Friday, January 23, 2009


I was gone most of yesterday so didn't really have much time for a post. So, instead I have two questions for you. Because I'm curious. Because I'm always looking for a better way to do something. Because I need something to blog about. So, my friends:

What is your favorite household chore? What do you love to do most of all, or at least it rates right up there. By the way, don't you dislike the word chore? It makes homemaking seem like a, well.....a chore.

What is your least favorite household chore? What do you dread doing or drag your feet at doing, or would gladly pay someone else to do?

How do you motivate yourself to do your least favorite chore? (O.k., I lied......there are three questions.) Do you do that chore first, last, or perhaps reward yourself with a treat afterwards? What do you do? (I know, I lied again...more questions.)

I hope you have better luck with these questions than I am. The thing is, I like the result of the chore. I love having my bathrooms sparkling clean, so cleaning them is a necessary part of that. So, in a way, I don't really mind doing it.

But, I have to admit that I am not crazy about sorting clothes before I do laundry. It's so silly because it's so easy to do. In fact, I even have colored baskets that make sorting them into whites, colors, etc. much easier. Still.......I can easily put off doing that. Hence, sometimes my laundry room becomes a Mt. Never-Rest of mounds of laundry.

Yes, I know all about buying a laundry sorter. I know all about how easy it would be to teach my family to sort it themselves by tossing their things in the divided laundry sorter, or even colored bags. But knowing and doing.....sigh......

My favorite household chore? Hmmmmmm....does eating chocolate count? Well, this is my blog and I say it counts. But to be fair, I suppose the thing I always gravitate to first is cleaning my kitchen. I love a clean kitchen. Even more than a clean bathroom (although it's close). I could happily spend forever cleaning my kitchen.

I love the clean uncluttered countertops. I love the shiny tiles. I love the empty sink that smiles at me. I love the sheer expanse of countertop with nothing cluttering it - but I guess I said that already. It's not because I can practically see myself in the shiny tile......I mean, really, do I really need to see that first thing in the morning?

It's just that I love walking into a clean kitchen. Every time.

I am still working on making my home sing! How are you all doing with that this week? Remember I said we were going to encourage one another along the way! What a joy to make a home for those we love, or for ourselves if we're single. What a blessing to make a haven of rest after a long, weary day.


  1. Ah! My favorite chore is shopping doing the grocery! My least favorite is doing the laundry! What motivates me to do the laundry is that uhmmmm nobody else will do it for me and my favorite clothes is in there! So no choice!

    I will add you to my links if you don't mind at and my happiness haven I hope you add mine too. Thanks in advance!


  2. I love this post. My favorite chore is laundry! I love doing laundry...maybe because I love the end result. Maybe because I love looking at my family's clothes and remembering what they looked like wearing it and it makes me smile. Maybe because I remember the moment I bought it for them and the love I was feeeling for them. I don't know...but I love doing their laundry. I love the end result when everything is neat and orderly and fresh and you see the end result.

    My least favorite chore...unloading the dishwasher. I can't tell you why. I know I dislike it immensely and would just as soon leave everything in there until it is absolutely necessary to use a fork or spoon and none are left in my drawer! lol

    Happy Friday to you!

  3. My least favorite chore of all time is cleaning the shower. I can't even begin to tell you how much I don't like it. It's just extremely difficult to clean. I have finally started to bring my mop bucket full of clean water in there with me. I put a large plastic cup in it. It makes rinsing the shower so much easier, which is half the battle.

    Believe it or not, I really don't mind laundry. As a matter of fact, that is probably the one thing in my life that stays done on time almost every time. That is, if keeping a load going at all times counts :o) But that's the way I keep up with it so it doesn't get overwhelming.

    I am going to have to check back and see what everyone else says. I am sure you will some interesting responses.

    Take care my friend!
    I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. OK, I'll go. Let's see... I really have to think about this.

    I really like my kitchen to shine, too, but it seems like the "island" is a clutter magnet. And the dog, even after me cleaning and drying his feet after a walk, tracks his footprints onto the wood floor. So it never seems as clean as I would like it.

    I actually enjoy doing laundry. I like trying to keep the baskets empty. But I thought about this order to keep the Sabbath, which we never really do, I want to NOT do laundry or anything else on that day. Hey, that's a good topic for another post. Back to the laundry...the kids are responsible for taking their stuff and putting it all away. That way the counter stays pretty clean as well.

    I DO NOT like unloading the dishwasher. I never have. I'm not sure why that it, it just is. I have kids old enough to put everything away. I will happily put away the things they can't reach to put into the cupboards.

    I thought I heard a couple of "Flylady" phrases in your post. Are you familiar with her? She has helped me to get on top of things in my home to help make it "sing" years ago.

    Blessings to you.

  5. I absolutely HATE the word chore. Every time I ask my husband to do something to help me, he always says I'm giving him "chores" to do. Like I'm his mother or something, and he says that, that's not my reading of it. Nevermind that it has to be done so I have to do it if you don't...ugh. He is of the mindset that a clean or even picked up house isn't necessary, which is where the disagreement stems from. But, I digress.

    My favorite chore is really hard to pick. I really do love cleaning, as long as I have the time and energy to do it. It's cathartic for me, I use it as stress relief sometimes. But I guess my favorite would be washing windows. I know, I'm crazy. I love being able to get them nice and clean and the whole house just feels brighter. (I have lovely windows that easily fold in, so no ladders are involved, that probably helps!)

    My motivation is probably just me. I hate clutter, I hate dirt, I hate grime. We have a smallish house, so I know if I let it go, it's just going to get worse. I have a keen ability to kick my own butt into gear when necessary.

