Sunday, February 15, 2009


O.k., so I have a question. And yes, I know that I started it with an o.k. as if we were already having a conversation. I also know that I don't get many visits on Sunday. I don't know if that's because I don't post very often on Sunday anymore or if that's because none of you go on the computer on Sunday.

So, if there is anybody alive out there in the blogging world please tell me about displaying links to my post. By that I mean allowing someone to link to your post (at the bottom of your post). I don't understand that.

I know how to do it, you just turn the function on. But why would you do it?

Once, I read a post that I liked and so I followed a couple of links that were attached to the post. The links I followed had absolutely nothing to do with the subject to the post. They weren't talking about it at all. So what was the point of linking?

So, what is the point of having backlinks or links to your post or whatever they're called.

Also, do you allow your posts to be emailed? I just assumed if someone wanted to email one of my posts to a friend (which I doubt very much) that they could just make a screen copy or something and do it or send a link and have the person just read it themselves.

Do any of you allow your posts to be emailed? Do any of you email other people's posts to your friends?

I'm just wondering what everybody else is doing out there and if I'm "missing out...." hehehe!

My mom is still in the hospital, for those of you that don't know which is probably most of you, or all one of you if nobody is blogging today. So I am going to go visit here and I will post your comments when I get back (if there are any). Is anybody is alive out there. Heeeellllooooo! Anybody home?


  1. I am not home, but I am checking blogs. LOL
    I don't have any info on what you are asking, so my comment is pretty much void. Sorry.
    Still praying for you mom.

  2. I'm here!

    I don't have mine set up for people to link or share. At least I don't think I do. I figured someone could copy and paste if they were interested in sharing. I don't know what the purpose of the link feature is really ... sorry.

    I'm pray your Mom is having a good Sunday.

  3. Hey there! I have no idea about the back links at all. I didn't even know they existed. But, I do understand your point!

    Anywho..I'm here today..LOL. I didn't go to church this morning due to two of my kids being sick. I was able to catch up on blogs!

    Have a great visit w/ your mom. I recv'd your email the other day and I will keep praying for her!!!! Thank you for letting me know!!


  4. I don't know the answer and I have found the same thing...I don't like linkbacks...I think they are generated by the categories you identify the post as falling into, like "recipes" or "cats". As for allowing my post to be emailed, anyone who receives your post as an email can forward your post to someone else as an email. Other than that, I think we're at about the same speed here. Oh, and I do check on Sundays, but the blogosphere is particularly dead on Sundays.

  5. I have no idea either so I'm awaiting your responses :)

  6. Here is what I think is happening. You know how some people have their blog roll where it shows the last post that people posted? I think THAT is what is causing the links to appear. They aren't real links.

  7. I'm here :o) But I don't know the answer to your question. I would be interestd, though, if someone comes up with a good one. You'll have to let us know.

    Take care my friend! I'm praying for your mom!

  8. Erm... what do you mean by "emailing" a post? Also, sending screencaps is horrible- images are so much bigger than simply sending a text document or a link.

    Backlinks are helpful because if you reference a previous post, you can link to it so people can check what you're talking about. Also, linking other blogs which have referenced you can be interesting, so if one of your readers is interested in your topic, they can go and see what those other blogs have to say. If somebody else has linked to a post irrelevant to their own, then that's their problem with how they've used the function. That doesn't mean it can't be used well.

  9. I'm a bit uneducated myself, actually a lot really. Especially about blogging, but I thought the idea of the links was so that you could backtrack over the path your viewers took to get to you and use the info to increase traffic to your blog. I could be wwrong because I was working on assumption not knowledge.

  10. Leah: Oh, so that is the way it's intended! That's good to know. I guess I just got a couple of people who linked to it even though they weren't doing it properly.

  11. Thanks for all your response, everybody! I appreciate it. I just don't really know all the ins and outs of the blogging world.

    Thanks for keeping my mom in your prayers!

  12. I see you are a follower of Angie’s blog, Keep Believing. We have set up a way for friends and family to help from a distance. Please check out if you’d like.

  13. Heather, thank you for telling me. I was just thinking, yesterday, when I was praying for them that I wondered if there was anything set up like that.

  14. Interesting questions. I know I have the email button on the bottom of my posts to make it easier on my readers if they wanted to email the post to someone else. It is really a time save that's all. Plus, if you were to cut and paste a post you might lose formatting and pictures.

  15. Eh?

    If they want to email it they can copy and paste or put in the link I figure. I'm pretty sure if they are reading blogs then that is within their capabilitites... maybe, my mum *cough*grannysaurus*cough* had a few troubles at the start with just leaving her name in a comment:)

    As for the links that show up down with the comments I read up on them once when someone said leave a link but had no mr linky thingy and was lead to believe that it was if someone linked to your post on one of their posts it would show up there. Now I did some checks where I knew people had backlinks turned on and I had legit linked to that particular post and I had backlinks turned on to be sure and no link turned up on their post or mine.

    Blogger drives me nuts. I have found that the best help desk stuff is not the blogger help desk but the unassociated forum sites... it's still written by nerds who use computer talk so I have to get my resident nerd to translate but I'm getting there.

    Sorry long comment. I have left very few comments around for a few days so I am obviously feeling I need to fill the void in one big comment:) Have a great day!


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