Monday, February 2, 2009


Just another Making Your Home Sing! Monday post today. I woke up to a bit of a mess. That can happen on busy days when you are gone alot. And we were in and out all weekend.

You would think that your home would stay clean when you're all gone, because there is noone home messing up. That's probably true for the most part. But in our case, we were running in and out, making food to take to a potluck, being home long enough to start a project but not home long enough to finish it, or just daily living without the daily picking up process.

So, today is my digging-myself-out day. I just wanted to encourage you all to remember that every meal you make, every sock that you wash, whatever you are doing, you are doing it for the Lord. By serving your family you are serving the Lord.

Sometimes we can get so caught up in the daily process of making meals, cleaning laundry, making beds, changing diapers or wiping noses, answering questions, working, shopping, etc. that we forget why we're doing it.

We forget that we are doing this because we chose to do it. Because we chose to have a family. We chose to say "yes" to marriage and "yes" to family. We chose to say "yes" to the Lord when we surrended our lives to Him.

Are you still saying "yes?" Are you still surrendering? Are you still choosing marriage and family? Or are you getting so bogged down in dishes, diapers, laundry, or teenage drama that you are having trouble remembering why you said yes in the first place?

Just remember, in the midst of any mess or any drama that you are in the middle of today, that you have the glorious opportunity to serve your family today and every day. You have the wonderful opportunity to serve them and love them like noone else can. Because you are his wife. Because you are their mother. Noone else can love them like you can. Noone else has the opportunity and noone else has the "right." You have the wonderful opportunity to minister to your family and yourself today by being thankful, by being content.

If you are single, you have the opportunity to love yourself today. To be patient with yourself and stop beating yourself up over past things that you may or may not have been at fault about. Give it up to the Lord and leave it there. Come home to a peaceful home that you are making just for you. You deserve a peaceful happy home and you don't need to wait for a husband to do it. Stop putting your life on hold while waiting to make a home. Make one for you. You're important too.

If you are married, you are making a haven of rest for your husband when he comes home from a hard day at work. Even if you've worked hard all day yourself. You are still the barometer for your home. If you have children you are in the process of raising your children up in the Lord. What an awesome responsibility but a joyous one as our Savior walks with us.

You have the opportunity to create a home of gloom and doom and drudgery that noone wants to come home to and noone wants to stay in. You also have the opportunity to create a home of peace and laughter and joy and love. What will you choose to do today? I choose to make my home sing and I trust my Lord to help me do it.


  1. Awesome post today...I really needed to read that one. It so encouraged my spirit. I need the Lord's help in that area, more than any other. Thank you for the push.

  2. Great encouraging post today, my friend!

    I needed reminding today that I am not only serving my husband and son but my Lord and Savior. What a glorious honor to serve the King of Kings.

    Thank you for encouraging me today.


  3. That's totally true! I believe that us moms are the ones who set the tone in the home!! If I'm happy, everyone else will be too..LOL.

  4. How do I love thee...

    Let me count the ways.

    Your comments today are just what I'm looking for. You blessed me so.

    Thank you friend.

  5. Oh wow! Great post my friend! I love the thought that we are serving the Lord by serving our family. How true! Thank you for sharing! Thank you for being an inspiration!

  6. Monday is definitely my digging out day. Sometimes, I can hardly wait for Monday to come so the chaos of the weekend will finally conclude (doesn't that sound terrible?)--thanks for the encouragement today.

  7. Erin, No it doesn't sound horrible. I too look forward to the structure of Mondays and getting things back into control.

  8. thanks for the encouraging and inspiring words today!!!! I think I feel better about the "maid service" I sometimes feel like I provide!

  9. Wow! Thank you so much for this post. It was encouraging to me when so many times I feel like the chores are so mundane. Asking God for help to be content and live as a godly mother and wife.

  10. This is my favorite post of the day! Thank you for this gentle reminder.

  11. i think i need to read this once a day! great post!


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