Monday, January 26, 2009


Alright y'all, it's Monday again! Time for another Making Your Home Sing! Monday post. You didn't know I was going to do this again today did you? Well, me neither but apparently I have alot more to say on the topic.

Today I want to talk about your daily routine. What is one thing that you could do today to make your day go better? What one thing can you change in your morning routine to make your day run more smoothly?

When is the last time you sat down and planned your day? Do you actually have a plan or goals or do you just let things happen as they may? How is that working for you?

Think about your day. What are the things that you do every morning and every evening without fail? This is your daily routine. Spending time with God's word and in prayer, washing your hair, feeding the dog, making meals, taking the dog out, changing diapers, taking kids to school, picking up kids from school, meals, picking up the house, dishes, etc. These are the benchmarks of your day. Everything else flows around this.

What, if anything, in your routine is fouling you up, and causing you alot of stress and headaches? Do your mornings flow smoothly and enable you to get out the door to work or begin your work at home with a smile on your face? Or do your mornings find you with a grimace on your face and anything but a song in your heart? How about your evenings? Do you go to bed feeling like you had a productive day or do you go to bed thinking about all the stuff you didn't do because your day got away from you?

What is it that's not quite working out and causing you extra stress? It's probably the first thing that just popped in your head.

For me, the one thing that I could do to make my mornings go better is to make sure that I get up on time. If I don't get up on time, then I am already behind my schedule the minute I get up. It is so easy to push that snooze button. They make it easy! I don't need an alarm clock that allows me to ignore it. I need one that will give me a good swift kick and get me out of bed. I need that thing that George Jetson had on his cartoon show, you know? The mechanical arm that picks him up and just carries him to where he needs to go. I gotta get me one of those.

In my series on Conquering the Messies I talked about setting up a daily schedule. Having a plan for your day can be a great stress reliever. For instance, when you get up in the morning you know what tasks you need to do in order for your morning to run smoothly. It doesn't mean that interruptions won't happen, but it does mean that you have a plan, an order to your day. Once you deal with the interruption, you will be able to get back on track.

When you're having a rough day you don't even need to think about what to do next. It's all written out for you already. You just move through your day and let your routines take over.

Take a moment and write down the things you do every morning before your day begins to unfold. A quiet time with the Lord is very important. We need that time with Him every day, reading His word and spending time in prayer. It's a relational thing. How can we get to know our Lord if we never spend time with Him?

What else is on your morning list? Exercise, shower, medicine, getting children up and dressed, breakfast, starting a load of laundry, taking the dogs out......any or all of these may be on there.

What about your afternoon routine? It may include flip-flopping the laundry, getting the kids down and up from a nap, picking up kids from school, errands, starting dinner, etc. Some of these things you do every single day at or about the same time. Some things (like laundry) may vary.

What about your evening? You might have things like dinner and cleaning up after dinner, playtime with kids, the children's bedtime routine (story, bath, prayers, etc.), picking up the house, washing your face, brushing your teeth, time with spouse, computer time or whatever. Each of these are probably done about the same time night after night.

You probably already have a well-established routine, whether you have it written down or not. Look at your routine, your typical day, and make a list of the things that aren't working. Is there anything that you can do to make things go more smoothly?

Many times all we need to do is just sit down and look at our day. Sometimes we stick to a routine even when it's not working anymore, because it's a habit. Perhaps we are scheduling way to many things for that day. Perhaps it is time to reschedule or rethink or rework, or just say no. Perhaps all we really need to do is get up earlier, or spend less time on the computer, or spend some time training our children on their own morning routine.

Today I encourage you to look at your morning routine, or create one if you haven't already. Really look at it and make sure that it is working for you. If it's not, ask yourself why. Don't be bound by old habits. What worked before may not be working now.

This week I will be working on getting up on time. That's it....nothing earth shattering. Just getting up on time. If I get up on time, then I will be able to get right into my regular morning routine and the rest of my day will run alot more smoothly. More hours in my day....woohoo!

What might you do today to make your home "sing!"


  1. Hi Friend,

    I was just praying about this yesterday -- asking God to order my priorities. I have no doubt that my mornings need to start with time alone with Him first. It seems like other things grab my attention so easily.

