Monday, February 23, 2009


Welcome to another Making Your Home Sing! Monday post. Please go "here" to view the other posts in the series. One of these days I gotta figure out how to make me a button. But don't hold your breath, lol!

When I did my Conquering the Messies series, I talked about having a daily and a weekly cleaning schedule, and I also talked about several ways of taking your home from clutter to clean.

This is all great and wonderful, but it's nothing without discipline or motivation. If you can't start, then how are you going to finish? If you cannot even get yourself to take one simple step, how are you going to take two?

What are you going to do when your house is a mess but the computer is calling your name? How do you make yourself stop doing what you want to do and do the things that need doing?

The world will not come to an end if you don't mop the floor today. No, it won't, Mimi....I promise (love ya, gal!!!!) So how do you keep yourself doing what needs to be done around your home when what you really want to do is sit and read, or blog, or watch t.v., or whatever?

Discipline and motivation are not the same thing. Discipline is having the self-control to do what you know you need to do, whether you want to do it or not. Motivation is what stirs you into action.

Discipline tell me that I need to stop playing on the computer and go cook dinner for my family, motivation tells me that if I don't, we're all going to go hungry. Discipline says that I need to clean my messy home, but motivation tells me that I am making a peaceful, happy home for my family. Discipline whispers in my ear but motivation is what pulls me up by my ear and gets me moving.

Discipline is learning to apply self-control. It's the action of training yourself to do the things that need to be done, even if there is noone around to make you do them. Especially when there's noone around to make you do them.

But motivation is important too. Motivation is what gets me moving across the room. Motivation is what keeps me going. Motivation is what fills me with love for my family and is why I do what I do.

I Cor. 16:15 tells us "Do everything in love." That means love is to be my motivation. I am to serve my family in love. When we are ministering to and serving others we are to do it with our whole hearts, as if we were serving the Lord, because we are. That means when I serve my family I am serving the Lord.

Discipline is something that I am lacking in today. Dare I say that outloud? O.k., I'll whisper it. Discipline is something that I am lacking in today. But I know that today, when I serve my precious family, I am also serving my precious Lord, and that's more than enough motivation for me!


  1. Ok, the world may not come to an end, but you may find me breathing deeply in a paper bag if it doesn't get done, but I will try and use some discipline that you are talking about for the better of my family. Can I just say I love you and your real posts! Thanks for stepping on my toes in a very good way. You are the best!

  2. And yet, another post of yours that I am encouraged by!

    You're so right about discipline and motivation!! Amen, amen!!

  3. Ouch! Discipline, what is that? Hmph. Ok, ok. I know you're right. But when would I read your blog? :o)

    What a great reminder though that we are actually serving the Lord as we serve others.

    Thanks for that sweet reminder!


  4. btw ... Tara could make you a button. hint hint

  5. *Discipline and Motivation, available in the cleaning aisle today*

    Oh, if only.

    My fave verse is Col 3:23. In all that you do work at it with all of your heart, as working for the Lord and not for man.

    Now, that should cover housework too right?

  6. Great post! I know one thing that helps me is to write a list and check them off on my blog. When my husband and children tell me how much they enjoy dinner, it motivates me to continue. Lately I have been lacking in the motivation department. Ugh!

  7. Mimi, you are too funny! I have a paper bag all ready for you...hehehe!

  8. Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I love that we have the same blog name. We seem to share some interests. I am not very organized so I am going to take advantage of your blog!

  9. We're really talking about self-discipline here and remembering that home-making is really home-caring and the way we demonstrate love in a million different ways every day. When we don't care for our home properly, we are sending the message that it and its residents are not worthy of our expressions of love. That is definitely not the message I intend to send, so if I need to muster a little self-discipline to remind myself, so be it! As you know, I had to rededicate myself to this last week. The funny thing? I'm reaping the benefits as much as anyone else in the family. I guess doing the "right thing" is good for all of us!

  10. Doing everything in love...that pretty much sums up what our approach to all things in life should be. Some days that means different priorities than other days :)


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