Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Lynnae over at beingfrugal.net is hosting Tightwad Tuesday again today.

I was talking with a family friend recently and he was joking around about wanting to win the lottery. Then he commented, "I guess I'd have more of a chance if I actually bought a ticket." We were laughing as he kept joking about how he just wanted someone to give him money and solve all his financial problems for him.

Later, it struck me how sometimes, without really realizing it, many of us may just be waiting around for someone to rescue us. Sometimes there are very real changes that we can make that will improve our current financial situation. However, they may involve a little work or a sacrifice on our part, so instead we hold out hope that someone or something will "rescue" us.

Instead of making positive changes in our lives now we just wait, hoping for something to change. Hoping to be rescued.

But what is better? To sacrifice a little here and there in order to reach our financial goals or to sit around waiting to be rescued? To be moving forward, even baby step by baby step, towards financial freedom or to be stagnant and unmoving, hoping against hope that somehow, somewhere there will be an answer to your problems? Is any move, no matter how small, a good move?

When there is a huge debt to be paid off, or a huge repair bill coming up on the house or car it can seem like the little things you do to save money aren't worth it. When you owe thousands tomorrow saving pennies today just somehow doesn't seem as important.

It can seem like it's just not enough. You can say to yourself that buying that one coffee is not going to pay off the $20,000 debt you have. The money you save by not eating out just this once is not going to pay off the credit cards.

You can tell yourself you need thousands of dollars so what is the big deal if you buy that hamburger today or that coffee tomorrow? Saving that small amount is not going to get you any closer to paying off your debt is it? Well, yes, it is. The little things will add up into bigger things.

We need to look at our money differently. We need to look at debt differently. We need to be good stewards of our money. We need to look at our spending habits as a means to end our debt if we have any. We can look at our current spending habits and determine if we are spending wisely in light of our future goals.

If we're in debt, whether it's a mortgage debt or credit card debt or whatever, adjusting our spending habits may not get us out of debt on it's own, but it might help keep us from getting into further debt. We may need to evaluate our lifestyle and look into further ways that we can save. At least we're doing something. When we sit there and wait for the big money to rescue us, we may be waiting a very long time. Please go here for more frugal ideas.


  1. Very true my friend. This is a lesson I am trying to learn. It can be very difficult to retrain yourself. But the rewards far outweigh the sacrifices. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I have found the only way to pay off credit cards is to quit using them. You are so right, I am guilty of thinking this one little purchase won't matter....very good post very motivating.

  3. Ok, as I sip down my $1.99 iced coffee...now I feel guilty. I really do, but we are doing so good on paying down our debts...I am not feeling so guilty anymore. Dave Ramsey is shaking his finger at me right now saying "is that in your budget?" I see it right now.
    Thanks for the post friend...no coffee tomorrow...but I am going to Denny's for a free breakfast today:) 6am-2pm free breakfast...did you hear about it? Stunt Man & I will take advantage of free. Cause that is in the budget. LOL

  4. I am thankful to say that we do not have any credit card debt! Praise the Lord! Though our finances are still tight, we have learned where we can make adjustments in order to breathe easier.

    *My Tip*
    Tithing! This has always been at the top of our list before our money is used for anything else. And God has blessed us in ways too numerous to count! (And I don't just mean financially!)

  5. Very good post.

    People often ask me for advice about how they can solve their money problems. I offer them advice, and 2 out of 3 times, they don't take it. Then, a few months later, they're back, asking me the same old questions. It drives me crazy! They don't want to change their life...they want someone else to change it for them.

  6. Mimi, no I did not know, thank you for mentioning it! You're right...free is always in the budget!

  7. Mishel: We don't have any credit card debt either but we do have a mortgage. Amen to the tithing!

  8. Heather: I think sometimes people want the financial help, you're right, but they don't want to do the financial work. They want a way to get money without having to change their lifestyle. That's why get-rich-quick schemes are so popular.

  9. Fabulous post! You put into words something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Taking baby steps will get you to your goal, sitting around waiting for someone to carry you, won't.

  10. Great advice, my friend! It is hard to do without, have to say "no" when everyone else is going but we have to do what we can to get out of debt. I am trying really hard to do better, say "no" more, and not feel less of a person but I am struggling with a lot of it. I touched on that feeling of not fitting, being looked "down" on in today's post...much of it has to do with money.

    I wish there was a magical rescue but there wasn't anything magical that got us in debt to begin with.

    Thanks for motivating me to do better and feel less guilty. :-)

  11. You are right! For example, I have been waiting and waiting for someone to come in and clean my house and get it in order -- IT HASN'T HAPPENED! Sigh! Nobody has rescued me from this duty.

    But seriously, each little purchase adds up. I was just thinking today how much I spend at Chick-fil-a! I should own stock in that company. I should add up how much I spend there in a month. It would be shocking!

  12. Beth: I have often felt that I should own stock in Costco or maybe McDonalds!

  13. Hey you -- I just saw your comment on Jenn's blog. I just want you to know that I love your blog and posts! You are one of the most witty people I know and your humor is wonderful! I would miss you greatly if you ever stopped blogging. If its the decorations you want (ha), I'll gladly pay to get you a blog face lift. ((((((hugs))))))

    Love you,

  14. Beth, you are so sweet. No, it has nothing to do with how my blog looks. It's just that I feel bad sometimes because it's not more "weighty" or "inspirational" or "devotional" or whatever.

    I like the things I blog about because I feel that it's important to encourage one another. I want to encourage women in their marriages and in their homes.

    I just wish I had more time to put more depth into it. Sometimes I am concerned about being too trivial and not focusing enough on the Lord.

  15. Great post! Were you reading my mind when I was thinking about buying that coffee? ;)

  16. Momstheword - too trivial? Are you serious? Your posts are always thought provoking. Some of the things in our daily lives are trivial, but just like the pennies you wrote about in today's post, trivial can add up to a lot. Sometimes the littlest tweaks can make all the difference and finding those tweaks is such a gift. Please, please don't change the way you post. I love them all!

  17. Erin, you are so sweet. Thank you for your kind words.

  18. Oh, nice post! I am also suffering from this kind of situation, debts here and there and everywhere! Our income is just enough for our daily needs =)

  19. I really enjoyed this post, oh how true it is. I've said that to myself before..but you are so right it does add up. I've even proved that to myself by dropping some of those "wants & needs".


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