    Also - I have a praise! I painted our utility room and cleaned it out (except for the cabinets). Much better!

    I'll keep you posted on my singing home.


  2. I just need to let go a little and not stress so much about the house being clean before we walk out the door, or get myself up earlier so I can start cleaning before the kids get up.

  3. I had to keep reading until I found, "spend less time on the computer" I am so guilty and now my husband wants to get me the notebook laptop...I think so I can at least sit next to him while I am on this thing. I spend twice as much time now that I have facebook.
    I enjoyed that post though you are absolutely right, my routine needs tweeking but too many times my day depends on how I feel and if I don't FEEL like doing something it does not get done....oh I am speaking of discipline for the second time today.

  4. My schedule could use a little tweaking here and there. The one thing I want to do right now is to make my afternoon time a bit more productive. I'm so busy in the mornings that I give myself too much down time in the afternoon. Thanks for the pep talk!

  5. Whether or not my day goes well depends on if I wake up with a headache, which happens too often. I have sinus problems. But I have found that changing my pillowcases (at least) frequently, using breathing strips and throat spray, and taking my fake sudafed really helps. So, I guess I have to be better about planning for my health the night before, LOL!
    I like to try to get a wash in each morning, even before I get dressed. It's also helpful to know what I'm having for dinner, which is why menu planning helps. Not that I did so great this week. I only know I'm having meatloaf tonight and roast beef heroes either tomorrow or the next night.
    BTW, speaking of laundry, that 'trick' is a special Japanese way of folding t-shirts that lets you do each one in a matter of seconds. It's really fun. It took me forever to figure it out, from several videos on line. Here's one in English:

    I realized the problem with these videos is that you are looking straight at the person, which means a mirror image. Once I switched hands, it actually worked. Maybe I'll try to figure out a tutorial of my own to show how to do this, although I can't do a video. It really is fun, LOL!

  6. I've got to get up "on time" to lead my kids...if I don't get up and get moving, they don't get up. The Red Fox (my trainer) has been good for me, though, because he's committed and I don't want to let him down!

  7. The main thing that I need to do to make my day go better is go to bed at a decent hour. When I do that (which is rare), the whole next day goes better.

    I love these posts and how they remind me to plan and be intentional about my day.

  8. I get teased for scheduling myself! The biggest issue I have in the my attitude...and it stinks. I am an owl...not a morning girl....I hate waking up...and do hit that snooze...lucky for 9 year old son...nags me to get up! lol
    I think maybe if I move the alarm clock away from my that I have to go to it...I would already be why hit snooze? lol
    thanks for the inspiration

  9. I am a planner by nature. I do all of my linens on Monday and plan for my week on Monday. If my Mondays go awry though...I usually struggle the rest of the week. So..the question for me always becomes how do I make my home sing if my Monday gets thwarted in some way. I'm learning to try and recover quicker with the Lord's help.

    Blessings to you as you seek to bring harmony to the home.

  10. Thanks to you and you helping days are already less stressful. I don't always stick to my schedule, other day...I just feel like being slack or lazy. When those days come, I usher them in and go with the flow. If I feel like being lazy that day, then I do what I want because before the day is over...I get another burst of energy and complete some of the things are a must and others, get left for another day. I am trying to be a lot more laid back.

    It has definitely helped but I still needs some fine tuning.

    Thanks for all the help.


  11. Thank you for sharing this today! I know I'm late on Monday reading this. I had issues with my computer earlier. Ugh! :( I'd like to make exercise a priority this week as I know I will feel better and it will help my home sing instead of gripe. I did half an hour today. :D

  12. I know that if I don't get up and get my day started right away, I'm done for the day. I have my day's off planned, usually the first day after working is my "lost" day where I do nothing. Then the next day I have to get up, get ready and leave to run errands or else it will be "lost" day #2...I'm really good at staying home and doing nothing.

  13. Jane Anne, thank you. I encourage myself to. I, too, realize that the key to getting up on time is going to bed on time.....of course, I don't always do that, lol!

  14. Tootsie: I nearly overslept on Sunday because I forgot to set my alarm!


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