Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have told you before that I am nosey, well.....I'm not a nosey person in "real" life (am I?) but apparently I am in "blog" life.....because it never seems to bother me to ask you a question. Of course, I don't mind if you ask me either.

So, let's talk about hot spots today. That's what flylady calls them. You know, the messy zone (a.k.a the Bermuda Triangle of your home where things just seem to disappear). What are those one or two (or three or four or fifteen) spots in your home where clutter seems to multiply? You set one thing down there, and after that, it gives birth to a whole multitude of items.

You may wonder why I said the spot where things just seem to disappear and the spot where things seem to multiply all in one paragraph. That's because both are true. Clutter does multiply. But I also find that it disappears. Because after awhile, I just don't notice it anymore. It becomes a part of the background "decoration" or something. I walk by it one to many times and then I ignore it.

That's why I have "check hotspots" on my daily list on my sidebar. So that I will remember to check them so that things don't pile to high and get out of control. Checking it keeps it under control. Sort of.....if you check it....which I haven't despite what my sidebar says. Hey, I'm a grown woman and I don't have to do everything my sidebar tells me to do....sorry! please forgive the attitude here.....little defensive I guess....hehehe!

Where are your hot spots? I have a place on my counter top that people like to pile things. Also on top of the microwave of all places. Seriously, the microwave???? Also, on the floor next to my side of the bed. Ooooohhh, hot zone. Nobody sees it (well, except for me) and it can be the perfect stash and dash place. But shhhhh!...don't tell anybody.

I think one smart thing would be to examine why these places are a hot zone. Why do you pile things there, of all places? Is it because you need to see them to remember them (are you a visual person?), or do you not have a filing system? Perhaps you just don't have a place for them yet. Or maybe you just don't feel like putting them away.

Look at your hot zones and ask yourself why they're there. What isn't working out? Ask yourself if they have anything in common (are they all papers, clothes, books?). Ask yourself what you could do to get rid of this hot zone once and for all.

Maybe you need a special place for library books, or a catch-all for papers to be filed. Perhaps you need an errand basket for the things you need to take with you on errands, or a spot for your husband's keys, wallet, cell phone. Maybe the newspapers need their own "home."

Whatever the spot, see if you can figure out how to fix it. Then, you'll be spot-less! (Sorry, couldn't resist).


  1. My dining room catches everything from when we walk in the door. I told hubby I want a mud room when we move. i can't take it anymore. I start to get clastrophobic with all that stuff just thrown across the table and all clutter like. *sigh* I am ready to change it out for a coat rack.

  2. Yes!!! The COUNTERS can be a catch all of every piece of mail that comes through the door! However, I have been moving them to the office -- which in itself has become a HOT SPOT! I have several bags of clothes in there that need to find a new home. I can close off that room, so out of sight, out of mind. Yikes!

    My utility room has been a gathering place for clutter, but since it has been getting so much attention lately, I've tried to do a better job there.

    This fly lady is messing up my routine. lol :o)

    I can't wait to see your new layout!

  3. My hotspot is the same as my "room of doom"--you laundry room. Like I shared with you before, it's just off my carport and so it's easy to just stick things out there so no one can see them (including me!). Next thing I know, so much stuff has gotten stuck out there that I can't hardly find my washer and dryer!!
    My other hotspot would have to be the island in our kitchen. It's the first thing you come across when you come inside and EVERYBODY seems to drop whatever they're carrying right there. Keeping that cleaned off is like trying to fight a forest fire with a water pistol!!
    Have a blessed day!!!

  4. Oooh, you so did not go there! LOL! Ouch, my toes!

    My hot spots definitely is my desk which is my homeschool/coupon/recipe/bill catchall and then my end kitchen counter by the garage door which ends up where people put things when they come in the door. Ugh!

  5. Moms,

    We had one area that was just awful...then I put a basket there. That is where all the keys accumulate, etc. Now at least that area is a nice beautiful basket! lol

    Otherwise, I try to keep things hot spot free!

    Great post..can't wait to see your new blog makeover!

    Blessings to you today!

  6. howdy!umm I'm gonna say a book shelf right as you enter and a rocking chair, my husband thinks this is his rocking chair for some odd reason(mine all mine!!!) and he hangs his jackets and work shirts and his lunch bag!!???

  7. Girl...I know what you mean! My hot spots are the kitchen counter and the kitchen table. To eat a meal at the have to clean it. Sometimes, it is easier to eat in the living room, in front of the TV. I really don't like doing this but no one likes to clean the table off either.

    It is a wide assortment of "junk" that just needs to be put in it's proper place (or trash) when it is brought in the house, but always seems to find itself piled on the counter and/or the table. Grrrrrrr!

    I try but I get lazy at times and just don't want to do it!

  8. Oh, I would love to be spotless :o)

    I do have a few hot spots....well more like many hotspots. It seems like as soon as I clean them off, they pile up again. Thanks for the push to clean them up & try to figure out what to do to make them spotless!

  9. My hot spot is my kitchen counter. I am blessed with a lot of counter space and it collects piles of stuff. My energy is consumed working on it off and on throughout the day and it never fails to be a problem. The worst is when I get so tired of it that I pick up the pile and carry it to my bedroom. I am working really hard not to do that any more!

    My latest post: Wordless Wednesday

  10. My two hotspots are the bench in the mudroom section of the laundry room and my desk. My desk is simply because that is the place I've told everyone to dump stuff they don't know what to do with, so I'm always trying to play catch up with it all. The mudroom area? Because it is a flat surface that is new to the family and they don't like empty flat surfaces!

  11. I can have my home hot spots allowed and the rest of my family returns....whew. It can become so deep on the kitchen counter I want to scream!! Purge, purge and purge some my motto!


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