought? Hmmm? I know what I'd think. But somehow, they managed to do it. How come they can't sell men on the idea? How come men still shave their faces instead of waxing them?

Is it because women will suffer for beauty but men won't? And how did they sell us on that idea?
Lest you wonder, I braved the waxing and had my upper lip done. I was wandering aimlessly around the mall at the time and it just seemed like a good idea.

Yes, they really do rip the hair right off your lip. Yes, it feels like it too. But the sting only lasts for about fifteen to twenty-five hours (o.k., not really, maybe ten hours....hehehe! Just kidding. It's really only five....). Seriously, I used to wonder about people who did I am one. How did that happen?


  1. wow. you think a lot in the morning. lol. men get their backs and chests waxed some times but not as much as girls do. I don't think i'd ever get my legs done but eyebrows and lip aren't so bad :-)

  2. I do the eyebrows, but havent gotten the guts to do the lip or legs yet. yikes. I will stick to shaving and bleaching for now. ugh.
    You are funny!

  3. This was great, made me laugh out loud. Thanks for stopping by my blog. You from Marion? I actually live in Anamosa - Howdy neighbor! Hope you have a wonderful day ad thanks again for stopping by.

  4. you are making all my body parts hurt! I have tried waxing a few times and hurts my poor upper lip. I haven't ever tried the waxing of the ole legs yet or any other area for that matter. I am still addicted to the razor, NOT, but considering the seems to be the lessor of all the other evils.

    You are so funny! I love visiting you, my always make me smile!

    Have a great weekend and get some rest :~)

  5. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I was going to start shaving instead of plucking! It's not supposed to actually make hair thicker like we've always heard, so why not? It's a lot less painful!

  6. So.. like.. maybe we could just let the hair grow and see what happens? LOL. My SIL does that you know. They are hippies sort of. Seem happy though.

  7. I actually did my own waxing a few times. It is too messy! I went back to shaving. It's all just a pain isn't it?!

  8. LOL! I've never done waxing before! {not that I don't need it!} So funny! why do we go through such measures to be smooth! It kind of reminds me when Emily takes her ice-skating lessons and my friend said to me "I wonder who thought of putting sharp blades on thier feet and skating around on them!" :)

  9. I thought I was the only one with craziness springing around in my head..LOL.

  10. Well, welcome to the club of pain for beauty! When I don't feel like doing it myself, I go get my face, eyebrows, and lip waxed. OUCH is right. The things we do for love. Sigh.

    As far as my long long legs are concerned, the razor will just have to do. :o)


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