Sunday, March 8, 2009


Making your home sing Mondays

Welcome to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" meme!

As I write this, I am looking out my window and it's snowing. However, I am not worried because inside my home it is warm and cozy and peaceful.

That is what it is like to make our homes "sing." As homemakers, we have the ability to make our home a place of rest and beauty and welcome, or we can make it a place that people can't wait to get out of...including our own family.

I don't think you have to be home full-time to be a homemaker. If you are a woman living in your home, you are a homemaker. A man can be a homemaker too if he's in charge of the making of his home. Even if you're the only person living in that home you're a homemaker, because you are making a home for yourself too.

Do you hesitate to invite people over? Do you hesitate to invite your children's friends over (if you have children)? Do you hesitate because you are afraid that they will mess up your nice clean home, and that things will get to noisy and chaotic to your liking? We want to remember that we are not just making a home for ourselves, we are making a home for our precious family too.

Can you relax in your own home? Do you follow everyone around when they come over to visit, or follow your own family around during the day, and try to make sure they don't mess anything up ever, or can you relax a bit and enjoy the company of your friends and family?

Do you hesitate to have people over because your home is messy and you don't want anyone to see it? In my messy days I lived in fear of people coming over. After I got my home in order I lived in fear of anyone messing it up.

Do you feel self conscious about your furniture or your cooking skills and are nervous about having someone over, fearing they may "judge" you? Do you tell yourself they are coming to see you not your home but have trouble believing it?

Part of making our homes "sing" could be practicing the gift of hospitality. Sometimes we think that we have to have an immaculate home in order to do it, or lots of money, or expensive furniture or great taste in decorating or be a gourmet cook. So we hesitate to have people over.

We've had people over for spaghetti, hamburgers, waffles, homemade frappuccinos, or even just popcorn and nothing else (well, except for pop or water). We've had game nights, we've sat around the piano and sung worship songs, we've prayed together, we've laughed and talked and fellowshipped, we even had a "Flowbee" night where we cut hair, our record was seven haircuts in one night. (Yeah, we really know how to live at our house....don't you just want to come over now?).

I Peter 4:9 talks about offering hospitality to one another. I must admit that we aren't practicing hospitality as often as we used to. This week, I hope to make my home sing by having some friends over and just enoying their company. Giving the gift of hospitality as a family is a great way to spend time together. You get to enjoy your family and also your friends and their children as well!

What are you doing or going to do today to make your home sing? Please go here for instructions and/or ideas and come back here to link up to join us today! As always, please don't forget to leave me a comment!


  1. We love having people over! Never thought of it as "Making our home sing" Wonderful thought!

  2. Thank you for such an insightful post. It really reminded me that I do need to show more hospitality. I get so busy and caught up in "to do" lists that it always gets pushed to tomorrow. But your post reminded me that everything does not have to be perfectly in place!

  3. I love to have people in my home...I love the sound of laughter and children playing and now in my home I have stairs and for some reason the children love to play on the stairs and as much as it can be a little frightful...I love the sound!

    Great post, my friend!

  4. I've always wanted to try that flowbee! lol

    Love the post this week.

  5. Game Night has served to remind us of how much we like to have friends over. Awesome post...hospitality should not be a forgotten skill.

  6. Wonderfully brillant post!
    We are having people over on Friday for Glenn Beck's special (LOL How's that for a "party"? haha)
    I just love taking a day each week to think of all of the ways to make our homes sing. Thank you!

  7. This is a great post on the benefits of hospitality! I probably fall some where in between not wanting people to come by if my house is messy to not wanting them to mess it up if its clean! LOL! I long to be more hospitable and you've eloquently pointed out that its a heart issue.

    Thanks for the loving reminder.

  8. Great post my friend! Hospitality is something I don't practice often enough. Thanks for the nudge!

  9. I wanna try! I definately need more sing and less sang in my home! I will be Lord willing posting and praying about making my home sing.

    I came over today from Melissa´s Health and fitness blog! With God´s strength we can reach our goals. Just think of that healthier, skinnier you and keep on keeping on!

    I am also a homeschooling SAHM!

  10. Hi again! It was so cool to have you stop by. Imagine that, You came all the way to Spain!

    I so look forward to keeping in touch! Your comments made me smile and laugh.

    You really encouraged me with this post about feeling good about our home and sharing it. I went out and got a few candles, (I love candles)and I am gonna spruce it up a bit before my hubby gets home!!

    try some sugar free chocolate! LOL It helps me get by. (just a little though cause I have noticed it has a lot of calories)

  11. This is definately a different way of communicating. ;)
    What a blessing your son must be! We are praying for our little guys to one day be great men of God, too!
    I took a picture of my roses and candle in thought for a future blog post. :)
    Hope you have a great evening!

  12. We have home fellowship here twice a month, so I have no choice but to keep up..LOL. But, I've been told that when people come here they feel totally comfortable. I realized too that people are coming here to visit us, and not check out how much of a good house cleaner I am!!

  13. Hi there! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog and for your encouraging words. It is definitely a difficult time for us right now, but we are determined to turn it into a positive. I think that ultimately it will be good in the end. It has already been an eye-opener to us as far as our finances go!
    All of the prayers and kind words from other bloggers have truly been a blessing to me.
    I've really enjoyed surfing around on your blog and am looking forward to reading more!

    -Klutzy Mama

  14. I like entertaining but not too much though...It's a lot of work!


  15. It's snowing here too! I love to have friends over and to go visit other people! It's what keeps us sane during the winter!

  16. I am guilty of not having people over for dinner. Conviction ...

    And yes, I feel like the house has to be near perfect before I invite people. Sigh.

  17. Great post! I'm doing a series on hospitality. May I link to your post here?

  18. We try to be hospitable, but have slacked lately! Thank you for the reminder! Mr. Linky is gone, so I will put my post here if that is ok:


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