Thursday, February 19, 2009


Even though I know I don't "have it altogether" (and if I did, I would forget where I put it) there are certain things that fool me. There are certain things that make me very happy and tease me with an illusion that I have this whole homemaking thing figured out.

These things make me smile and teasingly whisper "you are a great homemaker" in my ear. When these things happen, they just make me want to dance around the house singing, content with my role as a homemaker and feeling like "I got this! I have arrived!" They are:

  • Vegetables in the vegetable drawer of my fridge

  • Fruit in my fruit drawer

  • A sparkling clean bathroom

  • An empty laundry basket

  • Dinner cooking in the crockpot

  • Clean hair (o.k., I have no idea just makes me feel better)

  • Crossing something off my to-do list

  • Buying something on sale

  • Using a coupon to buy something

  • An empty sink

  • Walking into a clean kitchen

  • An abundance of clean socks and clean towels for my family

Somehow, these things have the power to lift me up. I walk into a clean kitchen and I am happy every morning. I don't have to start out my day already behind.

When I buy something on sale, or use a coupon, I am saving money and that is a good thing. If my fruit and vegie drawers are full, that means that I can feed my family some healthy foods and I don't need to go shopping for awhile.

I love having dinner cooking in the crockpot. It's just so nice to have dinner preparations already under way. It makes you feel so, well, organized and efficient! Like a "real" homemaker!

Isn't it funny how the little things, small as they are, can just mean so much in the running of our home? An empty laundry basket, a clean bathroom, there are just some things, for some people, that make them feel good. Ya know?

I am not going to try and explain why these things make me happy. I have no idea why. I think it's because as little as they are, they mean something. They mean, for one moment, in one area, I have accomplished something.

It may not stay acomplished, and I may have to do it again tomorrow, but I have reached a goal. It may be a small goal, but I have reached it in my desire to love and serve my family. And for that, I'm happy.

I wish I could say that I am starting my day with all of this under control. But I'm not. But you know, it really doesn't matter. Because my hair is clean, I've got some fruit and vegies on hand and a few million pairs of socks available and you know what? I got this!


  1. I'm with you on this! I wouldn't mind having them all done on one day though, just once. Even for half a day... or an hour...

  2. You are my long lost twin. I'm sure of it now.

  3. I love looking at my kitchen after making a meal in it and then cleaning up, especially if I mop the floor! A clean floor always does it for me.

  4. All of the things you listed make me happy too, especially dinner simmering away happily in the crock pot.

    I think this God's way of encouraging us to continue in our roles as homemakers and also His way of reminding us that often the little things can make us very happy!

    I very much enjoyed your post. May your day be happy and productive!

  5. I am a clean I am right on board...BUT....I must say...I didn't now there was such a thing as an empty laundry basket. (unless you count the ones in the store) lol

  6. what makes me smile is the smell of Mr. Clean.
    (at this point...I am sure I am addicted to it)

  7. A sale with a coupon really makes me smile. I love that!

  8. Today...for the FIRST time in a VERY long time I finished the laundry. I'm an excellent wife...

    (at least I feel that way too today!)

  9. You know what makes me happy? When I can find a pair of clean socks in the morning! My kids raid my sock drawer and leave me with nothin'

    Oh well, I guess that means they have clean socks on :)

  10. What a great's the little things in life that make me smile, too!


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