  6. My most favorite you, cleaning my kitchen or...don't lose it here..hanging out my laundry! Yes, I know that's strange, but I love being outside, listening to the creek running, the birds singing and our dogs snoring..(yes, they snore). I take that time to also just talk to Jesus or just be quiet and listen to Him.
    My least favorite..can I have 2?? I hate ironing and I hate mopping. I have a white kitchen floor(it was like that when we moved in) and it shows EVERYTHING!!! I feel like I need to be mopping that floor every time I go in the kitchen!!

  7. These are fun questions, I can't wait to see how others respond! Okay, my least favorite chore... wow, there are so many, how do I pick? ;) I'd say my least favorite is the laundry. I don't mind washing it or drying it, but I always procrastinate when it comes to putting it away.
    My favorite chore, hands down, is organizing. I love to spend time sifting through the closets, drawers, cabinets, etc. and finding a place for everything.
    Motivation... I set a timer for fifteen minutes and make myself do a chore for at least that long (you can read more about that here: It really helps!
    I usually try to get the kitchen sink done before I do anything else. Something about having a clean kitchen sink really motivates me to get other things done!

    Thanks for asking! I look forward to seeing how others respond.

  8. These are great questions!

    Favorite-Laundry!!! I love it! I feel so accomplished when the basket(s) is close to empty! With 7 people to wash for, I have laundry all the time. But, I love it!! LOL

    Least favorite-Cleaning the bathrooms! But, I have to do it or it would be a disaster!!

    How do I do it? I just do it!!! LOL

  9. My least favorite chore is cutting the grass. I detest having long grass more than I don't like cutting it. My parents always kept their yard nice and neat and that is the way I want mine. I am more picky than my hubby so often I end up cutting the grass. We have a small yard but I still don't like it.

    My favorite chore is mopping. I love, love, love having a clean floor!

    Oh, and doing laundry is a close second to mowing. How do I motivate myself? Honestly, I haven't figured that out. There's the obvious motivator-when everyone is starting to run out of clean clothes to wear but I need a motivator to stay on top of it.

  10. Favorite: Organizing (anything)

    Least favorite: Ironing, toilet cleaning, cleaning out the fridge, scrubbing floors, um...pretty much anything else that can be defined as a "chore."

    I seriously have to give myself pep talks. I have to say, "Heather, you WILL get up RIGHT NOW and do it. RIGHT NOW!"

  11. Sad to say I don't think I have a "favorite" chore, but like you I love the results, I thiNk it also depends on the season, for example in the summer I do NOt mind mopping , and in the winter I guess folding warm laundry to keep me warm lol!!, I do like organizing stuff..

  12. Alicia, we try to wipe our shower down each day with a towel. It seems to make cleaning it a little easier.

  13. Carol, I am familiar with her but I don't remember her talking about making anything "sing," but it's been quite awhile. How funny! Great minds think alike, huh? Hehehe!

  14. Angela: I like to give my husband a "honey-do" list. That way he knows what things I'd like him to do.

  15. Rina, I think it's funny that you mentioned that 15 minutes thing because I have a post coming out soon on that very thing. I was going to post it today but changed my mind and put it off till next week. I agree with you, and 15 minutes a day can really add up.

  16. Alicia, I am surprised at how many people actually said they love doing laundry! I don't mind folding it, but I don't like sorting it.

  17. Heather, it's funny but I never thought to include organizing. I am like you, I love, love, love to organize. At one time I thought about doing it professionally but I never did.

  18. My favorite is easy...the machine does it for you. Then it would be dishes...have a dishwasher...again doing it for me. LOL See a pattern here?
    My least favorite is dusting...
    My motivation to do this is to have company...someone comes over about once a week, so that keeps me on track.

  19. I'd have to say that organizing/sorting clutter and toys is my favorite chore.

    Least favorite is dusting. Especially dusting the shutters and blinds. I have allergies so I can get into a real sneezing fit if I don't do it regularly. That's what keeps me motivated I think.

    I got the "Motivated Moms" chore organizer so I don't have to try and conquer everything in one day. Plus I get to check things off when they are done- and boy is that satisfying.

    Oh yea, I like making lists and checking things off. I'll even add something I've just done to the list so I can check it off ;)

  20. There isn't any chore I hate or love in particular, but I guess I'd have to say I really like folding laundry. I know...weird. I can even do that Japanese folding trick for t-shirts, which is pretty fun. I looked up folding techniques and now that I can do it 'right,' it makes it much easier. Folded towels look really pretty...and it's at least one tiny area of my life that is 'in order.'
    I guess I don't like cleaning out the filter in the dishwasher, but what motivates me there is that the dishes come out a thousand per cent cleaner if the filter is clear. Of course, heaven forbid the people in this house would learn to scrape their dishes, first...
    Hey, btw, don't be afraid to experiment with recipes! I'm sure you wouldn't substitute garlic for honey, LOL! (And my beef dinner came out very good, even without the red wine!)

  21. PS...I love to cook so much, I don't consider it a 'chore.' Same with my's a hobby that pays me back, not a job, LOL!

  22. I love to vacuum because I don't like ucky looking carpets and floors. My least favorite is dusting. I would pay someone to just come dust my house. do I motivate about an inch of dust, sneezing and coughing? Yea, that usually makes me dust. Did I say that I hate dusting? Well, I do!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  23. Laundry isn't even a chore for me...I guess I love tidying...and then looking at a freshly tidied room (and hearing it sing)...bathroom showers/tubs are definitely the worst...but I really don't like washing the floors, either.


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