Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have discovered something bad about myself. Some people collect dolls, or baseball cards or antiques. I think I collect cleaning supplies. Seriously. Whenever I am in a store and I walk by that aisle I just gotta stop and check them out.

Whenever I see a commercial on t.v. for something new, I just "gotta" have it. How could I have lived without it before????? How can I live without it now????

Suddenly I believe that that particular cleaning item will solve all of my problems. I know it will! It doesn't even matter if it's a cleaning problem, those supplies will solve anything. Honestly, I suspect that it will solve the national debt problem as well. I feel that intense about it. I gotta have it.

Fortunately, the frugality in my nature usually overcomes the cleaning supply collector in me, so I don't have everything. Just some things. Things I have acquired over the years:

  • I have the floor duster thing. Yup, it's that thing that picks up dust off the floor. It does pick up dust but is not so hot with dog hair. Frankly, I wish the dog would manage his own dog hair but whatever....!

  • I have the wet floor swifter or whatever it's called.

  • I have the swifter duster. I bought all of these things years ago in order to make the cleaning easier and more "entertaining" for the kids. Now I am the one that is easily entertained by them (the cleaning supplies, not the kids)...although the kids can be quite entertaining, go here.

  • For awhile I bought the wet cleaning wipes to use in the bathrooms and things.

  • Recently I bought something that is able to sanitize my kitchen counters but doesn't need to be rinsed with water. I rinse them anyway, can't help it. It makes me feel better.

  • I have some kind of "green" cleaner that someone gave me that I haven't used.

  • I have some kind of pink cleaner that I bought and I haven't used.

  • I have the chamois cloth or whatever it's called (to soak up spills).

  • I have microfiber cloths.

  • I had to buy Oxi-clean for my laundry when it came out.

  • I had to buy the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (and I am glad I did, that thing rocks!).

Whenever something new comes out I think (like some lovesick teenager)....maybe this one will be "the one."

I have even (peers over her shoulder to make sure noone is listening) watched some of the infomercials to see the latest handy-dandy gadget that they say I can't live without. We never go to the fair anymore, but when we did I always loved going into the place where all those salespeople were demonstrating their cleaning and houseware products.

O.k., so is it just me with this problem? Heather, Mimi, Toni? Anybody? Is it just me????? Don't even get me started on the kitchen gadgets I have that I rarely use....that will be another post in itself!


  1. I have a similar problem. I don't want everything, but stock up on what I like. I work at a company that sells industrial cleaning supplies, including buckets, microfiber, brushes, spray bottles, you name it. I think a have a gross of microfiber clothes. I just did an ENTIRE LOAD of microfiber in the laundry, and there is still more in the basement unopened. We also sell our version of the magic eraser. I buy them by the case and share with family and friends. I have like 6 different buckets and 10 garbage cans just hanging out in the basement with nothing to do. Most of my cleaning is done with baking soda and vinegar now, so I don't have cleaners everywhere, but lots of baking soda and vinegar! You are not alone :)

  2. Thanks for posting on my blog yesterday about your hobby. You can come over to my house and organize. Of course, I live across the pond and that may be a bit too far. LOL

  3. I'm not into kitchen gadgets, and as far as cleaners, I always have the basics on hand! I do love the Swiffer wet the best!

  4. LOL! Too funny! I used to have a steam mop. It broke! I have a clorox mop. I'd love to have the steam cleaner as I hear it works wonders and would love to try FlyLady's duster as I hear wonders about that, too. I've tried to get away from buying cleaners. I use peroxide mixed with water and lemon essential oil.

  5. I can definitely say I don't have that obsession. My weakness is BOOKS!!! I love books, the way they feel, look, smell ... I love them!

    The Mr. Clean eraser thingy -- don't allow it to get on your face. I saw a picture of a toddler who got it on his face and it left serious burns (not that I expect you -- being an adult -- to use it as a powder puff or anything - lol).

    I think a picture of your collection would be funny. :o)

  6. No, it is not just you, but I only try new things when I have a coupon and they are on sale. Probably like you too. I have to say my two favorite cleaning products are my microfiber cloth...use it for almost everything even dusting & my magic erasers and they have generic ones that work almost (85%) as good as the expenisve ones. So I get those. I couldn't live without my microfiber cloth...totally washable and resusable...it is perfect. I am still looking for that magic cleaner for the tile in my bathtub. Ugh! That is hopeless!

  7. Yes its just you. My current need is the steam mop. I really want this, I'm convinced my floors would be cleaner and easier to clean with it. I truly believe that I will want to mop more often, but the price tag stops me cold every time. I keep thinking about though and mention to hubby often. I get eye rolls or just nods of uh huh.

  8. I know it is so difficult when parents are ill, especially both at the same time and you feel stretched and stressed as you run back and forth between them.
    That comment right there shows me you know what I am talking about. You are an encouragment to me,thank you. I know it is all the prayers that keep me sane and functioning, I love the Lord so much and you too. thanks : )

  9. OH yes, I definitely have that obsession. I just bought a new one yesterday (I did have a coupon :o) that is supposed to work with cat & dog hair for furniture. So far, so good. And even my son is enjoying using it. My son doing housework without asking. Now that would make my life easier!

  10. The magic eraser is the best thing ever. I just wish it had been around when my two oldest daughters used their bedroom wall as a mural. That was about 20 years ago. It's funny now, but it wasn't at the time. Personally I love a good broom, the kind that's angled and will pick up just about everything. I love a good dustmop, too, for under the beds.


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