Monday, February 23, 2009


Apparently blogger is having some problems today. That may be why I have lost some followers, or perhaps they just chose to stop following me, as is their choice. I would like to think it's Blogger fault and not mine! I have not stopped following anybody either.

You may want to check the sites on your dashboard since you may be following people anonymously instead of publically, and that is why people are losing followers right and left. Go here to A Nut in a Nutshell for instructions on what to do (thanks Beth!).

Also, there seems to be a problem posting comments on sites that have comment moderation, like mine. At first, I thought everybody hated me and was leaving me all at once. But after I got over my little pity party, I noticed that I couldn't comment at other sites so I went on Blogger Helps and sure enough, people are having trouble.

Well, you may still hate me and are leaving me, but up until we can post again you can reach me at


  1. Just checked your followers and I'm still there:)

    I have lost one follower but I didn't have all that many to start with.

  2. Hey, the comment thing is working! Woohooo! I checked my settings and they are all public!

  3. My followers are the problem must be fixed! Yea! Yours should be back too.

  4. I wondered the same thing about the followers. I am not sure about the comments. I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing my friend! You are always full of great info :o)

  5. I am totally here!!!! I have lost a few today too! I was freaking out too!!!! thanks for filling this in for me!!! whew! I thought the same as you...and if they hate me...oh well...that is their loss!!! same for you!
    I will make sure I am still here..but says I am following!

  6. So happy to see that we all have the same blog-flu!

    I lost a couple, but really don't know exactly who. I will see if I can one is able to comment at this time though...did you do something to make commenting possible again?

    Email me!


  7. No, no, no! Not only could I not post yesterday, but something happened with my outlook and I wasn't receiving feeds from anyone! I haven't foresaken are one of my favorites...besides, for whatever reason, I have no followers (see, that could be a real pity party!)


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