Friday, December 26, 2008


Hello everybody! I do hope you all had a blessed Christmas. We had a lovely day filled with lots of love, God's grace, and snow.

Recently I did a post on "dressing for less than success" and that got me to thinking about some shopping moments with my son and my friend and her daughter.

One day, my son....who shall remain nameless, pointed at a sweater and said "Oh, mom, here's something that looks like something you would wear. You should buy that. It's ugly. It would look good on you!"

The thing is, he meant well. As I burst out laughing he turned bright red and tried to backtrack. "I mean...I mean..." Yeah, I know what you mean.

I went shopping recently with my friend and her teenage daughter. I picked up a top and the 17 year old shook her head and said "No. Oh no...." in words that were so heartfelt you would almost have shed a tear. "That's too old-lady."

I asked her if she wanted me to wear what she was wearing. With wide, horrified eyes, she admitted that no, it probably wouldn't look good for me to be wearing what she was wearing.
"But I can't wear 'old lady' clothes either?" I asked. No. So then I asked what I was supposed to wear. If I couldn't wear what she was wearing, and I wasn't allowed to wear what I was wearing....then what am I supposed to wear????

I need somebody to help me with this. Because apparently, I can't wear teen clothes (not that I'd want to) and I can't wear "old-lady" clothes. By the way, the definition of "old-lady" clothes is anything someone over 17 would wear.

I try to avoid shopping in the junior department because it tends to lend itself to youth. And I really don't want to wear a shirt that boldly proclaims that I am trying to pass for a preteen or teenager. I think that would look kind of creepy on someone my age.

However, I just need something to wear, for goodness sake. Where is the clothing department that caters to someone between the age of birth and death?

I am not asking for much. Just some clothes that fit, so I can go out in public and not embarrass myself. And I can't look "my age" apparently. But I can't look "their" age either. Like I said, I need something between birth and death.

For the record, I am usually a step behind the fashion. That's because I can't stand paying out money for something that is only going to be in fashion for a year or two....or three or four or a decade. By the time I finally give in and buy something, it promptly goes out of fashion and something new comes along. I really have quite a talent in that way. I don't set the trends, I end the trends. By the way, I missed the whole layered look entirely.

This year I finally gave in and bought my first "hip" fashion item. I think it went out of style the minute I plunked my cash down. (Please note my choice of the word "hip." Now, I am not sure if hip is hip, so please be patient with me.) I know that I am one outfit away from a "What Not to Wear" show waiting to happen.

Please somebody tell me what to wear so I don't embarrass other people's children....not to mention my own. My dogs, however, wear the same thing every day and noone ever complains.


  1. Oh, you should go to a store called PLUM! I bought an outfit there and BOTH of my daughter's have allready worn the shirt I got there :)

    Feelin' your pain;


  2. I hate fashion too, but do try to keep up with it, well, on the sale rack anyways. I buy some shirts from my girls favorite the biggest size of course. But I find when you are in a fashion, & charcoal gray are timeless. I love a cute pair of jeans (from the gap outlet) & a nice black t-shirt. Trendy, but won't go out of style.
    My husband would love to see more color, but color goes out of style quickly. is my fav. Love chocolate brown too!
    Good luck!

  3. Oh you're too funny! I bet your daughter wasn't quite sure what to say! For me, I sometimes wish I could pull off the cute little trendy looks like some of my friends but it's more important to me to be thrifty and spend the money I save on other things. So I'm right there with ya! To me it's important to buy "classic" styles that really never go out of fashion. Which I guess the word classic means it probably IS out of style, but oh well... Who Cares?!?! =0)

  4. you should wear what makes you feel good about you! just don't wear that pink robe and all will be just fine!
    If you don't like won't feel confident...dress for you girlie!

  5. at home I usually just wear a t shirt and a ny old skirt...but for church ,I always try to buy classic all year round pieces, I try to stay in the neutrals and solids, that way you can mix and match, for like the mall, a blue jean skirt and a "hip" shirt , or a flower patter skirt w/a solid v neck type shirt, or a knee length khaki skirt and a cute shirt , something simple but cute....I have a lot of blacks, grays, light blues, a few hot pinks, also wrinkle free 17 & 19 yr old sisters are always complimenting me on my clothes, so it would be "approved"

  6. Ha. Bless your heart. I think if you stay away from flowery prints ... wear classic styles, you are safe. Big smile over here. I'm sure you're beautiful no matter what.

    Love ya,

  7. If I didn't have a teenage and young adult daughters I would probably be still wearing my 90's clothes. They usually guide me about what to wear. They definitely don't want me to look like them but they don't want me to dress like an "old lady" either! It's a fine line sometimes and can be frustrating. I agree with Simple Midwest Mom: I try to stick with classic styles, stuff that won't go out of style by the time I get around to buying them. I also like to stick with the basics, nothing too trendy. And I do watch What Not To Wear. I've learned alot from that show.

    I, too, am feeling your pain!

  8. That's too funny! I'm not exactly sure what we are "supposed" to wear. I just wear what I like, whether it's in style or not. So I am probably out of style most of the time. Oh well, such is life ;o)

  9. I think the best thing to do is wear what you feel most comfortable in. But, if you want to step it up a notch, don't go for the trendy items. Get timeless pieces like black, gray, and brown! Get a nice pair of jeans, and pants! Those things will never go out of style! Less is more!

  10. are too funny. I am in the same boat as you. I just wear what I like. As long as dh and I like it I don't care what other people think. I tend to shope sales mostly. I was never a trend setter. I have been the trend ender plenty of times in the past 10 years. I am sure you will look beautiful in whatever you wear.
    Hugs, BJ


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